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Ukraine anonettes Anonymous 124584

How is the situation in Ukraine? What are you going to do now?
My heart goes out to you.

Anonymous 124585

i'm worried about a girl from Ukraine i used to talk to. she was from here.
basshitsu, i hope you're okay and i'd like to talk to you again. i'm sorry for ghosting but life happened.

Anonymous 124623

There's a ukrainian thread already.

Anonymous 124671

<3 I love you my fellow Ukraine anons. I hope our loved ones all stay safe.

Anonymous 124705


Anonymous 124710


I don't know if my opinion is going to be welcomed here since I'm not from Ukraine but Bulgaria - wich is quite close to Ukraine, under it with only Romania dividing the two countries.
I don't think that there's going to be a war, since Ukraine has no official borders, Russia has the right to make two separate countries (this doesn't justify any of the actions taken by Russia) and as far as I know both the new countries - Luhansk and Donetsk, have been asking a long time ago to be two official countries on their own. I know that Russia has the power over the media to censor what it doesn't like, but the reports for now say that the peace troops were only sended to make the new borders without hurting the people living there, and also considering journalists from countries that are againts Russia are waiting for Putin to screw up with something so that they can report how bad he is.
I think this whole conflict is stupid, I feel as if leaders today don't know how to nagotiate properly without hurting their people with unneeded war/weaponed conflicts.
Putin has said several times he doesn't want war with Ukraine, I think this whole drama is being propagated by countried that despise Russia. Also I can clearly see big protests and resistance againts the war if that scenario even plays out. I don't think people today will let such thing happen because their politicians can't talk like normal people.
Everything on that matter reminds me of: "Waaa~ah he took my toy car so I hit him", "Waaaaa~ mom he took over the playground!" if simply one of the countries decited to use diplomacy instead if wanting to grab everything this whole issue could have been over. But after all, we live in a clown world.
Anyways this is a thread for the Ukraine s, so I would want to see more of their take instead of butting my opinion in.

Anonymous 124711

"Russia attacks, war has begun" is literally headlining (here in the West) rn, hundreds are reported dead.

Anonymous 124715

Feels "great" waking up to news that your country started war. Fuck this. I hate all governments so much it's unreal

Anonymous 124716

t. Putin

Anonymous 124720

Build your next palace inside the Chernobyl reactor, Mr.Pootin.

Anonymous 124734

Hi bulgarianon. My family emigrated from Bulgaria last year. Last I heard things have been locked down for a very very long time and haven't opened up. Is that true? Also do you see any martenitsas on the trees yet or is it still too early? Also, do you ever think of leaving for western europe like lots of young people do?

If a war does happen I hope people refuse to fight in it.

Anonymous 124747



Anonymous 124749

Could you explain this view? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Anonymous 124750

what about the territorial integrities of every country Russia has violated
Russian rights don't matter because they will always undermine your "territorial integrity" when given the opportunity

Anonymous 124756

are you guys fucking moids or something?
regardless of whose "fault" it is, the thread, and the main discussion really, should be about the safety of the innocent.
provide moral support to people who are suffering because of war instead of playing the blame game.

Anonymous 124757

Anonymous 124758

I genuinely don't get why tragedies become a playground for discussing ideologies for some people. Being human doesn't come before politics. We should be grateful we aren't the ones in danger- for now.

Anonymous 124762

>they will always undermine your "territorial integrity" when given the opportunity
you can say that about every country lel

Anonymous 124770


Thats not how things work. What do you want this thread to be? A praying thread about sending positive energies to Ukraine? And the fact you think having a simple political discussion "moid-like" says a lot about you

Anonymous 124771

mmmm…maybe because human well being is directly connected to ideologies and politics?

Anonymous 124772

okay sociopath moid

Anonymous 124773

To be fair, the op is asking how people in Ukraine are doing. It wasn't about politics from the get-go, although it was derailed in that direction. So yes, it was a positive thread of support for war victims. If you want to talk about the politics aspect, that's totally fair, but it's not the topic of the discussion here and it can perfectly be done on another thread.

