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Should I be gushing about my bf showing me proof of the hours he worked? Anonymous 127018

is this common? first bf so idk. like yeah i get ppl say "i work 9-5" but i've never heard of anyone showing proof or whatever, like time they clocked in, time they clocked out.

Anonymous 127019


Anonymous 127025

he read on some incel forum somewhere that he needs to show his worth as a provider to you since that will automatically make you drop your underwear for him like a robot because evolution. avoid.

Anonymous 127026

Why would he need to show you proof in the first place??? My god

Anonymous 127027

That does not sound well adjusted that makes it even more weird

Anonymous 127028

These people have not yet joined us in reality

Yeah its kinda weird but not that big of a deal? Why did hr show you proof anyways? Maybe a habit from a past girlfriend?

Anonymous 127034


he's hiding something

Anonymous 127035


He doesn't show me his pay just his hours, though i already have an idea of what his salary is like. His location glitched (no i didn't lojack him b4 you ask, we agreed to share our location with eachother) and when i asked about it i thought he lied so he logged in and showed me his hours. (b4 u ask again, no i wasnt stalking him, we were supposed to have dinner that night but he told me to not wait for him bc he wasn't going to make it on time so i ate and then later looked at his location as i was getting for bed to know if he was still there or on his way). Nothing looked out of the ordinary, timely lunch and breaks etc. Now he's gotten into the habit of showing me his hours.

Anonymous 127036

my friends have told me that im controlling but? i never lost my temper so they can't say he's sacred. i didnt ask for him to make it a habit either. they said i should discourage him but why? this is the most secure i've ever felt

Anonymous 127037

typo i meant scared

Anonymous 127040

The context is important. You prompted him to explain himself and he resolved that by giving you proof. No, it isn't weird and you're overthinking this. But you should drop him anyway cause he's a male.

Anonymous 127042

The proof people work 9-5 is they aren't homeless and starving, usually.

Anonymous 127048

sounds like the bar is so low it's actually underground

Anonymous 127051

No. I'd be concerned about why he feels the need to do this. I hope you don't grow to expect that and you should probably have a sit down with him about it to work out both of your expectations of each other because if you do grow to expect this sort of shit then the day he forgets his receipts you're gonna work yourself up over what may well be nothing. Or he might end up resenting you for being overbearing if he's doing this because of something you did that made him think you're insecure and not a relationship with someone else, be it a lover or family.

Anonymous 127052

Stupid thread. You asked him to show you his hours.

Anonymous 127055

Sounds like you're very insecure and probably need to talk to a therapist and your boyfriend about this OP. If the roles were reversed here I'd be worried your boyfriend is an abuser to be. Why do you feel like you need to see what he's up to all the time? It'd be one thing if he's been caught blatantly lying to you or if things he's saying just don't add up, but having a life outside of your partner is normal and healthy.

Anonymous 127060


I meant ppl tell their schedule by word of mouth only?
no I didn't? I just casually brought it up when he came home and he denied it but bc i saw otherwise I couldn't believe him, so he pulled up his time card. It was his idea
OMG wtf, you're right. I need to tell him to stop before I get used to it. It's going to be hard because transparency is really nice imo. Though i guess this goes beyond transparency? Thank you so much either way
Wow I agree i'm pretty insecure but I don't wanna turn into an abuser. I think i get on well when he's not around, i just think abt him alot

Anonymous 127061

Why are you so impressed by a man showing proof he's got a job………. girl.

Anonymous 127062

it wasnt the showing proof that he has a job that i was gushing about! there's plenty of proof he has a job. it was the showing me when he clocked in/out so i know he wasn't anywhere else lol

anyways i'll stop replying bc now i feel silly

Anonymous 127067

Reading this thread makes me feel like I'm having a stroke

Anonymous 127068

Or GPT-3

Anonymous 127069

it's ok, I'll save you
quietly reports thread

Anonymous 127091

I really like threads like this because they show me there's people worse than me

Anonymous 127104

why y'all so salty? what's the big deal? she explained the situation and its not that creepy or red flag raising. Can you stop?

Anonymous 127114

huh? I didn't read most of the thread, it was just extremely tedious/common sense/cringey already by OP (there's a few generals it could have fit in) and saw that person saying that, which wasn't surprising.

Anonymous 127119

>its not that creepy or red flag raising
Nta but I just think it is a bit odd to gush over your boyfriend being honest/showing proof that he's honest. Honesty and trust is at the base of a relationship and should go without saying so why gush over something as mundane as this? It's a weird thing to fixate on.

Anonymous 127120

But let's think, how does OP know the timesheet was real?

Anonymous 127122

oh no no no no no, ur gonna break her >:[

Anonymous 127123

Have you ever met him in person?

Anonymous 127129

I didn't mean just OP, the whole thread is confusing to me

Anonymous 127130

If it makes you happy it makes you happy. Just don't get neurotic about it.
>I see you worked 5 minutes less than normal today husband, are you making out with other woman behind my back?

Anonymous 127415

This tbh.

Anonymous 127421

This exactly. It doesn't make sense. It just kinda shines a light on the low standards.

Anonymous 127448

anon… you're being weird

Anonymous 127450

we're not worried about him, we're worried about her.
are you autistic or underage? that might explain it.

Anonymous 127465


What the fuck is all this

Anonymous 127478


Girl.. you good?

Anonymous 127479

Look as long as he is attractive, brings in the money and he isn't a total broke ass with some independence.

Anonymous 127500

Just use life360. If his job lets him drive around, he can still be at a girl's house on the job. That might scare him away though.

Anonymous 127531

Anonymous 127656

Most likely not but, its true, if he's pleasant to be around and good looking and reliable then good for you OP. But this just seems fishy. Why does he have to prove it at all? If he's reliable in every other way then forget I said anything

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