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Anonymous 124882

The use of "she/they" is something that's always annoyed me quite a bit, especially after my favorite singer started using it a while back. I ignored it at first thinking it was just something she'd realize was a dumb idea and forget ever happened after a few weeks, but she never did. She recently said something like people who refer to her as "they" actually see the "real her" yada yada, and now the whole fanbase refers to her as that. I don't know why but nothing about it seems right. How is this nearly 27 year old MOTHER adopting these views on herself? Idk, I get that this may sound whiny and that it's not at all a big deal, and I'm not going to let my annoyance hinder my enjoyment of her music, but "she/they" has always been kind of yucky to me, especially when a woman who makes a lot of music about what it means to be a woman uses it.

Anonymous 124883

Anonymous 124895


See this is what I’m talking about- it’s so weird to fathom and her other fans are eating it right up

Anonymous 124897

She's only doing it because in her circle of avant-garde hyerpoppy industry plants, "cis" straight women are not welcome (unless to serve as a blank canvas for males to project on and skinwalk). You must remember this. She's only doing it because that's the choice she was given if she is to keep making music.

Anonymous 124917

not really though cis transphobic homofelic females tend to do better in the industry and have a positive impact on thier viewers because they seem to not care about what gender they are regardless of what was given to them

Anonymous 124925


Anonymous 124945

I would like to think so, but then I'd have to ask- what about other singers like her? Women like Jhene Aiko and Normani perform the same genre as her, but they don't do things like that. Is it because they're more famous?

Anonymous 124947

i dont need you i dont need you i dont need you x10 anymore

Anonymous 124950

Anonymous 124960

Why are you Americans like that

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