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What's your opinion on guys dressing like girls? Anonymous 11911

Please, keep this thread as sfw as possible otherwise it will most likely be moved to /nsfw/
Men visiting this thread please do not post pictures of yourself and avoid replying but if you must say something that is relevant to the discussion

Well, at first I didn't feel like making this thread but since no one did it I thought why not?
So the purpose of this thread is to talk about guys who crossdress/subs who don't mind and/or enjoy being in a humiliating situation.
Firstly, I would like to say that it's very hard to actually find a man in woman's clothing attractive (mostly because I almost instantly think of transsexuals that look weird)
*please don't misinterpret what I'm trying to say, I have nothing against trans people I just think some of them look/behave weirdly.
But sometimes I end up finding some pictures that really make me question my opinion (mostly asian guys that already look a bit feminine). That said, I do enjoy the thought of being a dominant person in bed (although I never had a serious relationship). But supposing I find a guy that may be willing how do I actually tell him what I want? I feel like this could lead to the end of a relationship.

Anonymous 11916

Gross and odd. I don't care that they do it either but it feels like gay hell

Anonymous 11922

I don't mind it, but it's weird if they look exactly like a girl, which seems to be common in anime.

Anonymous 11930

well I hate men in general so that's a start
Like >>11916 said, gross and odd and gay as hell

Anonymous 11932


I mostly enjoy fictional "traps" but yeah, I guess I shouldn't discuss this with my friends IRL at all, I thought about doing it many times but never had the courage. I don't really know if it's that weird though like I said, the only thing that turns me off is when I see someone that doesn't "fit" well with the role and looks more like a trans person rather than a effeminate male.

Anonymous 11933

well depends, the typical AGP is over 40 balding overweight and a slob so if thats what you have in mind then no.
im into femdom but i want a guy to wear girly stuff coz i reckon its cute not to 'humiliate' him or 'treat him like a woman'(whatever that means)
i like cute and feminine men but im not sure how many can pull it off and not look like a AGP
in the 2d world i like 'traps' but they are more 'marketed' to men
i wish there was an otome with a trap, i would be all over that lol

Anonymous 11936

I think it is cute when done well, but 90% of the time it is not.

Oh well! Girls make better girls anyway.

Anonymous 11938

Why, op
Why would you link this to fetishes right at the start

I really like cute boys in general, so I'm a fan of crossdressing guys. I don't think they need to look particularly feminine either, just being kinda cute is enough to look good for me.

This seems like a really small niche… gay guys, even if they like twinks, don't seem too fond of girly styling. Girls tend to only like this if they're dominant so it's immediately sexual (also, not that many domme girls). Pseudo-hetero dudes only like it if the crossdresser looks and acts enough like a girl for them to keep believing they're hetero.

>tfw regular cute boys in girl clothes will never be a thing

Anonymous 11959


ngl, it's a fetish of mine when men dress in more feminine clothes. Can't stand traps though.

Regardless I doubt that I would ever meet a man who "gets" it the way I do. Seems to me that male subs have this weird obsession with "sissyfication" because femininity is demeaning to them. Ironically enough it's just a way for them to get off on treating women like shit.

I just find it sexy when grown men embrace their feminine side and wear cute dresses.

Anonymous 11961


Not a fan. i like manly men and feminine women.

Anonymous 11963

das it mane

Anonymous 11964

Agreed this shit is too gay

Anonymous 11965


I don't care and i don't understand people who do to a personal level, everyone can do whatever they want with their life, it's not like it affects my life if a dude wants to wear a frilly dress or whatever.
Plus, imo dudes look cute in feminine clothing, just like girls look cute in masculine clothing. As long as you know how to wear it, don't treat it like a costume, and combine it well and don't look like a mess or babbies first time trying different clothes, it's very inoffensive.
It's only gross when dudes do it to mock girls or dot he typical ha ha girls dress so weird omg xdddddd look at me im a girl xddddd, then they can fuck off.

Anonymous 11966

Doesn't look appealing tbh. Huge turn off.

I want my pussy eating sub guy to look like a guy.

Anonymous 11973

Is this supposed to be cute? I just don't see it.

Anonymous 11975



Well I'm kinda into the idea and the cuteness of it, but sadly in real life it mostly looks like crap. Lets be real, most of guys doing it seems to be overweight and over thirty. Plus every trap I ever faced had this weird superiority complex.

I better limit this interest to muh anime trap waifus and stay away from rl ones.

