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Anyone else went to women's schools? (junior high, high school , Anonymous 119998

What are your experiences?
It's disheartening how much attack or scorn we get for an all-girls educations since we no longer need it/ gender equality is already achieved, why do we need exclusive education for women only/ women's schools are bitchy and manhaters, wasteful rich girls, etc. Most of the hate comes from men and those who wish to go to women's schools(not gendies but just guys who feel discriminated etc) and we are fetishized or bombarded to high heaven. Catholic schoolgirls, non-religious, non-political schools, junior high, high school, women's colleges, graduate programs…what are your experiences? Have you heard about exclusive female educational facilities that face the same problems or is it my neurosis.
I genuinely want to know why people seem to dislike it so much, when in the past people barred women from getting properly educated and therefore needed to be seperated from men( which isnt the case anymore). Now they are mad because of the exact same exclusionary reason and it's not even for some PC or conservative reasons. Why?

Anonymous 120008

They're crying that the women have an attitude and don't stick up with their bs as much. Quite the contrary, a lot of girls i know who attended all-girls schools and havent been in the vicinity with male students got fantasies to them…i attended both mix-sex and all girls schools and the former gave me misandry lol. They're just bitter they can't touch them and entering a ~flowery~ all girls school/college is some sort of fantasy for them.

Anonymous 120009

>>120005 Exactly! The only bad point for me was that the academics were so hard to catch on because the girls studied so hard and typically didnt drop out or get wasted on booze or drugs so the competition was tight. But the bitchiness thing is definitely blwon out of proportion, it's a propaganda to just hate on the girls and we don't fight over left over scraps or have boys harrassing us…

Anonymous 120010

Jesus i hope all the teachers were female too because there was one male teacher and he turned out to be a massive creep. Sexually harrassed some students and got kicked out but not quick enough. Male teachers used to say weird shit like how the classroom smells so good or some weird schoolgirl fantasies(not sexual but with some moid undertones) before the #metoo movement and radfem uprising few years ago in 2017(?). I'm glad you had a great time

Anonymous 120011

>>120002 i ditched a women's school because i wanted to oggle hot guys but regretting it because i found zero cute ones. But the recent surge on guys(and pickmes) trying to cancel and close women's colleges and schools where i live are concerning me

Anonymous 126017


I go to an all girls school and am going to an all womens college, which i look forward to. My school has a reputation for being all lesbian, which isn't entirely true… there's even a chant… "[school name], no men, l-e-s-b-i-a-n!". We get booed by other schools and shat upon, especially by co-ed schools. Its disturbing, and people who find out i go to an all girls school (and love it) give me strange looks.
This being said, from the inside it's nothing like how people outside think it is (ie. full of bitches and catty lesbians). we have plenty of straight girls (but a high percentage of sexuallyqueer and genderqueer as well). also, most girls are SO NICE. only a few are bitches, and we have such a strong and tight-knit community we can usually work through it. the girls here are normal, just how girls at co-ed schools are. they can be mean, they can be nice. they get into fights over boys. but its wonderful to not have to deal with boys day to day. it makes the fights over boys easier for my sisters to compartmentalize, and it doesnt affect their learning how it would in a coed school. i've also found theres a prioritization of sisterhood over males. "hoes before bros".

Anonymous 126235

in my next life I hope I come back as a private school girl. My education would've been significantly better if I didn't have to be around moids

Anonymous 126237

I remember begging my parents to send me to a private school and they said no, it was too expensive. They didn't even look into fees or scholarships though. I was one of the top students so I probably would have qualified for something.

My mum also said "you'll miss all your friends" which was a low blow because she was always telling me to make friends and knew I never went anywhere.

So instead I got to go to one of the worst schools in my country.

Then my mum had the gall to say a few years after I graduated that she wished she had sent me and my sister to private schools. They also gave my sister $80,000 towards her house which felt like a slap in the face. This was after they were retired so they must have had the money all along.

As for a girls' school specifically, I don't know if I would have done better or worse there as most the bullying I received was from girls and probably because I was undiagnosed autistic. It might have been even worse as girls can be harder for to get on with.

Anonymous 126257

I went to an all girls Catholic high school. Loved it. I regret being in the closet the whole time and not lezzing out.

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