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staples of your childhood Anonymous 126522

Imagine not growing up on a diet of Pipi Longstocking reruns and movies with these two guys, I think this is why zoomers are so weird and broken

Anonymous 126525

Unsolved mysteries
Dr Katz
Hey Arnold
Kids in the hall
The daily show
Discovery Channel and History Channel when they still had shows about science, nature and history
Classic anime

Anonymous 126527

Anonymous 126618

Thought this was a Paul Bernardo interview for a sec.

Anonymous 127011


Asterix and Obelix…
Pippi was great too, I loved that she took shit from no one. Also was extremely rich for no reason but shared with everyone. Girlboss

Anonymous 127024


>the movies with those two guys

Anonymous 127029

They're cool guys and don't afraid of anything

Anonymous 127073

Loved these as a kid.

Anonymous 127081


The 3rd grade one actually! I replayed it as an adult and I thought it was so cool the Liverpuddlians were a Beatles reference.

Anonymous 127085

images (1).jpeg

Pajama Sam! It was actually for my little brother, but I was game-starved and played it too. As an adult I still think it's pretty clever.

Anonymous 127088


these guys

Anonymous 127105


Easily the 3rd grade one as well, had the most fodder for the imagination. These games got tough AF sometimes! And the 6th grade one I believe had the Wordle concept as one of the mini games.

Anonymous 127155

tom and jerry

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