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Anonymous 120656

>guy who I had a crush on in high school but was too scared to approach, is now married and has children with the girl who used to wear braces

Anonymous 120659

because she didn't let her "braces" hold her back.

Anonymous 120663

Because you prefer fruitless comfort to potentially fruitful risk.

Anonymous 120666

Sorry about that, you should've worn braces obviously.

Anonymous 120676

Nothing. OP’s mad abt her crooked teeth.

Anonymous 120697

Not everyone has inferior alveolar genetics. Some women are blessed with straight teeth. OP, as a superior specimen with naturally aligned molars, deserves a boyfriend more than braceface becky. She is upset at the disturbance in the natural order, rightfully so.

Anonymous 120701

Story of my life

Anonymous 120715

You are not entitled to A bf more than her. Next time don't just stand silent watching life go on.

Anonymous 121701

Good thing the quality of one's teeth isn't all there is to the natural pecking order; nor is straightness of teeth all there is to quality of teeth to begin with.
Seconded, braceface beckie got him cause she did something about it, even if all she did was be receptive

Anonymous 121712

he thought you are a stacey who was too good for him and out of his league because you never showed any interest in him at all so he settled down to some nerdy braces girl who was probably straight forward about liking his magic the gathering cards

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