Anonymous 124775

I live in Hungary and we're getting flooded by refugees at the border, everyone is running

Anonymous 124776

This, instead of playing the globohomo game, just consider those who never wanted any of this. Thousands of people will die and they never wanted to fight, just to live

Anonymous 124777

way to miss the point.
people were blaming one or the other nation here, when this isnt whats this is about. its the blame game that caused deaths in the first place.
also, human beings are inherently linked to empathy as well.

Anonymous 124780

My Ukrainian friend is refusing to leave and become a refugee. Apparently her neighbour is hosting volunteer Polish and Finnish fighters in his apartment and there's not much panic, just a low-level and growing concern.


Now I'm no expert, but that sounds a little one-sided. If the decision to not expand NATO to former Warsaw pact countries was such a big issue for Russia, why not actually codify it in the official treaty? Even Gorbachev had to walk back his claim of a breach of treaty, claiming it was violating the "spirit" of the treaty. Then in 1997, Russia signed a treaty with NATO affirming that each country had the sovereign right to seek its own alliances.

It's a little silly to quibble over minor "insults" when Russia has a long and well documented history of needless aggression and invasion of other countries, and that assistance with Afghanistan was a begrudging agreement, not some kind-hearted olive-branch.

>he warned NATO and Ukraine for flirting with each other

For this to be any kind of point, you have to believe that Ukraine is not a sovereign nation; that is does not have the right to seek its own alliances or distance itself from Russia. Is that what you believe?

>Putin first reacted in 2014 with Crimea

Well, he first reacted by having his political puppet order the shooting of civilian demonstrators, prompting a revolt. When that failed to stop Ukraine from disobeying his orders, he propped up a separatist militia and invaded Ukraine.

>and the west still didn't sit down to talk with him

Everyone tried to talk to him and it achieved nothing. He invaded a sovereign nation and installed a puppet revolutionary state. That's not the kind of thing you can just walk back by talking it out.

Ultimately, it seems like your view on the topic comes from a position of believing that Ukraine never left the USSR; that it should be a satellite state, unable to choose alliances or participate in trade agreements outside of what Russia proscribes to it. I don't want to put words in your mouth - it's just my view of it.

Anonymous 124788

>history of needless aggression
They don't want missiles at their border, this isn't some mindless warmongering. I don't like Putin or this conflict, but it's understandable and a better decision than the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Anonymous 124798

Moldavia and Georgia were threatening Russia? Wow, that's pretty impressive for such tiny countries.

Anonymous 124804

>Last I heard things have been locked down for a very very long time and haven't opened up. Is that true?
They have been closet only to the unvaccinated for the last 2 months, but thankfully the vaccine mandate (green pass) will be permanently removed from march 20th.
>Also do you see any martenitsas on the trees yet or is it still too early?
It's still too early haha. And even if it has time the street market is covered in martenitsas.
> Also, do you ever think of leaving for western europe like lots of young people do?
I've been thinking of this option, and my family wants to get out of the country once I finish my education. I really, really love the nature in Bulgaria, and all the plants and animals it has, but the economy is in complete ruins because of the corruption here, so I'll have to get out. I'll stay only if I see change for the better in the country, but it's unlikely.

Sage 124832

I’m happy to hear the passport system is being lifted. God bless the stubborn haha

I will miss seeing martenitsas on the trees in Sofia in March, but I guess you can enjoy it. And the nature is unparalleled, that’s true. The landscapes and the sunflowers and the seasons. You will miss it, for sure. Hopefully you get to be somewhere less corrupt soon, or Bulgaria becomes a more fair place.

Anonymous 124833

>Conflict there was in direct response to the encroachment of NATO
Romania wasn't a part of NATO during the Moldo-Russian war and Georgia was fighting a war against Russian-backed seperatists that had conducted shelling on civilian targets.