Anonymous 11987


I agree, that pic just looks like something out of a comedy movie.
All good irl traps have the following traits:
1-between 18-21
2-pale white skin with almost no body hair
3-nice tights
4-slightly underweight
5-5'7 or under
6-nice looking face (childlike but not to the point of looking like a toddler and trust me, I've seen cases like this)
7-knows how to dress properly
8-doesn't use makeup
9-no muscles but no bodyfat either
If you disagree you have shit taste.

Anonymous 11988

I'm >>11938 and something like your pic related is exactly what I had in mind. That's super fucking cute.

Anonymous 11989


Nah lmao, just grabbed one of the first images that popped up on google which was a store selling maid clothing specifically for dudes which i thought was kinda fitting for the thread.

When i mean "cute" i mean more like pic realted or so, when they look comfortable and confident in femenine clothing and know how to work it to their advantage.

Anonymous 11990


Example numero dos.

Anonymous 11991

GREAT point. It's nice as a costume, but as soon as he starts trying to actually turn himself into a woman, instant turn-off. If I wanted a woman, I'd date a woman.

Anonymous 11995

Seeing this thread reminds me of a guy my friend introduced me to. He collected dolls, would put on copious amounts of makeup (purposely made himself look like a "whore"), loved high heels. I thought he was cool and was totally fine with this, went to go see him at his place. He always talked about hooking up with guys on Tinder, being a bottom, etc. So I assume he's gay. Out of nowhere he whips his dick out in front of me. He's upset that I'm uncomfortable, says he shaved for me. Things are awkward after that. He went full psycho on me and my friend later, saying I led him on when I never expressed interest …I don't care if guys wear women's clothing. But I hate creeps who say degrading things about women while trying to emulate one which this guy did a lot. So full of shit.

Anonymous 11996

What is even a feminine penis?

Sorry. I had to ask this somewhere and this is ,apparently, the only thread I could do so.

Anonymous 12005

A delusion.

Anonymous 12006


Penis with a pink dress and lipstick on


Anonymous 12007

>he collected dolls
You should have spotted the signs from the beginning.
Bonus creep points if they're mlp toys.

Anonymous 12086

I really don't like it or see how it's cute. I've known guys who like to dress in girls clothes (they weren't trans either) and they've all been really creepy.

The only guys that can almost pull it off are super babyfaced, already feminine asian guys.

I don't know, I just really like my men to be manly, or at least… the qt shy nerdy type.

Looking at this makes me dry up like the Atacama desert.

But then at that point it might as well just be a girl?

Anonymous 12177

They all seem like creepy fetish people who think being a woman is humiliating

Anonymous 12178

uhhhh i pass.

Anonymous 12185

look here anon >>11959, he looks proud of himself!

Anonymous 12701


Whether they're fictional, an actual trap, or just a boy in girls' clothing, they're good in my book as long as they're not fat and/or old.

Woah he's a cutie!!

Anonymous 12745

sauce on this qt?

Anonymous 12747

I'm picky. I like my men fem asf or not at all. Big Bang Theory dweebs like >>11959 need not apply.

Anonymous 12777

>join a discord
>has these people in it
>server goes to shit every time
They're cyber terrorists armed by the Nipponese with striped thigh-highs and smug anime avatars.

Anonymous 12782

this one is actually . . . appealing, hmm. He is certainly cute.

Anonymous 12808

Anonymous 12840

filthy faggots. In my country we push gays off buildings and that's how it should be. I hate American gay culture

Anonymous 12856


Anonymous 12910

They're cute in theory/fiction/2D but not in practice most of the time. As long as they're actually trying to look fashionable and stylish though why not?

Anonymous 12920


Anonymous 13012


"most of the time" being the keywords.


I think it really depends if they can pull it off well and actually put effort into it. Like, if the guy already has feminine qualities and has a good dress sense and doesn't go overboard, I think they can look really good and impressive, and I might find them cute or good looking or whatever. I'm not too crazy about guys cross-dressing, but I don't see a problem with it if it's just for fun and whatnot. Tbh, I kinda find it more hot to see guys with no makeup or wig or anything, but they're in women's lingerie, like simple panties or thigh highs - of course, they have to look attractive to me lmao, otherwise I just feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous 13225

I really have a thing for traps/transvestites. I always have though. There's just something really OTT IDGAF about a guy that's willing to just crossplay like that. I remember a man in my town used to always crossdress for fancy dress / town parties and it was so good. He looked so glamourous and you just wanted to dance with him.

Regarding animu uguu~ traps, they're so cute if they actually do it right. I think thinner, shorter guys obviously have an easier time. Actually there's a guy on my course and my friend and I really want to convince him to go full trap… for science reasons OBVIOUSLY. But he's so cute and smoller than the usual dude he'd 100% pull it off.

