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How do I find other girl bosses? Anonymous 120390

Hi cc
Im having trouble with friends and need advice. Ive had a small amount of notoriety on different platforms for several years and ive noticed its hard for me to connect with other girls or ppl iin general as equals because they usually approach me as a follower and there’s a power imbalance.
I tried reaching out to other people that are known for similar things as me and i get brushed off and they seem closed to new friends. The few ppl I do talk to that aren’t ‘followers’ are girls i met here and none of them want any kind of public following so i cant have a public friendship with them.
Is having another girl boss bff that ican be friends with in public too much to ask? How can i meet new genuine people without hiding who I am?
Im not like famous or anything but i have a couple popular meme pages and i often run into strangers online that know my art or my stuff.
Idk what to do sorry I’m rambling

Anonymous 120396

I'm assuming your asking how to make more online friends or are you also asking for real life friends too?

Anonymous 120399

Yeah online friends idrc about irl
I posted in the friend finder thread but only got a couple adds. Maybe ill go through and add more girls and maybe connect well thank you

Anonymous 120427

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how do I make friends IRL in my town during quarantine???? I am '''friendly''' with my coworkers but we are not real friends and idk what to do. At this point I'm playing vidya with my BFs friends more than talking to any of mine, and I am starting to hate all of them because they and he are dirty moids and the more I get to know them the more I'm sure that pinkpill general is right and all men are worthless and I need people to talk to that I don't hate.

Anonymous 120566

>>120427 Find hobby or study clubs etc near where you live

Anonymous 120584

Yeah lol, who cares if you run a meme page? It’s not like OP is a major eceleb?

Anonymous 120585

Pretty sure op's the one who's bothered by the perceived power imbalance and not the other way around. I think it's gone to her head a bit.

Anonymous 120633

Maybe OP is being serious and in a world of "clout-chasing" freaks it might be tough to find a good connection, I got the impression she was trying to avoid saying that. Or, alternative hypothesis, she herself would feel bad as the less successful one, so she might be projecting those feelings without directly asking people of they felt that way. Only OP knows, we can only guess

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