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Human Characterist…

survey about sexism and microaggressions Anonymous 124881

hello miners, please consider filling out this survey I made, it is for a huge project. no personal details collected.


Anonymous 124893


Anonymous 124894

sus link, won't click.

Anonymous 124899

What do you need the emails for?

Anonymous 124901

That's a Google Forms shortlink, but idk what the form itself contains or links to since I didn't click it.

Anonymous 124902


I’m not the OP but I clicked the link and it really is just a survey. It says your email will not be shared. You can always make a throwaway account in a incognito window and use that.

Anonymous 124903


Anonymous 124904

Are we ignoring this is from a highschooler?

Anonymous 124905

You've got to be 18 to post here.

Anonymous 124914

you can be 18 and still be in highschool. thats a normal age for final year.

Anonymous 124924

>>124894 here, I clicked it, it's legit.

Anonymous Admin 124931

I'm letting this stay because it looks genuine and OP isn't new to the site. Good luck <3

Anonymous 124932

op here, still looking for responses, this will be open all week so pls help me out!

thank you

Anonymous 124959

Microaggressions don't real

Anonymous 124961

You don't real either

Anonymous 125166

still need responses desu

Anonymous 125183

the microagressions part is too offputting for me.

Anonymous 126130


microaggresses you

heh, nothing personnel kid

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