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origami Anonymous 123902

I am thinking of getting into origami but I have never ever had in the past… It looks pretty difficult but I'm willing to do my best. What should I try to craft first? Should I go for a paper crane or something simple? Are there specific papers I should go for? Any origami tips for total beginners?

Anonymous 123907

surely it would be better to just google this instead of hoping there's another origami enthusiast among the userbase here..

Anonymous 123909

Sure I could google that, but it's more fun to get to discuss these things with people don't you think? Plus there might be people here who aren't into origami themselves who might get inspired to try it out thanks to this thread. Googling everything sounds a bit sad, I also want to have a conversation.

Anonymous 123914


You should first check if each side of the paper you wanna use has the same length because if the paper is not exactly a square then the results are gonna look wonky. I'd recommend making a butterfly to start with (read from right to left).

Anonymous 123952

yes but the chance of someone being here who's into origami is tiny. I'm just saying it's probably more effective to find a group for origami hobbyists elsewhere

Anonymous 123984

A pretty cool tutorial for users of crystal.cafe! I'll definitely give both this and >>123914 a try! this is so exciting!

Anonymous 123996

>asks about origami, post an example of papercraft…
/po/ is somehow still a board on 4chan you know.

Anonymous 123998

bruh did a janny delete my comment about which paper is best to use

Anonymous 124001

The stuff in that pic is like top level advanced. Is that even origami? Not everything made of out paper is origami.

So first off, decide if you want to do origami, which uses origami paper as described above, or if you want to do 'papercraft' which is made from regular sized paper, 8.5x11 or A4 depending on where you are, and is what is in your pic.

Then, yes, start with making dead simple stuff. If it's origami you are into, buy some origami paper. Then go to a site that has the designs for what you are into, find the easy ones (they usually indicate difficulty) and start making stuff.

Also, watching youtube videos will be helpful just to see how the folds are done, how pieces are combined, etc.

Origami site: http://www.origami-instructions.com/

Papercraft site: https://creativepark.canon/en/categories/CAT-ST01-0071/top.html

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