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Anonymous 126487

does anyone have any good art tips to improve i understand you gotta practice but its just hard lol especially i dont know whats good or not

Anonymous 126492

Look up different tutorials on how to practice drawing properly. I can't find the video right now but basically you need to start analyzing what you're drawing (humans, objects, etc.) instead of trying to copy the picture mindlessly. There's also things like perspective, color theory etc. that need to be studied too. If you don't like videos you can look up books, there are plenty of them

Anonymous 126493

depends on what it is that your trying to improve at. however, the saying "practice smarter, not harder" usually applies.

"smarter not harder" means don't always practice something by doing it the same way each time. you don't get better by repeating the same actions over again if those actions aren't giving you the result that you want. all that does is make you frustrated and make it harder to improve because you're just ingraining a poor technique into your head.

what you need to do is try different variations in what you're doing to practice. in this way you will explore more possible ways that will help you improve whatever it is you're doing.

i remember reading an article years ago about a psychologist who studied practicing, and one of his subjects he was training to remember long strings of numbers. i tried to find it again, but i had no luck unfortunately, but it was really fascinating. basically his test subject would hit a wall where he couldn't memorize any more numbers, but then he would start grouping up the numbers into different blocks a block of 4 numbers, then 3, then 4 again. each time he hit a wall and couldn't remember any more, he would change up the variation of blocks, so 5, then 4 or something like that. after several months he was able to recall huge strings of random numbers that were read out to him. i wish i could find it again for you.

Anonymous 126505

There was a tutorial I saw ages ago on how to learn to draw anything. The example used was a shrimp. I can't seem to find it, but msybe you'll have better luck.

Basically, do lots of studies.

Anonymous 126556

Draw a shrimp for me plz

Anonymous 126567

copy art you like

Anonymous 126584

i want to but its so hard when all the drawings are paintings like do i blend the lines like i don’t understand it

Anonymous 126586

watch videos on basics of painting and paint some 3d shapes like sphere cube etc until you understand how to blend

Anonymous 126900

Okay, I can't find the tutorial but I remember the general gist now.

1. draw your onject the best you can from memory.
2. Look at pictures of your object. Compare what's different between your drawing and the real thing.
3. Do lots of studies of your object from photos (or real life if possible).
4. Draw your object from memory again.
5. Compare the new drawing to photos. What did you get wrong? Focus on studies of those areas.

Repeat forever.

Anonymous 127044

Draw regularly. Anything not done often is forgotten after a week.
This also applies to styles/methods/processes of drawing. If you figure out a good way to paint hair then don't do it for 3 months you will forget how you did it.

Anonymous 127045

Kaoru Fujiwara.jpg

Draw er'ry day is the biggest key, even if it's just a little. If you know what you want to draw style will follow with the practice as you discover your own workflow and process, which will contribute to "style" or the look of your work.

Personal example: I used to draw taxidermy at a museum and naturally picked up the habit of cross hatching to render the animals' fur. This habit eventually bled into everything else I did because it was so fun to do.

I think it's good to balance studies and drawing from your head. Just always be a student trying to have fun learning.

Anonymous 127658

Just draw.

Anonymous 127739

Won't help. I've seen plenty of people on deviantart who draw for years without improving whatsoever.

Anonymous 127741

ever since i was little i felt the need to draw everywhere, walls, tables, paper, quite literally anywhere and it had to be milkshakes. i have oc mdd obsessive compulsive milkshake drawing disorder

Anonymous 127746

That is usually a result of mental illness
they would not have improved anyway

Anonymous 127748

I mean yeah, most likely. But it's like with any skill, if you try to improve/get better without analyzing what you're doing, why you'e doing, and without a professional's guidance you will improve very slowly/will likely face more plateaus.

Anonymous 127749

Sycra. Watch tons of sycra. Draw exactly what you see from ref images daily. What held back my progress and anatomy was using ref images but not trying hard enough to make the propeotions as identicle as possible. Don't stylize anything, don't male excuse during study drawing. Just work hard. Train your eyes too. Sycra has great explanations how to study without going auto pilot mode and forgetting what you learned.

Anonymous 127768

Don't watch videos of people who draw like shit and don't learn from people who draw like shit.

Anonymous 127961

not any of those anons but calling loomis stilted/lifeless is weird to me because Sycra has a bit of that issue himself. loomis doesn't seem substantially more stilted than Sycra's art and, moreover, he almost always does basic compositions with almost no storytelling which you brought up as being a huge issue.

Anonymous 127988

I used to find anatomy studies super boring, but i’ve been redrawing pictures of statues and models as my characters and that’s made it very fun. I feel like my art’s improved as well.

Anonymous 130310

Xuu - How to Draw …

Anonymous 130319

Only valid advice on this thread

Anonymous 130323

Do not do this unless you hate art

Anonymous 130326

Good thing art sucks and nothing will be lost

Anonymous 130489

when I go to ic I start to give reasonable advices I never following myself
And then I "oohh, maybe I should do this too…"
So that is useful

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