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What's your opinion on guys dressing like girls? Anonymous 11911

Please, keep this thread as sfw as possible otherwise it will most likely be moved to /nsfw/
Men visiting this thread please do not post pictures of yourself and avoid replying but if you must say something that is relevant to the discussion

Well, at first I didn't feel like making this thread but since no one did it I thought why not?
So the purpose of this thread is to talk about guys who crossdress/subs who don't mind and/or enjoy being in a humiliating situation.
Firstly, I would like to say that it's very hard to actually find a man in woman's clothing attractive (mostly because I almost instantly think of transsexuals that look weird)
*please don't misinterpret what I'm trying to say, I have nothing against trans people I just think some of them look/behave weirdly.
But sometimes I end up finding some pictures that really make me question my opinion (mostly asian guys that already look a bit feminine). That said, I do enjoy the thought of being a dominant person in bed (although I never had a serious relationship). But supposing I find a guy that may be willing how do I actually tell him what I want? I feel like this could lead to the end of a relationship.

Anonymous 11916

Gross and odd. I don't care that they do it either but it feels like gay hell

Anonymous 11922

I don't mind it, but it's weird if they look exactly like a girl, which seems to be common in anime.

Anonymous 11929

>if you must say something that is relevant to the discussion
They aren't allowed to identify themselves at all. It's against board rules. Stop enabling.

Anonymous 11930

well I hate men in general so that's a start
Like >>11916 said, gross and odd and gay as hell

Anonymous 11932


I mostly enjoy fictional "traps" but yeah, I guess I shouldn't discuss this with my friends IRL at all, I thought about doing it many times but never had the courage. I don't really know if it's that weird though like I said, the only thing that turns me off is when I see someone that doesn't "fit" well with the role and looks more like a trans person rather than a effeminate male.

Anonymous 11933

well depends, the typical AGP is over 40 balding overweight and a slob so if thats what you have in mind then no.
im into femdom but i want a guy to wear girly stuff coz i reckon its cute not to 'humiliate' him or 'treat him like a woman'(whatever that means)
i like cute and feminine men but im not sure how many can pull it off and not look like a AGP
in the 2d world i like 'traps' but they are more 'marketed' to men
i wish there was an otome with a trap, i would be all over that lol

Anonymous 11936

I think it is cute when done well, but 90% of the time it is not.

Oh well! Girls make better girls anyway.

Anonymous 11938

Why, op
Why would you link this to fetishes right at the start

I really like cute boys in general, so I'm a fan of crossdressing guys. I don't think they need to look particularly feminine either, just being kinda cute is enough to look good for me.

This seems like a really small niche… gay guys, even if they like twinks, don't seem too fond of girly styling. Girls tend to only like this if they're dominant so it's immediately sexual (also, not that many domme girls). Pseudo-hetero dudes only like it if the crossdresser looks and acts enough like a girl for them to keep believing they're hetero.

>tfw regular cute boys in girl clothes will never be a thing

Anonymous 11959


ngl, it's a fetish of mine when men dress in more feminine clothes. Can't stand traps though.

Regardless I doubt that I would ever meet a man who "gets" it the way I do. Seems to me that male subs have this weird obsession with "sissyfication" because femininity is demeaning to them. Ironically enough it's just a way for them to get off on treating women like shit.

I just find it sexy when grown men embrace their feminine side and wear cute dresses.

Anonymous 11961


Not a fan. i like manly men and feminine women.

Anonymous 11963

das it mane

Anonymous 11964

Agreed this shit is too gay

Anonymous 11965


I don't care and i don't understand people who do to a personal level, everyone can do whatever they want with their life, it's not like it affects my life if a dude wants to wear a frilly dress or whatever.
Plus, imo dudes look cute in feminine clothing, just like girls look cute in masculine clothing. As long as you know how to wear it, don't treat it like a costume, and combine it well and don't look like a mess or babbies first time trying different clothes, it's very inoffensive.
It's only gross when dudes do it to mock girls or dot he typical ha ha girls dress so weird omg xdddddd look at me im a girl xddddd, then they can fuck off.

Anonymous 11966

Doesn't look appealing tbh. Huge turn off.

