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Amerian tyranny.jp…

Anonymous 12755

America and Britain has caused many of the pain and evil that afflicts the world today. America manufactures the very same enemies they fight. It's brutal. The middle east used to be so beautiful 50 years ago and we killed it all. Over 'terrorism' that we caused. After Radical Islam that we made more prevalent. We uprooted their rulers and put zealots in charge. What right did we have to do that? There are 400,000 widows in Afghanistan and Iraq that American soldiers created. How can you not hate America at this point.




Fellow Americans do ever feel guilty for supply this tyranny with your tax dollars?

Anonymous 12756

I didn't do any of that.

Anonymous 12757

If you're American your country did.

Anonymous 12761

I don't get to choose what country I was born in.

Anonymous 12775

The people should never be okay with this. They'll riot to the street over some douche-bag provocateur or 'pussy march' but they won't rise up where it really matters?
I'm not in the UK or USA but I find it honestly disgusting what the government is doing, and also the inactivity of the supposed 'activists' on issues that affect the future and innocent lives.
Not to sound tinfoil, but it's also not just the American and British government who plays a big role in the suffering in the Middle East. IYKWIM.

Anonymous 12784


>The middle east used to be so beautiful 50 years ago and we killed it all.
The Middle East is an eternal powder keg, always in war or on the brink of war, and has been for millennia, although western intervention hasn't exactly done much to stop that. America is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't though - people cry about lack of intervention in regimes where supposed dictators are abusing their power, and they cry when America invades those countries.

American invention has probably saved more lives than its ended by preventing great powers from fighting each other, and we do after all live in the most peaceful and prosperous period in modern history. War is more visible now though, and people are much more easily able to record something on their phones and share it with the rest of the world. Because it's more visible, people are forced to be more aware of it and that leads to more protesting and perhaps some Americans feeling more guilty.

Anonymous 12806


"On 8 March 1979, more than 100,000 women gathered on the streets of the Iranian capital to protest against the new Islamic government’s compulsory hijab ruling, which meant that women would henceforth be required to wear a headscarf when away from home. The protest was held on International Women’s Day, and the images show women from all walks of life — nurses, students, mothers — marching, smiling, arms raised in protest."

Islam killed the middle east

Anonymous 12816

So America and Britain caused this, but you go on to only mention Americans.

Fuck off for that and fuck off for thinking the American and British public can fix these things.


Anonymous 12872

Jordanian royalty.…

Islam didn't kill the middle east. The middle east was a beacon for knowledge for hundreds of years after Islam. Women rode into battle in Muslim armies. The veil was never forced(it was just the norm, Mary weared the veil and it was a Jewish tradition) with the rise of modernity the veil wasn't worn outside the mosque. But the rise of Baathism was seen as a threat by the western powers and thus started the inevitable fall of the middle east.






Palestine was so peaceful back then. The Ottomans didn't tolerate radical Islam and revered sufism the mystical pacifist aspect of Islam. But the British had to destroy every influence they left on the region.

Anonymous 12874

Anonymous 12891

russian orthodox.j…

I really like those kind of veils. Like it's been said it was a jewish tradition to wear these veils. The bible even tells Christian women to wear veils when going to church. Russian Orthodox's really only follow that. Its a very said thing what the Islamic world has turned into no where in the Quran does it say to force women to wear veils or stone women. Such a beautiful text full of prose poetic realism and allegory, I recommend everyone to read the quran from the beginning. There's a reason why it became a trend among the founders and British aristocrats to have atleast one copy of the Quran.

Anonymous 12896

Britain really did things worse than America regarding the middle east. At least Americans thought they were doing good. The Brits just did what was convenient for them.

Anonymous 12898

>At least Americans thought they were doing good

youre so naive! they always had interest in the land. theres no just doing good when it comes to government, theres always a hidden rea$on

Anonymous 12906

>Long live Israel.

Fuck off

Anonymous 12907

Look, Iraq had a chance to really support itself and exploit its resources properly. The postcolonial government wasn't doing great but the right leader could have made Iraq a Turkey-level power with a little elbow grease and 20 years. Saddam Hussein was not that leader. Check out a grocery store in the government-held areas; they can still make their own foodstuffs just fine, like the Sumer did. The oil was just gravy, and could have funded all sorts of projects that would have stabilized the region. I'm not saying Iraq needed a secular or impartial ruler, just a competent one.

