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Decaying happiness and what the 60's were Anonymous 12222

I watched the Manson family documentary and what really stood out to me when I watched it and other videos from that era was the seemingly positive minds people had.

Why do you think we don't have that positive outlook anymore ?
I mean sure, things are always happening, but they always did. Why has that decreased drastically ?
Or is it just something we see about the 60's that we can't verify since we weren't living in that time ?

I really wonder what you think about it.
I'm not from the US and don't really know what it was like there as well and only have a way it was shown through the media.

Anonymous 12223


Doing different things every day (breaking the routine) is what makes people happy. You don't necessarily get sad because you don't have friends/a boy/girlfriend. You get sad because you're repeating the same routine over and over again. Of course having someone to talk to/enjoy things makes your day a bit different and happier overall but leaving home is a key component of that. That's probably why older generations seemed to be happier overall.

Anonymous 12231

I don't know if I just have a romanticized idea of SOME aspects of the past, but I definitely think things were simpler to an extent, and that certain ideals were a lot better. I could explain why but people would just get buttmad, and no it has nothing to do with race or religion.

Anonymous 12238


You might be onto something. When I left home to live on my own and find a new job, my entire personality changed and I grew to be a much more optimistic, happier person than I was. I didn't have any friends but I was happier living alone than I was with the people I did live with before because everything felt new and exciting.

It was insane how much my brain switched - almost like I couldn't recognise myself anymore. But I couldn't live on my own anymore due to reasons so now I'm back living with the same people in the same location and I'm as nihilistic as ever again. sagey sage for blogpost

Anonymous 12270

I would rather the 80s tbh. Pop culture was at its peak. It was just the right mix between not too much technology but also glamour and hedonistic bullshit. America's culture and atmosphere took a head dive after 9/11

Anonymous 12277

This is really the reason I'll never work from home. The mind is affected by the environment quite a lot!

Anonymous 66214


I think 80s/90s was the last happy era, at least if you live in western country. I definitely feel like this century world has become much more depressing with internet and all the polarization and constant bad news and fear of the future. It's awful to think I will never see a happy age in my lifetime.

Anonymous 66217

Why is the dude on the right carrying a baby fox in his arms

Anonymous 66240

I think it might be a dog?

Anonymous 66297

Due to the current interconnectivity people tend to feel insignificant. It isnt a small world where you have great impact anymore.

Anonymous 66311

>Why do you think we don't have that positive outlook anymore ?

Economy wasn't destroyed yet, acid was still cheap and easy to find.

Anonymous 67098

Even back then there was nothing to be happy about, it was all an illusion. I'd rather have the crude horror of modern days than the fake media-controlled optimism of the past

Anonymous 67139

Is happiness even a real thing?

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