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Anonymous 122337

Leaving the internet for the entirety of February as an experiment. I don't know what I'll get out of this, but I haven't been without the internet for this long since I was very little.

February is in approximately fifteen minutes…goodbye…

Anonymous 122338


There's still 7 mins to change your mind :v

Anonymous 122351

See you tomorrow

Anonymous 122352

that's a great idea actually…

Anonymous 122356

tell us how it went when you're done. the few times I don't use my phone or PC excessively everything is much more enjoyable and slower (in a good way) but I can't keep that up for more than 2 days

Anonymous 122453

OP watch out behind you!
Oh no she can't hear us she's off the grid!!

Anonymous 122454


Come back and give us a report when you're done. I'm so addicted to the internet and would love to hear about your experience.

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