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Ukrainian thread Anonymous 118583

Who's here /hohol/? Я тут Українська діаспора?

Anonymous 118584

I myself am not Ukrainian but when I was in highschool my freshman year I had a Ukrainian math teacher. She was delegated to the "lesser students", the ones who either didn't excel or just didn't give a shit and taught lower level math.
She was a wonderful woman and I wish I had gotten to know her better. I tried to be a good student, she even remarked on one of my first days "I'm glad you're in my class" because I was just quiet and tried to learn. But after some time the other kids rubbed off on me and I began to act out in her class and generally became an awful person to her.
I saw kids lock her out of her own classroom. Someone broke a porcelain figurine that was on her desk. Students ruthlessly made fun of her accent. I think after a while she just gave up trying and let the class be delinquents.

I don't remember her name but I think last I saw she was teaching at a community college nearby. I hope she's doing well.

Anonymous 119094


>tfw no ukrainian bisexual agrarian-nationalist bf

Anonymous 119258


I was born there but moved a long time ago. I love visiting and eating things like this

Anonymous 119550

Хохла спросить забыли

Anonymous 120181


Тимошенко полит-фемцел

Anonymous 120182

Yulia! She doesn’t wear the braid anymore?

Anonymous 120184

You should write her a letter and let her know how much she meant to you.

Anonymous 120428

>her smile and optimism: gone
>chances for presidency: gone
>her braid: gone
The Last years weren't kind to her

Anonymous 120444


Vsyem privyet.

Anonymous 120456

those are some scary trips

Anonymous 120621


>Asking for ukrainian diaspora

>while simultaneously labeling us as "hohols" right off the bat

Great way to start the thread.

Anonymous 120657

>що це? Іронія?

Anonymous 120963

лучи любви украинским леди <3

Anonymous 125243

You must be thankful now anon… :(

Anonymous 125288

Putina a cute

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