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Chubby Husbando vs Dragonfuckers Anonymous 120486

>be me, 19 year old single white female
>failed friendships with men throughout my teens due to them always wanting to be more than friends
>find refuge in friendships with other women
>pandemic fucked my social life up its ass so i join discord servers to chat
>find some that are girls-only, thedream.mp4
>i chat and shit, debate with some of them and even make a few online friends
>get into this niche server of weeb girls for shits and giggles
>one night, me and 3 others get into a convo about anime
>let's call them Scrawny, Schizo and Bella
>Scrawny is usually chill but tends to sperg due to anger issues
>Schizo is a weirdo who bonded with me because we're both elitist goths
>Bella is a normie and the chillest
>we start talking about which anime characters we would fuck
>shamelessly admit I would fuck the ultimate imposter from Danganronpa, picrel is him
>not a fat fetishist, i just wanna fuck my fave character for being the chillest in the series
>get the fuck roasted out of me by the other 3 girls for wanting to get sandwiched by a hambeast
>Scrawny and Schizo now both sperging about dragonfucking
>nobody else in the server intervenes, probably scared off by the two dragonfuckers' demonic auras
>about to DM Bella to ask her wtf we should do
>before I can, Bella fucking joins in, posting pics of white dragons saying she wants it to be her wife
>they see me type, start roasting me again
>deadass ask me why I would fuck a fat guy and brag about dragon's superiority
>leave server
>online friend is still in server, sometimes report any tard behaviour to me for laughs
>end up finding out Scrawny got a member banned for being vegan and that Schizo once drank her own period blood
>fucking traumatized and nobody to tell this to without admitting my weird anime crush
>mfw no tender Imposter manboobs to cry into

Anonymous 120487


Anonymous 120493

Isn't dragonfucking technically beastiality? i sort of understand where OP's coming from

Anonymous 120494

>chubby husbando
Don't worry OP I support your autism

Anonymous 120497

I feel like dragons are always sentient if not at a higher level of intelligence of humans in most monster fucker media. Probably one of the most sentences I've ever written

Anonymous 120502

Intelligence aside because this is irrelevant. We're talking purely physical here. Dragons are animals, right? And if you want to fuck a dragon that would count as beastiality, right?

Anonymous 128915

It’s ok OP i really like Laslow from What We Do in The Shadows and he’s chubby. You are not alone.
Also fucking the non-human form of a dragon is gross and people should feel ashamed.

Anonymous 128920

OP you just double down, tell them your lardass bf could sit on their stupid dragons throat and slap them around. Just double down and tell them youll also force him to get liposuction that you can pump fat back into him at any time they bring up their dumb dragon fetish again lol

Anonymous 129014


It's still basically just a big fucking lizard my girl

Anonymous 129046

Humans are animals, nona.

Anonymous 129057

you know damn well what I meant with this post

Anonymous 129346

It's mostly exoticism clouding their judgement I think, they're willing to put up with more when it's something unfamiliar since it could be seen as "part of the charm." I've seen moids do the same with female lovecraftian horrors, absolutely detest human women. It's good that you got out of that situation, they clearly have some issues they need to work out on their own.

Anonymous 129709

degalia lost crono…

>not wanting a dragon husbando to have half dragons with like Jake Long The American Dragon

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