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Rice Purity Test Anonymous 120553

Are miners pure?

>The Rice Purity Test is a one-hundred-question survey that assesses a person’s level of innocence in the domain of worldly vices, with a score of 100 being the most pure and 0 being the least pure. It includes fun questions on relationships, behaviour and activities considered non-virtuous. The questions are answered by an individual themselves, simply having to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each question.

100 to 98: You are as pure as gold. Very few people fall into this band
97 to 94: You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone
8 to 0: You are as corrupt as they come. You have engaged in pretty wild acts, including paying for – or being paid for – intimacy


Anonymous 120556


Your purity is tainted. You have had numerous naughty experiences, used drugs, and/or had troubles with the law.

Missed the averagely pure by a single point.

Anonymous 120560


You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone.

Anonymous 120561

>93 to 77 You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone.

Anonymous 120565

85 But i haven't met a man?

Anonymous 120567


If yaoi and AO3 didn't exist, I would've scored higher.

Anonymous 120569


If yuri didn't exist (or I just didn't watch it)

Anonymous 120576



Anonymous 120577


[spoiler]time to kms[/spolier]

Anonymous 120578

I can’t even spoiler, why do I live.

Anonymous 120581


Anonymous 120583

I got 63. Same result as >>120556

Who tf can kiss for two or more hours though?

Anonymous 120588

2022-01-18 13_54_0…

Anonymous 120591

got 93

jealous in a way

you do not belong here

Anonymous 120593

if you thought of it as your "first kiss" at the time, id probably say yes. but if you thought it had no importance then you can say no since you were paid to do it (and yes that is very creepy)

Anonymous 120596

lmao congrats nona

Anonymous 120597

>you do not belong here
Stop talking like an inceloid

Anonymous 120608

scored 93, lost points when I was 12, twice at 13, 16, 17, and twice at 24

Anonymous 120623

I scored 93 too, only lost points because I was groomed.

Anonymous 120624


Iamb purine femcel testes line

Anonymous 120631

dude why.PNG

this has to be the grimmest way possible to word this concept, ew.
i got 68. i don't consider myself a particularly degenerate person (probably because i am the only virgin in my group of friends which makes me feel incredibly lame) and nor do i do drugs, so i'm surprised. i guess kissing but dipping out when clothes are supposed to come off does count for something after all!

Anonymous 120647


I took this test years ago and got the same score

Anonymous 120649

84. I realized taking this test that even though I'm khv I have technically fondled someone's genitals.

Anonymous 120651

I'm surprised there are so many 90's here. I'm a khv or whatever the acronym is and I still scored in the 70's

Anonymous 120654

people on drugs I guess
my data is boring and useless

Anonymous 120662


I wouldn't consider myself impure. I only had sex with my ex-boyfriend. I think a lot of the questions are repetitive, it asked me if I had sex like 10 times. I already told you yes, fucktard.

Anonymous 120677

>4. Danced with someone suggestively?

ehm… what does this mean? how do you dance with someone 'suggestively', how is that different to dancing with someone normally? i can probably count on one hand the number of times i've danced with another person >___<" (i dont get out much)
also, 83

Anonymous 120681


Honestly expected to be a bit higher, but I guess never trying drugs, alcohol or anything like that helps me.

Anonymous 120682

I guess it's just when you get really close and there's always that sexual between the two persons.

Anonymous 120684

>24. Gone through the motions of lovemaking while fully dressed?
Is that just a fancy way of saying dryhumping?

Anonymous 120711

52, but I'm married and most of the questions were about sex. The way the sex questions were phrased were pretty funny though, felt like they were written by an asexual person who was utterly disgusted with it

Anonymous 120743


come on, s, let's go start crystal.brothel

Anonymous 120765


44, and all because i was in a relationship with a person for 3 months nearly 5 years ago, this is bullshit and i know im a better person now

Anonymous 120772

>felt like they were written by an asexual person who was utterly disgusted with it
Kek, that was my thought as well. I was also surprised by the beastiality question, it came out of left field. Not at all comparable to the rest of the questions (except for maybe the incest one).

Anonymous 120775

How the fuck do you gain the same amount of points holding someone's hand as you do if you smoked meth

Anonymous 120789

The only questions I could answer yes to were the masturbation ones. I think most 90s in this thread are the same.

Anonymous 120794


hate these types of tests

Anonymous 120845


Basically what >>120789 said

Anonymous 120891

I got 85
I wish I never got drunk or smoked weed.
And I wish I was never exposed to pornography as a child.
It’s sad that I’ve not had my first kiss or held hands but I’ve sent nudes before.

