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MBTI Thread Anonymous 122518

anyone here interested in MBTI / Myers-Briggs cognitive functions? 16personalitiesfags need not reply

Anonymous 122520

I took this test a while ago, got INTP
I hate those tests, I never know how to answer, it never as simple as "yes, no, moderately agree" or I'm pretty apathetic to whatever they're asking.
Its stupid.

Anonymous 122522

I'm kinda interested in it but idk if it's even real. Anyway I'm probably INFP. Ne, Fi, and Ti are my most used functions.

Anonymous 122528

The psychological substance behind it is pretty dubious, obviously, but it's still quite fun.

Anonymous 122539

I forgot which one I am supposed to be, but I don't wanna retake a test that asks you hundreds of "agree-disagree" questions

Anonymous 122540


I'm into other pseudoscientific Jungian typology - similar to mbti, but slightly different
It includes a system of dynamics between types, additional functions etc
I think it is mostly not valid, but there should be some basic ways of how people perceive the world around them
It is true for the most vital parts, but just can't be too specific within one type. Also descriptions can be too Barnum - that's stupid

Actually, it somewhat helps me to be less judging of people. Like if I'm witnessing someone's weird behavior, I just catch myself thinking: "ooohh they might be XXXX, so it's normal for them, because that's how they express themselves and that's how they see a situation"
I am, supposedly, INTP - so I am, supposedly, should be interested in classification of humans and human emotions, which is true - it's easier to understand someone and what to expect from them.
Of course, I don't see a person as a number of traits (if anything, I have my own classification), but eh - still fun to observe
At least it has some grounds to be believable, unlike fucking horoscopes I fucking can't, all my female friends referring to someone's zodiac signs unironically why why I hate this, ALL of them

Anonymous 122551

I used to be a while ago.

I remember discerning Fe from Fi was immensely helpful to me when it came to trying to understand certain people, especially my mom, who reeks of auxiliary Fe. The whole theory in general helped me with "sorting" people mentally so to speak
I could never quite figure out what type I was though, so I ended up losing interest over time.

Anonymous 122569

I’m an INFP but I fucking hate the memes that we’re all depressed crybabies or uwu cinnamon rolls with a passion.
There was a brief time where I thought I was an ISFP because I didn’t fit those stereotypes and because I like fashion and art

Anonymous 122954

I vary between INFJ and INFP when I've taken it every few years. Based on the descriptions I think I relate most to INFJ.

Anonymous 123806


I’m an ENTP. I got this answer through introspection and 2 tests. I admit that I don’t think I’m all the creative though

Anonymous 123939


infp with a 4w5 enneagram, as you can see i am so unique and special

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