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Anonymous 12191

Is getting all hot & bothered by anime girls enough of a reason to call myself bi?

Anonymous 12192

Or maybe you're starting to realize your attraction to girls and might actually start liking real life ones? coughnottalkingfrompersonalexperiencecough

Anonymous 12266

you might be right, anon.
feel free to tell me about this personal experience

Anonymous 12311

i feel the same as you OP. i think it's just anime girls and how they're designed. they always look really pretty and cute and soft. i kind of feel this way about cute overly shoop'd asian models as well. they just look so cute and not real. it's probably more that aesthetic that i like than girls in general. if i was bi i would be extremely extremely selective.

Anonymous 12330

tbh i dont see how people can get aroused by this and overly shopped pictures of women. it's autistic…

Anonymous 12331

nice contribution!

Anonymous 12356


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