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any women that dress without showing/barely showing skin? Anonymous 119975

hello! thirdworldsis here! I am short (5'2/1.56) I tend to love all things usually considered 'feminine' when it came to dressing (crop tops, short dresses and skirts, high heel boots, fishnets, see through shirts over tanktops, etc), however, I'm interested in changing my style into something that covers me up much more (not because I think what I previously wore was wrong, but becuase I've been harassed in public and I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.) I always liked to be stylish and creating outfits, I know I can still be stylish and have a non-boring style with this clothing shift, but I'm so unfamiliarized w it that I don't know where to start, I also want to still express the feminine aspect through clothes that aren't generally female only ones (unlike skirts, dresses, crop tops, higheel boots, etc). Help? recommend me yt channels or any resources to get inspiration, or tell me about your personal style choices

Anonymous 119976

By default women "cover up their skin" aka not wearing fishnets and see through skirts. How difficult is it to understand that women dress like normal people and not hyper feminine objects on display?

I don't believe that women and girls can ever afford to be oblivious to sexual attention from men. Not only is it evident everywhere in the media but it is experienced first hand starting very young. You weren't socialized as a woman/girl. You're a troon.

Anonymous 119978

concluding that someone is a troon because of wearing fishnets or see through shirts with a tank top underneath is so off on your part, why come to the thread if you're not going to be of any help?

Anonymous 119981

I'm not gonna help you dress like a zoomer girl. You're just a dumbass. Only trannies and strippers wear fishnets btw

Anonymous 119984

fuck off tradthot. Fishnets have been a staple of alternative styles, from way before zoomer zoomers were even born. Gothic women aren't strippers or trannies.

Also undermining the harassment OP went through is so classy of you, handmaiden. Fuck off from this board.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 119985

Moved to >>>/hb/14677.

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