>you and apparently the greedy people who think encroaching is a good idea

but Russia doing it is a natural process that no one should intervene with?

>Ukraine rn is run by a neonazi puppet regime installed in 2014

Weird that a Neo-Nazi puppet state elected a Jew as their leader and has since pushed for more liberal policies.

>Russia as a sovereign country cannot exist if NATO sets up on the Ukrainian border

but apparently it can if it invades and occupies Ukraine, putting it…right up against FOUR NATO countries that now fear for their territorial sovereignty…

>The fact is [Russia's] sovereignty and/or national security is at risk

If it is so flimsy, then why constantly antagonise all its neighbours and turn them against it? Seems like, for such a huge, militarily powerful and resource-rich country, they should work on fostering better relations with their neighbours - make allies instead of installing/propping up authoritarian regimes and stealing territory. If they really are threatened, then perhaps become a preferable alternative to NATO instead of pushing everyone toward it out of fear.

>[NATO] has turned aside any and all diplomatic solutions for 30 years

Categorically false and kind of a silly thing to claim. With a few minutes of research you can see declassified papers from both sides on the dozens of attempts at diplomacy with Russia and the USSR. No one but an ardent Soviet apparatchik or absolutely devoted Russian-supremacist would consider the terms offered, from the 1990's onwards (because yes NATO did bend the USSR over a barrel due to the invasions of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia), to be unfair or warmongering.

Anonymous 124836

i hope the innocent won't die in a war of the powerful and greedy.
praying for Ukraine, Russia and all of the world.

Anonymous 124855

don't bother, it's lakhta-chan from the great bot farms

Anonymous 124860

I wonder what it is that makes everyone neighbouring on Russia want to join NATO

Anonymous 124871

lol even this place has Kremlinbots, nowhere is safe

Anonymous 124995

stay safe frens ^.^

Anonymous 124996

>Finnish fightwrs

Anonymous 125873

Saw a group of ukranian refugees at a trainstation where I live (eastern Germany). Crazy to see the effects of the invasion

Anonymous 127213


i will get a russian bf and be like one of those women that fraternized with nazis in vichy france

Anonymous 127230

wouldn't it be better to get a ukrainian one then? with the azov battalion and everything

Anonymous 127234

I wonder if some of the launchers are not meant to be firing or if they just broke?

Anonymous 127240

fellow russian boys enjoyer ?

Anonymous 127245


>tfw you think you're getting a cute boy, but you actually get a middle-aged asian man

Anonymous 127286


Anonymous 127350

hitler = putin = putler

Anonymous 127394


Anonymous 127406

are you a scrote? this feels like something a scrote would reply with

Anonymous 127409

as someone who's been trying to go lighter on the male-accusations…I've been avoiding this thread bc it smells like a boys' locker room.

Anonymous 127436

I just don't think there's anything "cute" about the people killing dozens of Ukrainian civilians every day.

Anonymous 145058

Where I live, there is no fighting. Very safe and boring. Refugees from the warzone arrive here.
I am guessing you did not have me on Discord anymore. I barely ever check out this board.

Anonymous 145144

Because women can't have a take on geopolitics beyond "uwu I hope everyone will be alright"? Leave the mindless bimbo stereotype to troons.

Anonymous 145186


Ukrainian sisters, please write how you live now.I'm still very worried.
Love <3

Anonymous 145374

I'm OK, my city is safe. What about you?

Anonymous 145633

Every time there is an air raid alarm, I want the rockets to strike somewhere in my city so that I get some of that war action. It happened a few times at the very beginning, but it has been boring ever since.

Anonymous 145894


Anonymous 145904

Why is it so hard for you to understand that people want to have their own country and don't want to be Russian?

