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most men dont really care about politics Anonymous 124333

its just sexual strategy. countries where young men struggle with dating/women have more right winged young men. their lives literally depend on the amount of vagina they get. then they'll pretend they are "moar interestin N more smoart N sheet" when its really just because they want a state mandated gf. Sad

Anonymous 124337

Doesn't make sense. The country where I think men struggle the most with dating today is China, simply because of the insane gender ratio imbalance. And there, most are indoctrinated into a leftist ideology.

Anonymous 124339

there's probably some differences, surely cultural, but in china they literally kidnap women and make them sex slaves.

in north korea men born in 90s, 2000s are more conservative than their grandparents


"Until recently, South Korean politics followed a conventional demographic pattern. The younger generation leaned liberal and the older generation leaned conservative, with only marginal differences between the sexes. That began to change, however, after the emergence of the country’s #MeToo movement in early 2018. Since then, politics has polarised along gendered lines.
A January 2022 survey by Gallup Korea, for example, showed that 48% of male voters in their 50s approved of President Moon, as did 46% of female voters in same age group. For voters in their 70s, the gender gap was similarly minuscule — 36% approval among men against 34% approval among women. But among voters in their 30s, only 35% of men approved of the President, compared to 51% of women. The gap was even starker for voters in their 20s: 18% approval among men versus 42% among women. In other words, men in their 20s are more conservative than men in their 70s."

Anonymous 124340

btw it can be the same for left wing men. "feminist men" who rape women and/or are p*dos are quite well known now, some are even public misogynists and left wing

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