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Anonymous 119259

craving sushi SO fucking bad all the time
like i hadn't eaten it in years and then suddenly like a month ago i started craving it and now i'm eating it regularly, had like 500kcal of it today and i still crave it, it's ridiculous
i don't even know why, it just taste good
its expensive for me and i can't make it at home this is so unfair

Anonymous 119260

Just look up a recipe so that you can make it at home

Anonymous 119261

i'm just scared of working with raw fish. i could make duck/chicken sushi though you're right

Anonymous 119263

chicken is kinda sketch but you have duck you could probably sear it and have something easy to work with

Anonymous 119264

Don't eat raw chicken

Anonymous 119273

you could try making tamago sushi ! so raw meat to deal with and still damn delicious

Anonymous 119614

Same, I ate 3 portions of it today

Anonymous 119632

You're more than likely craving the iodine in the seaweed wrap or omega 3 in the fish. You can satisfy your craving and eat healthier with larger servings of just a fish high in omega fats like salmon and especially dried seaweed. Iodine is rare in our diet and the majority of americans are deficient in iodine more than anything else.

Bonus is iodine is directly linked to higher IQ babies in women who eat it while pregnant. Not enough women know that fact so I'm trying to spread it every chance I can when the subject comes up to slowly raise the collective IQ of humanity one woman at a time.

Look up a California roll recipe. It works with cooked crab meat and is my favorite sushi. Even if it isn't sushi since it is cooked meat.

Anonymous 119826


you, checking out groceries at le Walmart
>Welcome to Walmart, do you need a bag?
>No, I need you to eat more fish, more seaweed. Did you know that the average American is iodine deficient? We can raise our iq by changing our diets!
>that's…nice sweetie…

Getting the bus back
>Bus driver san, do you eat a healthy serving of fish every day?
>no…I need five dollars…
>Ok, here it is. But did you know how much better we would live if we ate enough fish or took iodine supplements?
>No…I'm not sure why you're telling me this…

I then imagine you telling this to the old lady next to you, and giving a powerpoint presentation to your friends.

Anonymous 122008


Please iodinepill me

Anonymous 122060

Do you have a Japanese specialty store near you at all? About once a month I make sushi for myself and my family. You just have to be sure it's sashimi grade, then you're golden.

Anonymous 122071

‘Sushi grade’ is kind of like ‘cage free’ (at least in the US) in that it’s not a well regulated term so it doesn’t really mean much. If you want to make sushi / poke at home and be super safe, look for stuff that was flash frozen. The Aldi near me sells flash frozen ahi tuna steaks that are labeled ‘sushi quality’ and I’ve had a lot of luck using those for sushi and poke. They’re super cheap too, like 5 USD for 4 single servings, individually vacuum sealed. You have to thaw them in the fridge for 24 hours before making stuff w/ them.

You’re generally pretty safe w/ farm raised salmon (never eat wild caught salmon raw unless it’s specifically sold as sashimi that’s been flash frozen). Farm raised salmon eat food pellets and live in a highly monitored ecosystem so they’re exposed to way less parasites, etc. your safest bet w/ salmon is smoked, which makes great maki (especially philly rolls).

Anonymous 122087

hating sushi SO fucking bad all the time
like i had avoided it for years and then suddenly like a month ago i started seeing it and now i'm pissed off and angry, had like 500kcal of beef today just to spite the fishing industry, it's ridiculous
i don't even know why, it's just revolting
its annoying and i can't avoid it in medea this is so unfair

Anonymous 122119


Get a better paying job so you can eat it all the time. :)

Pic related :DDD

Anonymous 122120

God I can't wait to get paid now.

Anonymous 122156


Wait till the Japan border opens again and visit and get some sushi there if you're still obsessed with it.

It's honestly several times better than any sushi you'll have ever eaten. Even the cheap £2 stuff at a yo! sushi style place is veeeery good

Anonymous 122162

If you live on the coast anywhere, you can get sushi that is as good as it is in Japan. There's just a lot of landlocked areas and mediocre sushi restaurants in North America and Europe.

Anonymous 122165


>started craving sushi last year after not having any for 2 years
>managed to get a friend to treat me some uramaki
>realized that I actually just like everything but the nori
>barely even taste the rice or nori
>it's mostly the pickled ginger, wasabi, and sriracha mayo that I taste

Wish I could taste more of the meat. Nori is kinda gross to me. Any time I've tried to get my mom to eat sushi, the nori taste is what makes her spit it out. I still eat it but it's my least favorite flavor.

American uramaki feels like it's more about the condiments than the fish itself, probably because the fish are harder to get in landlocked regions. I'm willing to try sashimi and nigiri someday, since I love rare steak and cured meats.

Tamago sushi is good, I've attempted to make it myself at home, but it's also kind of a cop-out if what you're really craving is fish protein/fats.

Anonymous 122188

Did you dip the sushi in soy sauce though. If you ate it without soy sauce it's just NOT the same.

Anonymous 122310

Yeah, I try to put the wasabi on one half and dip the bottom half in the soy sauce, then maybe munch a bite a flake of the ginger inbetween 2-3 pieces, since they only give you so much of it.

I must also admit, I used to hate all pickles before I got into eating pickled ginger. Now I like sweet pickles, since they're sweet like pickled ginger. Savory pickles are still kinda gross to me tho.

Anonymous 122324

Wasabi is harsh. I stir a tiny bead of it into the soy sauce because it's too pungent for me. Did you like the wasabi though? It's also really good to put the ginger and soy sauce on the sushi, completely skip the wasabi. I don't know anyone else who does it but me though.

Anonymous 122496

same I'm always craving sushi and the carving doesn't go away until I eat it but I can't afford it
I live right near the ocean too but for some reason it's still so expensive here

Anonymous 125023

I need to confess that I have wasted incredible amounts of ginger and wasabi because I never use them. I know I should just ask for them to be withheld or learn to like them. I'm sorry sushi purveyors.

Anonymous 125024

most people do that

Anonymous 125026

Oh thank fuck, I felt unreasonably guilty about that one.

Anonymous 125027

they always give way more wasabi than you actually need (unless you are a moid wanting to show off) and the ginger is only there if you need it between rolls to cleanse your mouth

Anonymous 125030

The ginger is the best part. I am a loon I guess, ever since I was a middle schooler, having sushi for the first time, I put it on the sushi, and ended up liking it even more that way. I looove the ginger I never leave it on my plate.

Anonymous 125041

I have the same problem except it’s the Korean version kimbap and I get it for cheap too.

Anonymous 125046

I always want sushi, but ever since moving to such a small town, it's hard to come by. They have sushi rolls at Walmart but… its not good..

Anonymous 125049

you can make it yourself pretty easily. most supermarket places have the fridges at the wrong temp and the rice gets all hard

Anonymous 125068

I did that too. Pretty sure I’ve seen onigiri with ginger in it in Japan so not that weird.

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