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Bad but comfy fashion Anonymous 120226

What are some questionable fashion items you love dearly?

I'll start with long padded bench coats and gilets. Hell they are so warm and comfortable in winter, i feel almost invincible

Anonymous 120275

are those really considered bad fashion? I see them everywhere this winter so I thought they must be in style.

Anonymous 120290


i heard utility jackets are out of style but i have one from my mom and still wear it. it’s like a comfort item for me
also i still like skinny jeans

Anonymous 120293

those pockets are great

Anonymous 120349

They are seen as boring and more as function rather than style but who cares

Anonymous 120350

What do you like about skinny jeans?

Anonymous 120509


>padded bench coats
I actually don't think those are unfashionable. Puffer styles are having a moment now, though its mainly the lighter colors that read as stylish. I own one of these TNA long super puff coats from Aritzia and I get a lot of compliments on it.

My fave uncool garment is low rise skinny jeans. My dumb millennial ass will always keep at least one pair of black low rise skinny jeans in the closet

Anonymous 120515

"Barefoot shoes" which are a type of shoes that are wide and fan-shaped, have no heel, have no arch support/cushioning, and have as thin of a sole as possible. Basically tries to mimic being barefoot
Most of them are incredibly ugly and oriented towards athletic men rather than stylish women, and even ones that are designed with style in mind are inevitably wide because that's the whole point. But I find them so comfy, I don't care if it looks like I have duck feet. Also the rest of my family has fucked up feet whereas mine are nice so I guess I'm doing something right

Anonymous 120541

Honestly, I really like how these look.

Anonymous 120644

Those look like they belong to a chinese palace imo like the emperor's concubine but they do look warm af! I have plain shoes like those in black during winter and honestly no one cares. Aren't they hard to walk in though? My heels always slips off

Anonymous 120691


sweatpants with combat boots

Anonymous 120692

whoops, its a combination, not an item… but anyway it is questionable and i love to wear it

Anonymous 120732


My default shoe choice is a battered pair of ugly brown hiking boots similar to the pic that I got when I was like 12. They're so fucking comfy. I've been told it's worse because I'll put in effort with the rest of my outfit but then put these on instead of nice looking but uncomfortable shoes. I would attend a red carpet in these fuckers if I ever got invited. Beauty fades but arch support is forever!

Anonymous 120778

I love them!

Anonymous 120808


Same here believe it or not. I bought these hiking shoes for a job at a golf course I had a couple years ago and these shoes have been the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. I've had heel pain for the longest time and these shoes healed me. I wear them everywhere despite how ripped up and muddied they are.

Anonymous 120818

Anonymous 120914


I love the look of them. I like leg warmers too. Things that exaggerate the calf just look cool to me
I looked good in cargo pants when those were a thing, I don't care what anybody says

Anonymous 120935

I wish cargo pants would come back, I had a pair and felt so fucking cool in them. The exaggerated calf's give such a fuckin vibe.

Like other people I also wear my hiking boots, though I have large feet and they definitely stand out.

I just like wearing baggy clothes in general. I have done it all my life and honestly I don't care if it's not flattering, I pride being comfortable over fashion.

Anonymous 121131

I thought cargo pants were back? I've seen them everywhere lately…

Anonymous 121136

They are back.

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