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Anonymous 123414

i need some femcel friends all my friends are normiefags.

Anonymous 123415

There used to be a really good Discord for this, but I think it got deleted recently

probably by butthurt discord moid admins

Anonymous 123424

How did you post an image when the function is not allowed now? Did you really find a one byte image?

Anonymous 123425

Nevermind, it was a video…

Anonymous 123431

id be ur friend

Anonymous 123444

id be ur friend too. i never even try friend finer threads because i dont use discord, but lately ive been thinking of getting on. i just genuinely dont know how to use it, i havent had internet friends since skype was the premier vc app.

Anonymous 123447

krill#4542 i don't care if you're a total spaz, that's expected, but only add me if you're willing to voice verify

Anonymous 123466

i wish i could be your friend but i don’t like to give out my info

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