The Baathists didn't know shit about the economics and the rest of the world did not care. If Saddam had used his oil wisely and refrained from embezzling so much from his country, there would have been no Gulf War, no Kurdish Genocide, nothing of the sort that made George Bush's monumental fuckup decision possible. A strong and prosperous Iraq would have checked a lot of the forces that have led to the wars the Middle East has suffered through in the last 30+ years.

Anonymous 12915

Your nose is showing.

Anonymous 12917

Saddam Hussein is literally a CIA plant.

Anonymous 12926


Anti Semites are so annoying. Screw off. WE WERE THERE 4000 YEARS AGO. AND YES Abraham WAS BLUE EYED. God damn anti Semites and mudslimes. We're the real Semites.

Anonymous 12928

Anonymous 12930

This is why no one likes you. Ugly.

Anonymous 12932

Please stop. You're embarrassing. Like, I'm Israeli and you're embarrassing.

Anonymous 12934

wew. read a history book, levantine

Anonymous 12938

I'm also Israeli and I honestly think this time traveller who knows the eye colors of historical figures is just pretending to be a caricature. There's just no way this is a genuine comment.

Anonymous 12941


nta but fuck off

Anonymous 12942

That's why every historical painting of him is depicted with dark skin and brown eyes. Have you ever actually seen what a levant looks like? Do you think Jesus had light brown hair and blue eyes too before the christians invaded europe and killed the pagans completely deforming the idea of what jesus really would have actually looked like?

Anonymous 12949

>the true semites
now i know you're a troll. 10/10 got me to respond. enjoy those (you)s

Anonymous 12950

I guarantee it's not a larp. Real Zionists talk like that. Didn't know that crystal cafe had it's own resident Zionist.

Anonymous 12951

It was pol baiting. They said Irish people are semites lmao. That's exactly like saying scandinavians are semites.

Anonymous 12961

I don't think she said that The Irish were semites. She said that the jews were second population with the highest concentration of red heads(after the irish-scots).

It does seem like Jews had red hair for a long time.

Anonymous 12962

I've actually studied the Quran for a university theology course. It's really just a collection of beautiful poems that tell stories. You gleam what you follow from the stories. Honestly if the hadith weren't a thing Islam might be the most peaceful Abrahamic religion.

Anonymous 12963

Everyone is so docile. We're like sheep Tbh senpai. Revolution would never happen.

Anonymous 12992

We will destroy Capitalism soon Comrade. All our oppression comes from capitalism.

Anonymous 13001

Everyone your bong rip is showing.

Anonymous 21313


Anonymous 21319

You can love your country and the opportunities living there has given you while disliking the choices the people in charge of it make, these things aren't opposed. I'm glad I live in America but that doesn't mean I agree with everything our government does.

Anonymous 21320


Catholics still wear them if you attend the Tridentine Mass. I love veils too.

Anonymous 21364


yes, truly beautiful text

Anonymous 21368

Religion is fucked, the cult or sect doesn't matter.

Anonymous 21388

finally a smart fucking post

Anonymous 21389


Get a load of this agent of deceit!

But these bits are all the rules to war and stuff. You only have to look at how the early Islamic world was administered to know how heavily interpretation weighs into the practices of Islam. Even since the mid-20th century Islam has been taking back steps in terms of how open minded it is, undoubtably as a result of reaction to cack handed Western foreign policy and the always insidious influence of Saudi Arabia.

But in truth the first Anon I replied to was right.

Anonymous 21398

>the Middle East used to be beautiful 50 years ago.
Don’t lie.

Anonymous 21401

images (4).jpeg

I am so happy this thread is here.

Anonymous 21413

Thanks that smart post was mine

Anonymous 21419

Anonymous 21531


Anonymous 21543

Just throwing in the concept of MKULTRA.

Anyone who also read up on it and wants to flame with me?

Seriously. America itself and most of its citizens are awesome. But I want to burn the whole military and politicized science into the ground.

Annnd showing up on another CIA checklist. Hi guys :3

Anonymous 21555

>burn politicized science into the ground.

Federal expenditures on military R&D in academia and later spun off by private companies gave us tech like the internet though. I'm sure the idea itself was not unique and first theorized in those military projects but the vast sums of money required to make it happen could have only been justified if a military purpose was attached to it

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