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will smith slaps chris rock Anonymous 127967

context: at the oscars, chris rock makes a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith starring in G.I Jane, (where the main character shaves her hair), "G.I Jane 2, can't wait to see you!". Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia.

I've seen divisive opinions on this.

Reddit majority says no the slap was bad. comedians shouldn't be assaulted for making (bad taste) jokes, it's an overreaction.

Hard to gauge tumblr for being chaotic, but there's more pro-slappers there, saying that Smith for standing up for his wife, and black women get mocked by other people a lot so it was cathartic for the slap to happen, making fun of conditions is not okay.

Are you pro slapper, anti slapper, both, neither, or just plain bewildered?

Anonymous 127969

Very cringe

Anonymous 127970

I like that he slapped him. But I think it was staged. I think they're trying to get more viewership. These award ceremonies really need it lately.

Anonymous 127971

I'm inclined to agree the one thing I will say though is that its weird that they showed him initially laugh at it if it was staged. You would think the camera would show him looking indignant for a fake event.

Anonymous 127973

They're actors, what good would it have been if he didnt?

Anonymous 127974

literally who cares, it's time for the oscars and glorified celebrity culture to die.

Anonymous 127975

Also think it might be staged but nevertheless I'm pro slapper.
Call it toxic masculinity or whatever, but that couple probably already hears so much shit and gossip about them online so even if the dumb american humor shtick was worth it he'd still be asking for some payback, and the slap does provide that.

His jokes aren't funny, anyway.

Anonymous 127977

Oscar ratings were in the toilet so they had to bring something like this out. Trying to bring back dramatic pop culture moments like the 2000s.

Anonymous 127979

Then where would our entertainment come from? Lol you talk like this now but I dont think any of you could live without games or television.

Anonymous 127980

Watching movies =/= caring about the lives and events of celebrities

Anonymous 127982

Movies require actors and celebrities

Anonymous 127983

Will Smith is a nice guy

Anonymous 127984

Doesn't require that you or I personally pay attention tot heir lives. Are you saying you are incapable of enjoying a movie where you do not even know the names of the actors?

Anonymous 127991

When did I say I would start ignoring them all? I like a bunch of them actually. I pay attention to who I like and don't notice the rest. Lately I don't have time for movies at all though. Honestly why am I even on this site God the internet is a timehole

Anonymous 127995

ayry I don't watch tv (or netflix or movies etc.) and especially don't play games (not sure why games are even relevant in this context but ok). Sorry it's impossible for you to imagine some people have non screen/media related hobbies in 2022.

Anonymous 127999

i think it's an interesting situation to think about, regardless of who is involved.

If you had a wife or close friend with a medical condition, and someone made a joke referencing that condition, broadcasted to heard by people all over the world, and your wife/friend didn't appear to be happy about that joke, are you the type of person that would go up and slap whoever made the joke?

If you were in the position of the wife/friend, would you condone your companion getting up to slap the person who make the joke?

Anonymous 128000

I think the joke line was planned in advance but not the slap. It's pretty awful to do if they knew why she was bald. I think Will felt bad for laughing and so he had to make it up to his wife by defending her when he saw she was upset.

He shouldn't have laughed in the first place and either just sat and shook his head or called out something like "not funny man".

Anonymous 128001

Anonymous 128002

NOT staged I mean

Anonymous 128005

Nah, the stuff he was saying is Scientology teachings, e.g. he has to lead his people. The Oscars wouldn't have scripted that.

Anonymous 128007

Wow, I didn't watch it live but On Cinema really went all out this year.

Anonymous 128008

Some people were saying that Will probably laughed politely because it was a show and he knew they'd cut to him, not that he found it funny.

Chris has apparently said things about her before, plus he did a whole documentary about black women's hair (actually worth watching) so he should know better.

I don't think getting physical was the right thing to do but Will was absolutely right to take him down a peg on such a big platform.

Anonymous 128015

Man, open "relationships" are such a joke. I can't people fall for this shit.

Anonymous 128018

Tbh I don't care for celebrities

Anonymous 128031

honestly its always wrong to get physical however sometimes people need a good ol fashion ass kickin'

Anonymous 128032

Whether or not it was staged, it still felt very unnatural. It's like he only wanted the appearance of defending his wife, without actually doing so.

Anonymous 128033

I already don't watch Hollywood movies and I don't care about any of these people.