Anonymous 145911

Ok. Motivated to work. Physically fine but in a weird mental state. My region was deoccupied. It is hard to read news now when I am in safety because when my life was in a direct danger I was too concerned about my own safety to process what the actual fuck is going on and now it hits me from time to time. There were gunfights near my apartment, bombing of the airport and oil stations near uncle's house where we moved to, I heard fights in the region (they are heard kilometers away from the frontline), saw aircraft dogfight, flying helicopters and fighter jets and once in a few days was watching anti-aircraft missiles being shot. I even have souvenirs, 2 titanium (I think) pieces of russian missile and bullet that was shot through the window of my bedroom, lol. If I ever have grandchildren I'll be that crazy grandma who tells crazy stories about my youth to shock everyone on family meetings. I left Ukraine 1 month ago to earn money. All my family lost their jobs and we had 0 savings. There is no work there and I am the only one with passport for travelling abroad. So it is my duty to help them. Also, I want to help my aunt to get her disabled husband from Alchevsk (where half of my family lived prior to 2014) to the safety and she needs money too. It is not cheap.

Anonymous 145929

I was specifically referring to Yanukovych, who fled to Russia and now enjoys the fruits of a long business relationship with Russian industrialists he courted while in office.


It's not a lack of understanding. I think NATO is a bastardised arms-trafficking networking and embezzlement scheme masquerading as a military alliance, but Russia has demonstrated that avoiding WW3 is the only thing stopping it from devouring its old satellite states. If could present some evidence to demonstrate that Russia does not in fact invade neighbouring countries to conquer or control, I would deeply appreciate it, because then I could completely condemn NATO as entirely useless.

Anonymous 145982

Ukrainians can have their own country and identity. They should just agree to give Crimea and Donbas to Russia and let the annexation happen. Fighting a huge country for this little bit of land like that where most people are Russian people or Russia sympathiser partisans anyway is futile. Even if Ukraine wins this part back, the war will never stop. Russia will not give up until it has that part forever. If they had just let Russia take it, the war wouldn’t have broken out. Also, I don’t trust Zelensky one bit. He’s just as greedy, egotistical, dark minded and money hungry as Putin but pretends to be a good, honest, humble man. Pressuring the world to rank their economies and potentially escalate to nuclear war, over his country’s affairs is incredibly selfish. Ukraine and Russias problems are not the worlds problems. At least Putin is honest about being an evil villainous piece of garbage. Zelensky is sly as hell.

Anonymous 145983

Tank their economies*

Anonymous 145985


russians are asians. and that’s okay. because they’re cute.

Anonymous 145987

Well that’s a shame because this is an utterly pointless war for both sides with a pyrrhic victory for whoever ‘wins’. I just feel sorry for all the civilians caught in the middle, the young men being sent to die for old disgusting boomers and Jews, and their grieving mothers. Putin especially likes using very poor minority men from Caucasus and east Russia as cannon fodder and is essentially engaging in a type of ethnic cleansing, Zelensky is hoarding money and hero status for himself while forcing his men to keep fighting an uphill battle, stoking ultra nationalist tensions and encouraging young men to give their lives for a flag. While letting the women all flee to become foreign mens bed wenches, and ensuring only rubble and enormous national debt will be left for the survivors to enjoy. It’s all very disgusting. I hate politicians so god damn much.

Anonymous 145990

>just give them donbas
>just give them crimea
>just give them ossetia
>just give them transnistria
just give them whatever they want to keep the peace, because we all know appeasement works, right?

Anonymous 145991

le slippery slope fallacy

Anonymous 145992

Memes aside, what’s actually wrong with giving all those states back to Russia? The culture in the Caucasus has stayed the same for thousands of years even when under Russian rule. Same would happen with Donbas and Crimea where most residents are Russian people and speak Russian anyway. So…what is the problem? You think because Crimea gets handed back to Russia, that they’re going to start invading and taking over the entirety of Europe and the world?

