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Anonymous 118384

My online BFF is changing and lying to herself because she is getting manipulated by man 24/7 and i cant convince her otherwise:
>started OF 1 year ago because "why not"
>shares the degen messages she gets with me, we have hearty laughs
>shortly after creates a discord server
>constantly tells every member (most are from her OF) that they are pathethic losers and should kill themself
>starts e-dating one guy after the other from the followers
>constantly says to me what losers they are but she genuinly e-dating them and also crying to me about them over the smallest things, like when they mention some other OF model
>doesnt realize they are manipulating her and trying to make her vulnarable until she does stupid things
>tells me that i am wrong and they are all just losers in love with her and they cant get to her

How do i make it clear to her that they are all disgusting people with whom she should not interact with, idc that she has an onlyfans but she should keep it strictly to business then

Anonymous 118422

She is falling in love with every decent looking guy and she cries like 2 hours per day because they all "dump" her.

Anonymous 118448

She would never meet up with them irl, but honestly i am kinda afraid one of them doxes her and does something.

They are all deranged

Anonymous 118462

Am I correct in assuming you have no sympathy?

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