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Anonymous 123354

deafening silence of a ghost town

Anonymous 123355

like seriously, this place is basically dead

Anonymous 123356

would a thread like this get a reply within 2 minutes if it was dead
srs philosophical question

Anonymous 123357

im just saying i got told by one of my friends this is a place for women to talk about stuff but it seems kinda slow

Anonymous 123370

it's slow because no one wants to be here because of the moderation

Anonymous 123372

makes sense, when you make too many rules no one wants to be there

Anonymous 123380

I was previously banned cause some trigger happy anon reported me for being a moid, so I'd second this. I get the need for it, obviously, but it can be quite harsh at times

Anonymous 123384

i was really happy to find out about crystal cafe and think the site is cute and everything, but for real where is everyone? the sites been around this long and no one is here to talk…. i would be resorting to lolcow but with ot and g down, no one is there either.

Anonymous 123386

It's a slower forum, and currently is having some slowdowns because images being disabled to handle a pretty large raid

Anonymous 123388

All of the moids and troons who come here shitting up the threads with their scrotus autism. Fuck them and I hope they all die

Anonymous 123389

damn. when was the raid???

Anonymous 123400

like a week or so ago, cp was spammed nonstop for over 2 days and whenever admin allows images it gets spammed again

Anonymous 123403

Discord troons spamming cp in retaliation for a couple of anti troon threads.

Anonymous 123407

Wow how feminine and womanly of them.

Anonymous 123409

honestly dont see why they'd bother, this place sucks enough already

Anonymous 123411

Actually no one knows exactly who's doing it, afaik
>/g/ down
but /g/ was one of the only surviving boards?

Anonymous 123412

By the way, why are they down? What is happening over at lc?

Anonymous 123413

nta but after skimming a few threads it looks like mods and admin haven't given a reason why it's down and won't give any updates either
I've seen a few people say it's from ddosing like what's happening to kiwifarms

Anonymous 123416

the boards are just not functioning there havent been any new posts in 4 days. /snow/, /pt/, /g/ and /w/ are working.

Anonymous 123429

We can't have a place for us alone.
It either get spammed because poor sad man cannot access everything and that makes them mad, or because there is an infight.

I like lolcow and crystal cafe Blasphemous I know
Both for their own reason.
I hope it will get fixed and that every scrote yes trannies even if you don't have a scrotum anymore, it still includes you that posted cp here gets what he deserves.

Anonymous 123442

God I fucking hate men.

Anonymous 123482

the fact that moids & troons have to resort to spam images of diddling children as some sort of shock value to pwn le evil womens and terfs who wont sleep with them shows their nature very well

Anonymous 123854

What moids spamming CP?
You mean the troons that actually have a bone to pick with you?
The only moids that come here are perverts who just want to read your diary.

Anonymous 123858

Ok I was wrong, it's this.
Either way, any moid that hasn't completely departed from reality wouldn't want to touch this.
If you know anything about them, they want to violate your personal boundaries, no different than spying on you while you're bathing or hearing thing you don't want them to hear.
Posting CP does neither.

Anonymous 123863

>Troons are moids
And all moids are troons, thats part of the reason they invade here so often.

Anonymous 124534

"Hurrdurrr it was the trannies who did it I swear". How do we know it's not just incels from r9k or b-tards? They're the ones posting gross loli shit.

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