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Anonymous 127214

So I was browsing the /adv/ archives and stumbled on something I can't wrap my head around. In one thread, there's this fit guy talking about being lonely. Some femanon engages in a conversation with him and by all accounts he seems like a HVM and provides proof of being so, yet he's been alone for 5 years. He goes on describing what he does and engages in multiple conversations for the entire thread, and for some reason I can't get it out of my head. Where the hell do I even meet such men? Is there some way to get into contact with anons that posted a few weeks back? Am I really this fucking sad to consider posting on /adv/ and asking if he's still there? Have you ever fantasized about anons?

Anonymous 127271

I think it's just easier to say than "not a loser". That said, you have to go by an individual by individual basis. My bf was a pretty big loser when I met him, so was I.
After building our relationship we both vastly improved our lives. I think finally having a motivation helped us reach our potential.

Anonymous 127272

>just date a bum and all your romantic dreams will come true in poverty

Anonymous 127276

well, what did that anon mean by transactional then? because in that context, the subject matter is a conscientious, well-meaning seeming dude.

Anonymous 127277



Anonymous 127278

lol, I give it a 50-50 chance that was a male trying to shut down OP.

Anonymous 127281

There's no such thing as HVM

Anonymous 127311

Why do Americans have such a weird view of relationships and people in general, sick culture

Anonymous 127315

link thread? curious to see if he really does sound interesting and like a HVM or if you just have low standards

Anonymous 127316

It's so obvious he was catfishing op… I mean come on you could see it from a mile away

Anonymous 127334

If your idea of a hvm is a farmer I guess go hang out at the seed store to meet them

Anonymous 127342

kek this >>127278 it's a moid who can't stand it when women have standards. It's only right to want a fit man who's financially capable or whatever your idea of HVM is. Otherwise a man will only drag you down. It's our job to curate men so they'll always be inclined to better themselves (unfortunately this has failed going by the state of the average man today)

That said, link the thread, let's image reverse those pics.

Anonymous 127345

Wut? Half the women I know of that have used that term aren't American

Anonymous 127374


I hate your men so much. Its american men that have popularized misogyny online among men from all over the world. MGTOW, PUA, INCEL you name it: all made in and exported by the USA

Anonymous 127384

Question, when did the base of misogyny become America as if America is the center of the world? I thought there were countries where rape is more normalized or even used as a religious practice, etc., and there's been similar misogynistic practices involving the exploitation of women in many countries.

Anonymous 127387

quit responding to yuropoor bait ffs

Anonymous 127390

>source: just trust me

Anonymous 127397

So what was the transactional part about?

Anonymous 127439

But is it wrong?

Anonymous 127456

So you don't even know what it entails, it's just some word made up to shame OP.

Anonymous 127493

I asked what the word meant in this context to you and you've just fixated over what I originally said. I originally assumed the usage was like how I usually see people define it. But, if there's some sort of secret definition you have to it, spill.

Anonymous 127494

Also by "made up" I mean in the sense it's something thrown at OP to shame her rather than something of substance.

Anonymous 127510

I mean, OP didn't really indicate what context she was even using HVM in. By now I've seen it used in several contexts including your idea of what a "healthy" relationship is. I've even seen it used to describe a goodly poor man. You're basically assuming what OP meant was the idea of "get this, you do that" which isn't really the point.

Labeling "HVM" on it isn't an auto "you are a transactional minded individual and you will never be happy" thing, and kind of comes across more like you trying to police OP more than anything because it isn't like you asked what she meant or checked whether or not her priorities are ok. You immediately assumed - like a male - OP was solely referring to money/sex/status and my sarcasm was in response to that.
You seem like someone who has trouble reconciling that someone can be a pragmatic romantic.

Me? If I had to use the term, I'd say a "HVM" is a truly good guy, even under stressful situations, who is conscientious about life and has actual meaningful goals. Was friends with one before and t b h, everyone loved him.

Anonymous 127515

Oh, obligatory "but no one can actually be sure whether or not someone is that cool and I think it's really silly for someone to get stuck on their initial impression of someone because initial impressions can be a Bitch(tm)"

Anonymous 127657

Well put.

Anonymous 127788

Anonymous 127819

Whew hot. If that's really him though he must be really socially retarded or giving off phsycopath vibes because there's no way a well adjusted man with that body can't get a girl.

Anonymous 127820


forgot to attach pic

Anonymous 127860


Anonymous 128267

HVM: a good looking guy with a well paying job, good personality and doesn't cheat/do things that will ruin your life.

It's not a hard concept.

Anonymous 128268

Eh, doesn't have to be good-looking. That's more like the cherry on top. Same with high-earning. that's nice too though I think being hard-working, conscientious, and able to handle high-stress situations well is the main "HV" part.

Anonymous 128269

Also it's ok if people call this "Pickme" cuz like…this still excludes the majority of men.

Anonymous 128272

You can find thousands of men that are decent looking and lonely in tons of places discord, game lobbies or twitch, etc. Or you know where there is better lookers in fashion communities for men.

Anonymous 128320

>Eh, doesn't have to be good-looking. That's more like the cherry on top.
Absolutely not. High-value implies the full package, that includes looks. Good looks aren't the cherry on top, you want to be attracted to your partner.


You're still welcome to prove yourself and hold a sign saying crystal.cafe while you do it.

Anonymous 128388

Well this is interesting. >>127820 is unironically me. And yes, I am lonely, and no >>127819, I don't come across as a psychopath. I've actually talked a lot about my life in the thread linked in the OP. Thanks Vera for showing me this, kek

Anonymous 128390

Do you just not have a social life or what? Not gonna read that whole ass thread but if there's nothing wrong with you like you say/imply then you shouldn't have a problem finding women who're interested in you in your social circles.

Also fuck you Vera for showing a man cc.

Anonymous 134151

It didn't. It's just more yuro seething, blaming america for all the great ills of the day.

Anonymous 134155

Misogyny Is fucking everywhere unless you're sheltered and rewarded (literally to death) for conforming for feminine rituals the male gaze. If that is you and you're rewarded for it and wanna call us all liars drop dead thx

Anonymous 134156

>>Good looks aren't the cherry on top, you want to be attracted to your partner

For the love of God thank you

Anonymous 134163

I know that's my point. It's everywhere, so blaming american men specifically is just a scapegoat.

Anonymous 134170

>Am I really this fucking sad to consider posting on /adv/ and asking if he's still there?
Yes, yes you are. Stop being that desperate to have relationships with men, it's not even worth it.

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