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Anonymous 125573

why is 9/11 the coolest tragedy? I remember when I first heard about it I thought it sounded raw as fuck

Anonymous 125575

inb4 angry americans report this post

Anonymous 125581

It's not the coolest tragedy, it's so lame in comparaison to the fallout that happened because of it on all aspect; economical, humanitarian, social, etc…
The war that erupted in response to this TOTALLY not premeditated government ploy equal those that died in 9/11 hundreds of times, countless women and children, and entire country and region buried to the ground. But what do I know
>inb4 dancing Israelis

Anonymous 125586

I think it's because it signified a shift in the Western world regarding safety and future perspectives. What happens close to home is always going to have a larger impact than elsewhere, especially if it happens on soil that's supposed to be safe. I'm European btw not American. When I was in school they made us watch docus about this every year on 9/11.

Anonymous 125591

I remember my teacher saying "Does anyone know who Mr. Bush is?" Nearly everyone said no. He said "Okay, does anyone know what the president of the united states is?" Somehow more people said no. He then told us about 9/11 and I never heard about it again for a few years. I'm amazed we can now vote, fucking rural retards

Anonymous 125593

because you're a mentally ill piece of shit..?

Anonymous 125595

columbine, it's iconic

Anonymous 125598

wtf , where do you live?
I'm European as well but 9/11 was only talked about in passing, most of people need a minute to figure out what I'm talking about when I mention it

Anonymous 125616

hi fsb chan

Anonymous 125910

Fucking zoomers. This was a major horrible event that changed the whole course of the world. Don't use it for edgy points.

Anonymous 126002

Were you not online during the 00s? People who actually lived through that time made 9/11 jokes constantly. Yeah it's edgy, but it's nothing unique to zoomers.

Anonymous 126004

>0.00002% of the world population died prematurely
>this changed the whole course of the world

Anonymous 126006

Factoring in the USAs reaction to the event yes it did

Anonymous 126008

It's worse when you know these people weren't even born when it happened so they really have no clue.

The late 90's were looking up, it was a new millenium, it was all about hope, then it happened and everything was shitty war again.

Anonymous 126026

West Europe. Could've just been my school tho idk.

Anonymous 126142

That's kind of an asinine way of determining significance.

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