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Millennial Men vs Zoomer Men? Anonymous 119630

Who are better?

Anonymous 119631


Also Millennial Women vs Zoomer women?

Anonymous 119634


The “emo” thing was short lived and niche . Thankfully.

Anonymous 119638

Gonna be probably unpopular here and say modern fashion is at least far better. Yes, I grew up during both these fashion trends.

Anonymous 119662


You're only saying that because it's new and in right now but this shit will look a hundred times worse than emo in 10 years

Anonymous 119663

Lmao nothing will worse than early 2000s fashion

Anonymous 119666

This hairstyle makes me automatically dislike them. So enragingly stupid looking.

Anonymous 119667

I prefer men who dress normally. What happened to just being normal

Anonymous 119669

Why do you boomers think Gen Z cares about whatever you think?

Anonymous 119687

If anything zoomers grew up/are growing up in an even worse environment than millennials have but one isn't better or worse than the other.

Anonymous 119688

How low is your reading comprehension? It's a discussion thread dumbass, it's not specifically aimed at zoomers.

Anonymous 119693

where did this hairstyle even originate? i only know it from the memes

Anonymous 119720

ok boomer

Anonymous 119723

go back to twitter

Anonymous 119725

This, sad to see the same cycles repeat themselves. But I guess no one likes growing up.

Anonymous 119734


Anonymous 119735

Millennials are only worse because they're aging and coping, and more cringe in general.
When zoomer men start hitting their mid 30s you'll all see how much more intensely dysfunctional they are.

They are all porn addicted and terminally online. Their dopamine receptors are absolutely fried. They have the attention span of gnats and only care about what gets them a quick fix.
Millennial men were proto-zoomers. They have all the same issues but some are still somewhat connected to reality. However whatever good they have left in them is offset by their horrendous cringe factor.

Moids in general are cancer there's not a genre of moid i couldn't complain about endlessly

Anonymous 119737


Can't wait for zoomer """men""" to run the world

Anonymous 119780

neither. they’re all moids and disgust me no matter which generation they came from

Anonymous 119793

Zoomers are as weak as millennials but more effeminate. Ar least they look less sexist

Anonymous 119892

You care way too much about this

Anonymous 119893

>Ar least they look less sexist

Anonymous 119894

I especially hate zoomer lingo. Like using the word “yikes” when someone has a different political opinion than them, the stupid multiple commas thing,,,,, and their stupid political beliefs in general. I saw a zoomer compare the Jan 6th riot to 9/11. Like holy shit they are so sheltered, and I’m an early zoomer myself.

With transgenderism garnering a lot of support from zoomers, I don’t see them as “less sexist.” Perhaps even more sexist than other generations who would’ve laughed in trannies’ faces.

Anonymous 119896

Yesss pit the generations against each other

Anonymous 119906


Anonymous 119910

really disgusting read tbh

Anonymous 119911

Based. It'd be nice to have a thread for similar webms.

Anonymous 119946

>know how to code
Yeah, no. How can they learn to code if the online experience has been simplified so much to baby them that so many are lacking greater digital literacy?

Anonymous 119947

I don't know, but that future really makes me anxious. I don't want to see it but I probably will because. It sounds like those sci-fi dystopian books. And I don't think they'll know how to code or anything productive, they'll probably spend all the time just watching dumb videos in YouTube or whatever it's popular in 15-20 years. Most of them will probably reach legal age without any real skill

Anonymous 119999

>>119906 Jesus who would f*ck or be attracted to them? (i'm also a zoomer probably about their age) but this is cringe

Anonymous 120004


I mean, zoomer women finding post malone hot was a slippery slope and it's all downhill from here

Anonymous 120006


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