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Anonymous 118517


Anonymous 118529

Based, 3DPD moids are never worth it

Anonymous 118545


Anonymous 118549

Just change your diet anon

Anonymous 118550


I wish Nozomu Sensei would marry me, but he'll fall into despair and kill himself.

Anonymous 118613

Self-improving out of love for your husbando is not rare. Also I hate it when manga and anime use realism to depict "ugly" people while everyone who's beautiful is more stylized. It's like running away from reality, which obviously causes the anime/manga addict to see reality as imperfect and therefore inherently ugly.

Anonymous 118630

Waifufags need to be institutionalised

Anonymous 118722

>I know she'd be proud

lol is this satire

Anonymous 118724


wew lad

Anonymous 118725

Anonymous 118730

God, I wish that were me.

Anonymous 118731

I don't get all the negative comments on her Youtube channel. It's not like she's hurting anyone with her behaviour. She wants to date a fictional guy, then let her.

Anonymous 118742

those are mostly moids seething about her picking 2d instead of 3dpd scrote and tradthots/pickmes seething they can't do the same because "muh social acceptance"

Anonymous 118749

I mean if you post this shit on the internet you're obviously going to get bad attention.
I am all for having a husbando but posting about it publicly and involving real life people in it is just dumb and cringe.

Anonymous 118773

She's not hurting anyone and it sounds like she's coping with her mother's death, why make fun of her?

Anonymous 118794

They get made fun of as well.

Anonymous 118795

This. Really the only thing she did wrong was making it public.
She's pretty based though, doing whatever makes her happy without hurting others (and it doesn't look like she's hurting herself either, even if people say it's "delusional").

Anonymous 118832

it’s probably crossboarders from /lc/, you know, they actively engage in that stuff.

Anonymous 118876

clearly not enough if they’re in vast larger quantities and significantly worst than the woman from the op

Anonymous 120131


extremely patrician taste

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