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Online friends Anonymous 121388

I recently started a new job, and I am on a new schedule so all my online friends aren't really on at the same time as me anymore. I can hang out for a bit in the evenings,but for most of the afternoon I'm bored. Is there a good place to meet people who aren't stupid, boring or both?

Anonymous 121392

Are you in a large enough town for meetup? Going on facebook and finding events can be fun too.
There's a lot of quirky little paint classes in the afternoon that might be right up your alley.

Anonymous 121398

I appreciate the advice. I generally prefer being comfy at home and socializing with people online. I like the distance the computer gives me, I don't have to deal with anxiety as much.

The friends I have currently I met through playing games, and don't really know where to go to find people. Most of the discord servers I have tried are full of people I don't like hanging out with.

Anonymous 121399


Try finding people outside your timezone.

Anonymous 122098

Why does the new discord logo piss me off so much

Anonymous 132236


Try a socializing hobby. Don't be shy. Talk. Get others to talk about themselves, that is the easiest way to get others to like you.

Anonymous 132247

You asked for a place to meet people who aren't stupid, but then posted a discord picture.
Again, like others have advised, try meeting people in real life. My town offers a lot of weird stuff like roller blading lessons. You should see if you have anything like that nearby.

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