Anonymous 13279

The pictures really looked cute but when I was watching his stream he kinda looked weird… idk he seemed a bit chubbier or smth

Anonymous 13360

Obnxious, attention whores and usually dislike women in hopes to score more points with their incel audience.

Anonymous 13361

I really like traps/crossdressing myself as long as the dude isn't ugly.
Cute as fuck, as long as they're not the manliest thing on earth.

Anonymous 13362


he is so freaking cute, how do I get one like him?

Anonymous 13363

haha the guy who got caught watching sissy porn

Anonymous 13364

it's humiliating not because they are being women but because they are being unmanly

Anonymous 13365

Maybe, maybe not, I'm too upset that his bathroom is basically the same size as my flat to make a judgement.

Isn't that six of one and half a dozen of the other?

Anonymous 13368

looks like he's in a hotel or something
>ywn be in a fancy hotel room with a sissy boy dressed as a cute maid ;_;

Anonymous 13372


>Maybe, maybe not, I'm too upset that his bathroom is basically the same size as my flat to make a judgement.

Anonymous 13617

Sneaky's first attempt at it was pretty meh tbh. The second time he did it I thought he looked really cute and I really wish I could hug him

Anonymous 13704


My ex asked me to wear her "cute" pair of underwear and pose for her as she squished me and took photos. She thinks I look better than her in my cycling shorts too.
We still talk as friends sometimes and she still has the photos and doesn't want to delete them. She says part of her reasoning is that she can have mutually assured destruction with me but she admits we both know she couldn't bring herself to do something like that. Not to mention the serious legal trouble she'd be in. I don't really know what is the right path to take from here.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 14034

They can do whatever they want. I don't care. We will probably not be friends though.

Anonymous 14068

I find it offputting. I avoid gay/sissy/trans"women" men. I just haven't had good experiences with them. The ones I've met were either misogynists or wanted to wear women's skin.

Anonymous 14141


they are degenerates, but cute

Anonymous 14216

Does anyone here know about Ciara? I heard she's a girl on /r9k/ who made a discord group where she invited anons to do whatever she wanted or something like that. I heard she made them crossdress and send pictures to her does anyone know if that's true? Personally I wouldn't do something like that (also because I'd never interact with someone from a fucking image board) but anyways just wondering if any of you know anything.

Anonymous 14223

there are probably better sources, but she has an encyclopedia dramatica entry

Anonymous 14233

i know the singer

Anonymous 15259

I did some research and apparently it's actually a guy called "Reiko". He's responsible for convincing guys on /r9k/ to take HRT pills.
Idk about Ciara though but /r9k/ seems to idolize her for some reason.

Anonymous 15263


Ciara is pic related, she's a girl who posts on /r9k/ and is generally popular on that board.

Reiko is the guy who has a harem of trannies on Discord and tries to get people to take HRT and crossdress, like this anon said: >>15259

Anonymous 15264

She looks like a sister of Mystery.jpg, kek

Anonymous 15267

Is that the same girl that makes the music?

Anonymous 15269

Men need to be men and women need to be women. I used to not care about it until it became a mainstream fetishized "lifestyle" instead of a mental illness and when they began declaring there are no differences between men and women. Lost boys are turning to it like it's just a no big deal way to shake up their life and hope it gets better. And the people like Reiko trying to convert vulnerable boys into "trannies" are fucking evil.

Anonymous 15274

I wonder when she will crash and burn

Anonymous 15275

How many girls love it when a hot dude actually has a vagina?
This is a strange phenomena in men and I just wish they'd admit they're a bunch of faggots, too.

Anonymous 15276

didn't care too much until my bf admitted to being bi and being into sissies + crossdressing

now i just find it all degenerate garbage, people who are into that stuff as a lifestyle should just drop dread but i guess its too controversial to think that nowadays

Anonymous 15277

Watch out, "bi" men don't really exist. they think they're confused because they are aroused by pretty much everything when young but after a long time they will come out as gay.

>inb4 b-biphobia

Fuck off.


Anonymous 15278

yeah shits probably heading down that route with us but i guess thats not the thread for it

i just dont understand how men can dress up as ladies now and beg for dick and make a whole lifestyle out of it
its not even gender dysphoria, normal gays dont even go that far
its just mental illnesss to me or somethin

Anonymous 15280

Dude it's a whole scheme traps have going on. When a real woman is posted on 8chan watch how trannies flock in and start talking about boipussy or start posting pictures of anime traps saying shit like 3d can't compete 2d will always love you. Calling 2d the ideal woman is like saying you can live off of photos of hamburgers and never eat real food again.

