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Anonymous 119472

Whats your favorite number and why?

Anonymous 119473


day of my birthday and i see it everywhere, and something usually good happens after. i see it as a bit of a good luck charm i guess

Anonymous 119477

Mine is 9.
It's 1 away from 10, which is obviously a useful and important number, and it's a perfect square with 3, which is also a good number.

Anonymous 119492

8. There used to be this website called real-wishes, or something like that, that I found as a child. It was this weird website with a starry background where you could type in a wish and it would come true (obviously none of them did lol). I remember the website was really focused around the number “8” for some reason. Something about that weird memory imprinted in me and now 8 has always been my favorite number.

Anonymous 119500

I tried that website (or one like it) and iirc it was actually real and the wishes did actually always come true

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