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Anonymous 126100

Is 4’11 to short to be a girlboss?

Anonymous 126101

No you can be a manager, be a decent one that's all

Anonymous 126102

I can’t live like this

Anonymous 126106

You can never be too short to be a girlboss

Anonymous 126107

Moids and other girls have told me it’s not possible

Anonymous 126108

Two words.

Edna. Mode.

Anonymous 126109

They're wrong. Girlbosses ignore people that are wrong

Anonymous 126112

girlbossing has no height

Anonymous 126113

No, there’s no height limit

Anonymous 126118

girlboss in what way? btw you can wear heels or subtle platform shoes and maybe try to avoid too tight of clothes. you shouldn't overdo it obviously though it'd help in the early stages of gaining more confidence.

as someone who's freakishly tall and weirdly muscular for a bio-female I have failed at all taking any ownership of how imposing I am and there's plenty of short take-charge women I've run into that make me look like a beached walrus in the face of a proud lion.

Anonymous 126188

this post saved the thread

go be a girlboss, OP

Anonymous 126626



Anonymous 127322

never too tall or too short to be girlbossin

Anonymous 127353

Optimum Girlboss height imo

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