Anonymous 145998

>the bulk of the Russian army is ethnic Russian
No shit because ethnic Russians make up the majority and Asians and Caucasians are a minority. That still means they are being genocided at a faster rate. Do you understand how ratios work?

>defending western imperialism

Where did I do that? I stated all politicians are evil and you lack reading comprehension. Take your meds, moid.

Anonymous 146001

Literally no reading comprehension.

Anonymous 146003

Western imperialism is preferable to Russian imperialism. Sorry Ivan, but it’s true. Nobody wants to go to your corrupt psychopath filled impoverished shithole especially now that the ruble is near worthless and sanctions are hitting hard. There’s a reason even Russians are all desperate to come to the US.
>Georgians raping women
Omg, because Russian moids would NEVER do that. Of course not!

Almost like that entire area of the world including Russia is a disgusting corrupt backwards rapey violent misogynistic shitheap that needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and civility asap.

Anonymous 146005

>buryats are only over represented as they’re also one of the most patriotic
Absolutely untrue. They’re some of the poorest people in all of Russia (yes, even by Russian standards they are peasants) and so are sadly unable to bribe their way out of army service as all wealthier Russians do. The only men serving in the Russian army right now are men whose families were too poor to bribe their way out.

Anonymous 146006

My country isn’t in the EU. I like how you ignored all my points are you’re unable to refute. Russians are evil, psychopathic people, as are most people from that area. You can’t even blame communism anymore, it’s literally genetic.

Anonymous 146012

As an Eastern European I agree that Russians and many Eastern Europeans (including Ukrainians) are hard hearted, callous, self interested and dishonest. However it’s survival mechanism as life was unbelievably tough in these places for so many centuries. Negative sexual selection, natural selection, multiple famines genocides wars invasions and revolutions played a large part in it all. Weak people would simply be killed or killed themselves because it was too much to bear. Leaving tough guy or psychopath genes to spread. Also so much of what we received was propaganda and lies, so we learned that lying is normal and fine to do. Lying was also a survival mechanism. It’s not right, but it’s true. Westerners can’t really understand how bad things really were in the Eastern Europe bloc countries, but it’s within living memory for many 30+ Eastern Europeans. Growing up in those harsh conditions will harden you as a person.

Anonymous 146014

Anon, no government is good, but the Russian government is definitely no good at all, for any russian people. Being a Russian nationalist is fine, but defending your terrible government is a stupid hill to die on. Even American extreme nationalists like Alex Jones and 2nd amendment fanatics hate and distrust their government, and rightly so. Because they are evil just like Russians government. You can love your people and culture, without defending Putin. Putin doesn’t care about you or any Russian people, hes just another neocon old man sending young Russian men to die for him under the guise of Russian pride.

Anonymous 146020

Yeah, Chinese didn’t go around the world slaughtering people. They just killed hundreds of millions of their own as well as millions of surrounding Turkic and Mongol tribes like the Oirats. That’s so much better.

Anonymous 146021

Go home Chang. And don’t fall into any underground heating vents while you’re at it.

Anonymous 146022

Manchuria belongs to Mongolia.

Anonymous 146026


Manchurians allied with the Mongols against the Chinese and were closely related to them. Chinese are the invaders. Give Manchuria and Inner Mongolia back. Free Tibet. All other Asian countries in the entire continent hate you and for good reason.

Anonymous 146027


The virgin chinkcel fears the US mommy milkers.

Anonymous 146029

Putin is a mentally deranged Parkinson’s addled narcissist manlet, he’s motivated by neurodegenerative disease, narc rage, napoleon complex and general Russian delusions.

Anonymous 146030

For anyone wondering, the deluded Russian pro putin shill who is also defending China is Yuri. Hes a half Chinese, half Russian terminally online manlet. He owns soijak.party as well as some other pedo and CP focused boards. He’s 34 years old, but stole an 18 year old half German half Russian boys pics from instagram, and larps as him online. He also grooms underage trannies then gets them to spam CP on image boards and was likely behind the CP and soijak spam on here a few months ago. He’s extremely mentally ill and you should report all posts by him. They’re easy to spot as he’s a deranged Russian shill.