Ive kind of internalised purity culture and I hate it

Anonymous 120907

You scored 77

Anonymous 120931


22, kms

Anonymous 120939


most of the non-sex ones were during highschool and most of the sex ones were after highschool

Anonymous 120947

I got 38 but most of my yes answers are sex related (1 long term relationship) and alcohol/marijuana

Anonymous 120949

Well presumably someone who has done hard drugs has also held someones hand

Anonymous 120951

61. Mostly the sex stuff/getting in trouble at school

Anonymous 120964


Anonymous 121833

35. have only had one partner and never did crime.

take edibles with your partner. boom

Anonymous 124094

I got a 12.. am I on the right website?

Anonymous 124143

I got 25 and I thought I was pretty hardcore. How tf do you get 12?

Anonymous 124171


I ticked pretty much anything but hardcore drugs, jail, incest, bestiality or an orgy (threesome yes) and got 27. Man, you guys are even more degenerate than me

Anonymous 124545

95, im khhv

Anonymous 124548

You scored: 96
You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone.

Well yeah, come with wanting to be alone for 97% of the time and having no libido.
I am quite happy actually.

Anonymous 124797

All those questions made me wanna kill myself

Anonymous 124801

You scored: 65
Your purity is tainted. You have had numerous naughty experiences, used drugs, and/or had troubles with the law.

I had a gf so this makes sense

Anonymous 124815

I said yes when it asked me if I ever showered with anyone because I remember showering with my cousin when I was 7. I don't think that has anything to do with purity

Anonymous 124993

>You scored: 9
>Your purity is very tainted. You have probably consumed hardcore drugs, been to jail, and/or been intimate in public.


Anonymous 125125

rice purity.png

no test, no I have not.

Anonymous 125126

>You scored: 95
>You are quite pure. Perhaps you have kissed or held hands with someone.
I did kiss and hold hands with somebody but it was over ten years ago and I didn't like him and felt uncomfortable whenever we touched. He was gross but I was a kid and didn't know I didn't have to date a man just because he wanted me to.

Anonymous 125488


I'm married

Anonymous 127685


Thought I'd do worse tbh.

Anonymous 127687


mostly for the sex stuff bleugh

I'm not married.

Anonymous 127691


Guess who's unclean as fuck.

._. me.

Anonymous 129342

that's nothing
I got 15 and I don't even feel bad about it

Anonymous 129541

> You scored: 46
> Your purity is tainted. You have had numerous naughty experiences, used drugs, and/or had troubles with the law.

Based tbh, "being pure" only matters to moids and crotchety old people.

Anonymous 129543


Based, 51 here. Some of it I regret, some I don't, but at least I have crazy stories to tell

t. former drug addict, I'm actually relatively vanilla with sex stuff lol, I've only had like 7 partners in three decades of life

Anonymous 129545


Seen porn because it's the internet, but I don't go out of my way to look it up. Tried masturbating and found it underwhelming. That's about it.

Anonymous 129548

Screenshot 2022-04…

funny enough these are the 3 I didn't do
I hope the 90+ nonas go outside some day

Anonymous 129557

You're gross

Anonymous 129558

Lmao why do you say that?

Anonymous 129754

You scored: 84
You are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone.

I've never had sex.

Anonymous 129762

I got this score too before I entered into a relationship. Afraid to see what it is now…

Anonymous 129789

similar here; 90, I'm almost 30. I think I'm too sensitive to ever bother with almost everything on that list.

Anonymous 129790

oh, let me add though, I feel like the test was made by some sort of sex or porn addict.

Anonymous 129826


There’s an updated version by a Pomona student (just learned that Rice refers to the uni haha) https://theinnocencetest.com/

Anonymous 129828

>talked to 5 or more people at once
What? Do they mean in a sexual context, or juggling dates? If they just mean talked to 5 people at once in a setting, anyone who has ever gone to school and had to do a presentation or sit through a family Christmas dinner is going to check this.

Anonymous 129829

hahaha what.png

Thank goodness they don't endorse catching the coof. I wouldn't want my purity and innocence ruined by being sick. ahahaha

Anonymous 129830

Screenshot 2022-04…

somehow this test is worse than the original and whats up with all these emojis

Anonymous 129847

kick the baby.jpg

>Saying "i love you"
I'm imagining a little kid going "I wuv you daddy" getting an aghast, "YOU'RE NOT MY INNOCENT LITTLE CHILD, DEMON" in return then football-punting the kid South Park style 2 blocks over.

Anonymous 131034


Anonymous 131045

This quiz sounds like it was written by a horny middle schooler

Anonymous 131050

> You scored: 69

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