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lets talk: friendship Anonymous 120598

where does one make a true friend?
someone you relate to, or someone you connect with at even a decent level. do you search, or do they find you? is this attainable or a one in a million friendship.

loneliness is achey. greatful for the kind people i do meet? very much so! however craving a real connection with others? someone you can always talk to?

should i make a podcast?

Anonymous 120615

Can't you talk to the kind people you know? Don't you connect well enough with them or do you just want more friends?

Anonymous 120622

NTA but in my experience the kind people already have their own friends and dont think about asking you to do anything with them. and you can only ask them so many times without seeming clingy

Anonymous 120632

exacty this, i want someone to be close to that values me in a similar manner (not codependent, but at least talking often, always having them to go to and updating them with things vice versa) i just think itd be fun to share things with someone that isnt just me :-) oh well, i think if the universe wants me to have a lovely friend connection it will come.

Anonymous 120646


i've been on the earth for a long time and i'm still trying to find a female friend i can relate to on a deeper level. the girls that are in proximity of me just don't fit the bill, but i'm sure there are some other girls out there similar to me, i just have to put in the effort to find them…

Anonymous 123284

Anyone here has no friends at all? I think i'm getting permanent brain damage from only talking to others online anonymously.

Anonymous 123285

Me. I've been this way since I was 13 and started self-isolating myself. I'm 31 now.
I used to think I was maybe an autist but I don't know anymore. I find most autistics online are generally awful and lack self-awareness. I think I think I may have schizoid personality disorder.
Deep down I really really want at least one person I can connect with. The opportunity doesn't come to me very often anymore but anytime in the past I had a chance, I squandered it by letting the connection fizzle out and then I eventually ghost. I wish I could change.

Anonymous 123286

I'm so glad that I at least have a few (3-5) friends. I still feel incredibly lonely, but I don't even want to imagine what it's like with zero friends. That being said, I haven't seen any friends since October, so I have an idea.

Anonymous 123301

Is friend finder thread purged? I JUST got the courage to make a post there but can't find it :(

I lost contact with my irl friends due to political differences, and I feel I do not fit in anywhere online either.

Anonymous 123302

I kinda want to post my contacts here but the problem is that i'm a very no thoughts head empty kind of person and I like to shout at retards on the internet. I'm high energy and not a lot of people can deal with that except people who are also that way

Anonymous 123306

>Is friend finder thread purged?
It looks like it. I wonder what happened. Maybe it was to protect miners from the raiders and teh spammer?

Anonymous 123314

I made a voice-verification female-only server for ~girl channers~, my verification is also posted there (in a locked channel I don't want people posting it elsewhere). I know there are others out there but I have not seen any floating about recently + apparently they were infiltrated by moids?? Idk anyway I want to take action and try to get internet fwends, but I am too autistic and nervous to talk one-on-one (at least right away)

You can add me on discord and I will give you an invite, my handle is milk#7904

(hopefully I'm not breaking any rules sorry mods)

Anonymous 123320

Fucking moids fucking ruin everyfuckingthing

Anonymous 123321

Yep. I saw some posts claiming the discord handles were posted of 4chan..

Anonymous 123437

Sounds like me. I even had trouble responding to this post to agree because I didn't see the point. Agree it would be nice to actually connect to someone.

Anonymous 123440

what kind of server is it? Like is it themed or more casual? Ages? Just trying to gauge if I'll fit in, I'm not really into the hobbies/interests that are common among imageboard servers.

Anonymous 123443

>I think i'm getting permanent brain damage from only talking to others online anonymously.
I wonder whether this is better than nothing, I think so, but in another way it can just make the loneliness worse. When I see threads like these, as I have done for many years now I think about it, it reminds me that there does exist others out there, but also that they are so few and far between and it's been so long, what chance do I really have of actually connecting with someone, and forget about 'irl' at this point.
The problem with online connections is that they're cheap and disposable, there's little invest, buy-in, and so they just
fizzle out…
I finally asked my Dr about it (moved to a new place and I got a kind female one, what luck) but she said, well, as I thought, my issues with anxiety and depression just manifest themselves similarly, and y'know, some people are just 'different', there's not a label, a diagnoses for everything. Some people just have 'defective' brains, that is they don't fit in with the norm.

I met someone from an imageboard irl, and we were together for five wonderful years before they left.
I feel as if that was my one chance for true happiness, squandered. You don't get another opportunity like that. It doesn't just happen that someone else just the same as you from online happens to live in the same small city in the same small country as you.
Back then I thought there would be plenty others, it's such a large world we live in! It really isn't.

Now most my interaction comes from idle chat with co-workers. They're fine people, and they're often nice enough to me, but it's all on the surface. Knowing someone so deeply for five years, being able to share all of me with them…now I've felt trapped inside myself for so long and every new person I meet makes me feel lonelier, because I see the difference.
So I end up in these places again, and again I'm reminded I'm not the only one really, but…it doesn't help much.

When God realises that Adam and Eve have eaten the apple, and he asks 'hey what's gone on here?' Adam is immediately like 'Eve gave it to me!' Little bitch. That's pretty much why women have it harder than men.

Anonymous 123476

I could have written this post, it's comforting at least that I'm not the only friendless weirdo out there. I also went through a phase thinking I was schizoid, now I'm not sure. I can relate to ghosting people, it's a bad habit.

Anonymous 123485

Honestly I think so much of it is just down to luck. True soul-friend are just a couple-times-in-a-lifetime experience.

Anonymous 123486

I'm also 31 and feel the same way.

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