They try to shit on real women and say how 2D is better and then slip in all the trap fanaticism like it's 2D > traps > being alone > women

Anonymous 15286

It's really fucked up. Also if trannies manage to reproduce I wonder what happens to the children because of all the hormones they took. I saw a photo of a pregnant "man" who was impregnated by his "wife"; I would love to see the lab results on that baby.

Really the only way to help these boys is to break their echo chamber and narrow view of the world and black and white thinking. They think that way to protect themselves, because if all women are useless fat roasties it's no wonder they don't have a girlfriend.

Anonymous 15287

Do you mean to say that trolling pedophiles became actual pedophiles? I noticed that I watched some guys talking about it saying how eventually little girls started turning them on. Sometimes I think the whole planet should get nuked.

Anonymous 15288


Have you seen Buck Angel? Saw it on the Joe Rogan podcast and was like no fucking way, saw a brief clip of porn to confirm the vagina. It was so off putting to me.

Anonymous 15289

It's super gay, and the idea of playing with gender expectations and stuff is interesting but also the dudes that get really into it are quite gross.

Did you even read the link you posted, it doesn't prove bi men don't exist.

Anonymous 15292

A bit, it started with "lol i have kids in my basement" type jokes, then evolved to loli…then fantasies…and now they encourage each other or brag about children they molested and post child porn, like infants getting raped in random places like facebook and it makes me sick to my stomach, its a big part of the reason I stopped going to 4chan, there's no limit with them and people always think they're some special snowflake excuse for the slippery slope/conditioning but it would just be best to shut all this shit down, since "jokes are just jokes" doesn't exist amoung these people anymore

Anonymous 15293

Damn, I'm surprised at all the anti-trans sentiment here.

>inb4 tranny

No, I just feel sympathetic towards them. Gender dysphoria doesn't seem fetish motivated.

Anonymous 15294


i think theyre referring to the people who have autogynephilia rather than people who actually suffer from gender dysphoria

former being super degenerete imo and a way for dudes to cop out of responsibility of being a dude and pursuing women, why go after a lady when you can be one yourself and suck dick amirite

Anonymous 15295

the thread is about fetishists, fam

Anonymous 15299

Yeah, but why did >>15275 and >>15288 have to conflate fetish with being trans.

Anonymous 15303

I didn't, I'm talking about 'straight' men who love traps and how that's primarily a thing only men are into.

Anonymous 15311

I don't mind it. They can do whatever they want, if it makes them happy.

If they are younger mtfs/boys wearing women's clothing they can look alright and not stand out.

What I find gross is old ugly men, who make no attempt to pass and just look like old ugly gross men in dresses. They creep me out. I had a bad experience with one of them though, so my brain is biased.

Anonymous 15336

Wait what they found people posting pictures of child rape on facebook?

I have never really been to 4chan but I've seen 8chan I thought that was the hub of pedophiles. Whenever i go there there's threads of pedos trying to post pictures of very little girls and they say the creepiest shit and EVENTUALLY it gets deleted but fucking hell it's hard knowing what's going on in another thread in a board you're in. I saw people say they "troll as pedos" but I don't believe for a second that part of them doesn't want to watch cp. Especially knowing they keep naked little girls in folders for their "pedo shit posting raids". Yea I'm sure it's just for the lulz.

Anonymous 15337

Traps and crossdressers are exactly the same only traps are more mentally ill

Anonymous 15343

Some people shouldn't have access to the internet, those guys are a solid example of that. They just get more and more degenerate.

Anonymous 15360

Wow. Please tell me that because they used facebook that these guys were found and prosecuted.

Anonymous 15371

I watched a documentary about online child protection enforcement in the UK and it showed how law enforcement works and there was one woman there who was able to be calm and stay focused when she had to look through cp to gather evidence and she spoke about how some of her colleagues still couldn't handle it and would cry.

I don't know which camp I would be in. I would hope that if it were my job I would be able to keep my head on straight and remain calm so I don't miss anything but it's so revolting I don't know if I could.

Anonymous 30677

I like traps

Anonymous 30756


im glad theres more than 2 of us

Anonymous 30757

Count me in

Anonymous 30775

I'm fine with it, if they haven't got any emotional hangups for doing so.
Does that make sense? Just wear girl stuff because you want to wear girl stuff

Anonymous 30867

This so freaking much. I don't know why traps are so insecure and manipulative. They keep trying to get other guys into this stuff and generally, anime girls is their biggest "weapon".

Anonymous 30943


some of them make really cute girls but when I see the bulge i get turned off, not femenine or cute at all
>inb4 femenine benis
no such thing

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