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Virgin mouse gives birth after gene-editing experiment: scientists Anonymous 126474

Anonymous 126480

Y chromosome is a broken X chromosome

Anonymous 126482

It facilitates sexual reproduction, which allows for sexual selection and may have benefits over asexual reproduction, such as a safer method for the genome to change faster than by mutations and asexual reproduction alone.

Anonymous 126489

>What exactly does the Y chromosome do again?
The question is "wrong" in a sense. Males can be homogametic in some species and in some others they don't even have a dedicated sex chromosome. You could say that the Y chromosome is a bit like the appendix, it's just there and you don't need it in principle.


If you are wondering about the possibility of artificially enabling "sexual" reproduction with the genetic material of two individuals from the same sex (unlike this experiment, which is parthenogenesis, i.e., cloning) it's already been done to a degree for both sexes. It doesn't work well yet, but it can theoretically be done. Only artificial wombs are missing.


Also, I'm not a biologist so take this with a grain of salt because I'm pretty sure there can be some inaccuracies or mistakes in what I wrote.

Anonymous 126491

>What exactly does the Y chromosome do again?

adds genetic diversity. in occurrences of parthenogenesis the offspring are essentially genetic clones of the mother. a lack of genetic diversity leads to a susceptibility to disease. do we really want to end up like the Gros Michel banana: remembered only in candy form?

>but who will make the human-flavored candies?

Anonymous 126497

That sounds pretty cool, but getting pregnand giving birth after gene-editig seems like something out of a horror movie. Maybe a spin-off of the hands maiden tale, where women are constantly pregnand and they farm their baies.
I feel bad for the mouse, hope she feels better after going through this trauma…

Anonymous 126499

Moids finally are going to extinct now that we dont need them

Anonymous 126518

When the tech advances, we should stop reproducing en masse, and only allow a select few with quality genes to send their eggs to incubation chambers (no need for pregnancy even). Since there are so many eggs, the ensuing daughters could be given for adoption to strictly vetted women.
No need for moids, and a better future. I could hype for this.

Anonymous 126557

In humans, the Y chromosome does really only one thing (And then a small, other thing).

The one thing it does is the SRY gene, basically, a switch to turn the female (or, arguably undetermined) embryo into male. All the actual genes for being a male are on the other chromosomes. What the Y chromosome is, is a switch. Sometimes the switch is broken, or gets fused into the X chromosome, and then you end up with XY karyotype females or XX males. There's a whole bunch of obscure intersex conditions and no, trooning out isn't one of them, that's a mental health issue.

The other, half thing the Y chromosome does in humans is, it makes you taller. Most of the dimorphic effects (muscle/bones, growing dicknballs etc) are a result of the SRY genes interaction with the other chromosomes, but that one, slightly increased tallness, is on the Y chromosome. There might be more small effects the Y chromosome has that may have been discovered, but it's been a while I looked into this (I was tempted to get into the molecular biosciences at one point but ended up taking a different path)

The question is, why do you want moids, because obviously the XY sex differentiation system is just one way of having moids, but there's other ways, some of which legit environmentally determined, not genetic. I could explain the evolutionary benefits of such systems, but knowing the jannies here, I'll just tow the party line and go YOU DONT NEED MEN KILL THEM ALL EXCEPT RACCOONS REEE

And regarding the experiment
> The team used CRISPR, a gene-editing tool, to remove the genetic marks on 220 unfertilized mouse eggs, of which 190 were successfully transferred to foster female mice
> But of the 190 implanted eggs, only three pups ended up being born, and just one survived.
That's why I decided against the biosciences.

Thanks for coming to my TedXX talk

Anonymous 126558


Anonymous 126601

Children need father figures

Anonymous 126629

men don't participate in child rearing

Anonymous 126646

Great, I can have kids without a partner to help raise them…or another income…or help with housekeeping

might just not do it, then

Anonymous 126648

children need 2 parental figures in general tbh regardless of sex or relation

Anonymous 127212

ok chud

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