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Venting Anonymous 127006

I just really need to talk about this. My mother claims she is a feminist, and yet all she ever does is seek to harm my confidence and make me completely subservient to her wills. I hate it because we live in an overwhelmingly leftist place, and so she spouts all of her shit about leftism and feminism and then when she goes to more conservative places she spouts shit about conservatism. Its all bullshit though all she cares about is herself. There are plenty of people like this and it makes me sick just thinking about it.

Anonymous 127020

people seek political ideologies as an excuse to be bastards. Right/left/center it doesn't matter. Ironically the left-est people I've met have been the most antifem

Anonymous 127414

I probably have BPD.

Anonymous 127417

> I've met have been the most antifem

Anonymous 127418

nta but telling u about people theyve met would be quite knit picky and prying

Anonymous 127423

No it wouldn’t… you’re weird lol..

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