I want my pussy eating sub guy to look like a guy.

Anonymous 11973

Is this supposed to be cute? I just don't see it.

Anonymous 11975



Well I'm kinda into the idea and the cuteness of it, but sadly in real life it mostly looks like crap. Lets be real, most of guys doing it seems to be overweight and over thirty. Plus every trap I ever faced had this weird superiority complex.

I better limit this interest to muh anime trap waifus and stay away from rl ones.

Anonymous 11987


I agree, that pic just looks like something out of a comedy movie.
All good irl traps have the following traits:
1-between 18-21
2-pale white skin with almost no body hair
3-nice tights
4-slightly underweight
5-5'7 or under
6-nice looking face (childlike but not to the point of looking like a toddler and trust me, I've seen cases like this)
7-knows how to dress properly
8-doesn't use makeup
9-no muscles but no bodyfat either
If you disagree you have shit taste.

Anonymous 11988

I'm >>11938 and something like your pic related is exactly what I had in mind. That's super fucking cute.

Anonymous 11989


Nah lmao, just grabbed one of the first images that popped up on google which was a store selling maid clothing specifically for dudes which i thought was kinda fitting for the thread.

When i mean "cute" i mean more like pic realted or so, when they look comfortable and confident in femenine clothing and know how to work it to their advantage.

Anonymous 11990


Example numero dos.

Anonymous 11991

GREAT point. It's nice as a costume, but as soon as he starts trying to actually turn himself into a woman, instant turn-off. If I wanted a woman, I'd date a woman.

Anonymous 11995

Seeing this thread reminds me of a guy my friend introduced me to. He collected dolls, would put on copious amounts of makeup (purposely made himself look like a "whore"), loved high heels. I thought he was cool and was totally fine with this, went to go see him at his place. He always talked about hooking up with guys on Tinder, being a bottom, etc. So I assume he's gay. Out of nowhere he whips his dick out in front of me. He's upset that I'm uncomfortable, says he shaved for me. Things are awkward after that. He went full psycho on me and my friend later, saying I led him on when I never expressed interest …I don't care if guys wear women's clothing. But I hate creeps who say degrading things about women while trying to emulate one which this guy did a lot. So full of shit.

Anonymous 11996

What is even a feminine penis?

Sorry. I had to ask this somewhere and this is ,apparently, the only thread I could do so.

Anonymous 12005

A delusion.

Anonymous 12006


Penis with a pink dress and lipstick on


Anonymous 12007

>he collected dolls
You should have spotted the signs from the beginning.
Bonus creep points if they're mlp toys.

Anonymous 12086

I really don't like it or see how it's cute. I've known guys who like to dress in girls clothes (they weren't trans either) and they've all been really creepy.

The only guys that can almost pull it off are super babyfaced, already feminine asian guys.

I don't know, I just really like my men to be manly, or at least… the qt shy nerdy type.

Looking at this makes me dry up like the Atacama desert.

But then at that point it might as well just be a girl?

Anonymous 12177

They all seem like creepy fetish people who think being a woman is humiliating

Anonymous 12178

uhhhh i pass.

Anonymous 12185

look here anon >>11959, he looks proud of himself!

Anonymous 12701


Whether they're fictional, an actual trap, or just a boy in girls' clothing, they're good in my book as long as they're not fat and/or old.

Woah he's a cutie!!

Anonymous 12745

sauce on this qt?

Anonymous 12747

I'm picky. I like my men fem asf or not at all. Big Bang Theory dweebs like >>11959 need not apply.

Anonymous 12777

>join a discord
>has these people in it
>server goes to shit every time
They're cyber terrorists armed by the Nipponese with striped thigh-highs and smug anime avatars.

Anonymous 12782

this one is actually . . . appealing, hmm. He is certainly cute.

Anonymous 12808

Anonymous 12840

filthy faggots. In my country we push gays off buildings and that's how it should be. I hate American gay culture

Anonymous 12856


Anonymous 12910

They're cute in theory/fiction/2D but not in practice most of the time. As long as they're actually trying to look fashionable and stylish though why not?

Anonymous 12920


Anonymous 13012


"most of the time" being the keywords.

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