Anonymous 146032

Not siding with Russia here but this is obviously wrong and something you got from the media recently without knowing anything about him. Likely you believe the invasion was just random land-grabbing and greed too. The last US president and the current one are literally senile. This is evident just watching them for 15 seconds in any video. If you watch any video of Putin speaking his intelligence and care with his words is evident, and a breath of fresh air compared to having to listen to Western politicians (including the mentally fully capable ones). It seems strange but there you go.

Anonymous 146041

Yes. Anatolia is Greek clay, and Anatolian Turks are around 80% Greek anyway.

Anonymous 146042

Stop calling people sis Yuri, it makes you sound like even more of a campy pedophile than you already are.

Anonymous 146045

America is better than Russia. Cry about it Ivan.

Anonymous 146048

The russian federation will dissolve in the next decade

Anonymous 146150

tbf anons on russian women's board call each other sis

Anonymous 146199

There's a board for russian women?

Anonymous 146216

Well, it would at least be funny seeing Russia getting completely assblasted when they inevitably try to steal Baltic and Finnish land.

Anonymous 146255

Russia needs to leave Baltic states alone. Balts are more Nordic/Finnic in language and culture and have nothing in common with most southern and eastern Russians. Mentality, education level, culture and language is totally different to Russians.

Anonymous 146278

Anonymous 146331

Nice revenge fantasy Yuri. Putin is blowing 300 million per day on his failed invasion ops, more young Russian men are refusing to fight, China is an incel hub full of completely demoralized sexless internet addicted noodle armed betas, Xi got spooked by a 80 year old woman with big cans. China and Russia are paper tigers just as the world has always suspected and their latest failures prove it.

Anonymous 146334

The Baltic states are literally the motherland of European culture.

Anonymous 146339


Unironically though. The Yamnaya were a band of brutish rapists from southern Russia and the Caucasus. They were totally uncultured and basically rapey genocidal savages. Eventually they intermarried with civilised farmer Baltic women who tamed them and taught them how to act like actual human beings. Europe would still be an uncultured shitshow of Russian rape and genocide if it wasn’t for Neolithic Baltic women.

Anonymous 146388

Boy this comment aged well

Anonymous 146423

Jesus christ this makes me so mad. I had to grow up around it, I see it on the internet daily why in the fuck should we moralize civilizing apes. Just let that gene pool die out. They do it to themselves and they don't deserve what women are and are capable of putting up with. They're soul sucking vampires and nothing satisfies an ape like that accept more violence and subjugation

Falling for such a sick moid fantasy is perpetuating their infinite well of lies, to control, subjugate and rape. Using you and throwing you away is what that kind of filthy lives for. End the chain of violence with yourself

Anonymous 146429

Watching Russia speed run their Vietnam has been fun. I wish every russian the absolute worst. Cope and seethe, loves.

Anonymous 146433

Just one hidden board on local imageboard. It is full of moids, incels, local crazies with dick etc and now also with constant baiting discussing politics and incel shit. I think there are no more than 60% of female population now.

Anonymous 146436

And Germans lived in mudhuts until 500 years ago.

Anonymous 146438

And Germs didn’t even have an alphabet or writing system while Greeks were in their classical period. Go back to your mudhut Johann.

Anonymous 146439


And I’m not sure what point you are trying to make anon.

Germans are literally just Yamnaya male + Baltic female rape babies that migrated westwards. Germans are descended from Balts, not the other way around.

Anonymous 146442

When did our media lie about afghanistan? Theyve been saying the US cant win there since like 2003, almost every poltiician has said that too, and trump was smart enough to sign the surrender to the taliban

Anonymous 146443


They weren’t. It’s just clear you know absolutely nothing about the history of that area. Enjoy your dying multi culti metropolis I guess. We had cities n sheit.

