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cute dog Anonymous 123387


Anonymous 123392

hey guys- maybe a bad idea to do this right now but oh well

I created a discord account (separate from my personal) and thought I should make a couple online friends here since cc has been a site I've been on for a long time. i'm very introverted, but have never had non-IRL friends.

If any of you want to vent to me about something, talk about your hobbies, favorite movies, or life - feel free to add me. I like listening to people sperg out, and I know some of you guys don't really have a person in your life you can do that with.

also rip friend finder thread

my user - Jeanne#8572.

cute dog

Anonymous 123436

>also rip friend finder thread
what happened to the friend finder thread?

Anonymous 123474

They get deleted all the time

Anonymous 123479

Oh my god! Doggo! It's a doggo! It's literally- oh my gosh, Jesus Christ, holy hell— it's literally
Golden retriever <333333
Oh my god! Golly me, it's a doggo, it's a good boy, a literal good boy he's the bestest boy ever and he knows it, Jesus-

Anonymous 123483

dog getting fuckin…

we sharing dog pictures now?

Anonymous 123484


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