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Anonymous 125441

I had a gecko named after me and now she's the mother of an entire gecko empire. I'm pretty hyped.

Anonymous 125442

that's pretty cool anon

Anonymous 126009

Is this really her?

Anonymous 127923

That's awesome. I love that gecko already. Proud of her

Anonymous 127997

Why did you have a gecko named after you? How's her empire going ? We need updates !

Anonymous 128026

This!! You can't just leave us hanging ! We love her!

Anonymous 128742


This is not her personally, this is a morph that looks like her though. She has a yellow pattern on top of her red coat.
My uncle bought his grandson a bunch of geckos on a whim. It was chaos. He bought like five leopard geckos, a tokay gecko, and two crested geckos and threw them all in a shitty ten gallon aquarium with no plants or anything. After only a month, the kid got bored of them and my uncle brought them to me because I'm the animal person in the family. I nursed them all back to health and rehomed them except for the crested. My roommate fell in love with her and after two years when he moved out, I let him have her because the dude loved her so much that he had upgraded her fifty gallon aquarium into this bioactive multi level rainforest habitat. In return, he named her after me and since then he's been showing her on the circuit and she's bringing home prizes and so he decided to breed her. Apparently, she produces abnormally large clutches and her babies are also doing really well on the show circuit so people are on a multi year waiting list for her offspring.

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