Anonymous 146444

Germans = autism.
Meds = soul.

Anonymous 146445

Jew thread
No more sister wars

Anonymous 146447

Would love to read a single article about the taliban exterminating women. Havent heard about that

Anonymous 146449

But where are the articles anon

Anonymous 146452

being part asian is ok. castrating prisoners of war like your picrel is not.

Anonymous 146457

Who's winning the war?

Anonymous 146458

Suddenly every person on the internet turned to political, economical and warfare genius this year. How fucking annoying.

Anonymous 146462

My favorite part is everyone acting like they're experts on the history of all the inter-relations of the eastern european ethnic groups. I'm not an expert either but I have a lot of friends who are from the area and so I've known a little bit about the issues that have been ongoing the last few years, and I know a ton of these people had no idea where the hell Crimea or Donetsk were 8 years ago. Not that everyone has to be a know it all to have an opinion, but it's just the whole acting like an expert thing that I find eyeroll worthy.

Anonymous 146465

Ukraine is Russias 2nd afghanistan
They dont have the equipment or money for an occuption, and its no longer 1945. They cant do it with endless hoards of men again, nor will russians stand for their sons dying in a meat grinder for putins ego.
Honestly if Putin had taken all of ukraine in the first month, maybe things would be different. But its now a asymmetrical war of attrition and ukraine needs to do almost nothing to win, similar to iraq, vietnam, and afghanistan for the us.

Anonymous 146469

Most of them don't even know how to spell it. Bonus points if they use cyrillic script.

Anonymous 146470

You cant occupy a country with artillery. I have no doubt russia will blow up any and all ukrainian offensives. However in 5, 10, 20 years ukraine will still never submit to russian rule

Anonymous 146479



no lol of course i don't believe that the US motivated them to play rough into something that is just tragic as hell

Lesson: never take advice from the US it will lead to your doom and to their economic rise

Anonymous 146483

>Ukraine and ukrainians have no free will and everything is puppetered bu evul states

Anonymous 146485

Americans are giving themselves too much credit. Main character syndrome or something.

Anonymous 146486

I'm not American, but the idea certain smaller states have de facto sovereignty is laughable. You have no idea of the pressure that the US can bring to bear on smaller countries, whether economic or kompromat, to "build consensus".

Anonymous 146508


he was so cute i yoai ship him and lukashenko

Anonymous 146509



Anonymous 146514

Didn't realise this until recently but Putin's brother died as a baby in the Siege of Leningrad

Anonymous 146519


I yaoi ship him with Assad. Their height difference is so qt and putin gets so shy around his cheery Syrian daddy.

Anonymous 146520


Putin-chan gets so shy around his Syrian lover, his frosty tsundere Russian exterior instantly melts around Bashir-kun. Look at the lovey doveyness in his eyes.

Anonymous 146521


Pootpoot loves when his clever Syrian daddy mansplains things to him. OTP.

Anonymous 146522


Putin is a powerbottom and bratty sub.

Anonymous 146525

Oh for sure. Almost all russian men are bottoms. He would threaten to poison his partner if they didnt fill his bottom no doubt about it

Anonymous 146529

Retarded map. Germany and most other European countries do not keep statistics on racial or ethnic demographics as America does. Those percentages are either complete ass-pulls or misrepresentations of more complex demographic categories (like "migrant background" for Germany, which says absolutely nothing about race and includes mostly other Europeans).

Anonymous 146531

She just did

Anonymous 146783

Are there any Putin yaoi doujins?

Anonymous 146811


Anonymous 146836

This is true for the entire world. America is obsessed with fitting everyone into their vague racial categories that have little to no basis or consistency.

Anonymous 146999

>I don't think that there's going to be a war, since Ukraine has no official borders
I'm fine someone came up with this. I'm not fine they actually thought people would believe it.

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