Anonymous 128035

America is such a shitshow

Anonymous 128036

I don't think it was fake because it didn't push forward climate, trans or Ukraine agenda.

It is by definition assault and a crime, but Chris would look like a faggot claiming charges, so he won't, therefore a crime didn't occur.

As far as who is justified, a joke is a joke, even in bad taste.

Anonymous 128038

They have been invaded. I don't see how that's the US or NATO's problem. We're not starting WWIII over neo-nazis who shoot POWs and watch them bleed to death.

Anonymous 128041

>The fact youre parroting every retarded russian meme about their unprovoked invasion shows your identity is entirely tied to being a contrarian.
How would you meaningfully differentiate between a contrarian troll and an actual isolationist that is tired of the US having to intervene everywhere?

Anonymous 128043

Will is weird and mentally unstable and so is his marriage. Also, Jada looks unapproachable and mean.

Anonymous 128048

Why did he slap him so weirdly he looks kind of gay doing it

Anonymous 128051

I think it was staged to some degree.


NTA but the US, NATO and the West don't care about your people, they just care about being more powerful than Russia. All the pro-Ukraine propaganda in American media is not sincere (and yes, it IS propaganda and I'm calling it that despite not wanting Ukraine to be destroyed, as "propaganda" is not necessarily a bad thing). Same with the trans shit and climate change stuff. The other anon is right.

Anonymous 128052

It could’ve been a fake slap. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.
>oscar viewership is going down
>no security escorted Will from the premises
>weird slap
>Will was slightly smiling during the incident

Anonymous 128053

Yeah I wonder too, but Will Smith's supposed to be a family man right? Why would he be chosen for this fake drama? If it's supposed to be subverting expectations it didn't really do much except make people think he's a weird cuck

Anonymous 128055

Then the invasion of Ukraine is just a convenient excuse to attack Russia? From what it sounds like the reason we should fight Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine.

Anonymous 128056

>Yeah I wonder too, but Will Smith's supposed to be a family man right? Why would he be chosen for this fake drama?
If you believe that it was staged, it only makes sense if Smith was a family man. He didn't slap Chris Rock because he insulted him, he slapped him because he "insulted" his wife's disease. The only more family man thing a moid can slap someone else over is his daughter's cancer treatments.

Anonymous 128063

Yeah but I feel like everyone knows he's a cuck for example my dad doesn't really care for Will Smith, he likes him enough, but this whole slapping debacle has made him not only hate blacks but also think Will Smith's a pathetic cuck. Well, if it was staged they did a poor job at it which is ironic considering they are all actors.

Anonymous 128064

Anonymous 128075

I am well aware that no one is attacking Russia. I am also well aware there is a lot of people who want the US to attack Russia, and those people push the Ukraine agenda.

Anonymous 128078

Yeah kek my dad's like "an example of black on black crime"

Anonymous 128083

That was bullying he wouldn't do that to someone bigger

Anonymous 128089

You mad as hell lmao

Anonymous 128092

Smith is awesome. Lots of respect for that.

Anonymous 128093

>assaulting someone is awesome

Anonymous 128096

>assaulting someone is awesome for makiing a sexist joke

Anonymous 128097


Anonymous 128098

Staged or not, it was funny.

Anonymous 128109

countries get invaded all the time. we're only supposed to care now because it's one of daddy america's subjects getting the freedom treatment

Anonymous 128110

How was the joke sexist? It was about her baldness.

Anonymous 128124

If it is a male
Bonus point if talking shit
So yeah

Anonymous 128132

And Iraq is so much better for it, right? It was stupid for the US to intervene then and it's stupid for the US to intervene now.

Anonymous 128136

I'm supposed to give Russia a free pass to conquer and annex foreign territory because of something that happened when I was eight years old? I'm not Colin Powell ffs, how is it my fault the USA invaded Iraq? Or more to the point, a Ukrainian's fault? I don't want to get too personal, but you have a baby brain.

Anonymous 128137

>I'm supposed to give Russia a free pass to conquer and annex foreign territory because of something that happened when I was eight years old?
No, we give them a freepass because it's not our fucking job to be in every fucking war.

Anonymous 128138

If your country depends on other countries fighting your wars for you, you aren't a country, you're a client state.

Anonymous 128140

>HoW CaN We NoT InTeRvEnE?
If you don't, there will be some deaths. If you do, everyone will die. Do you know what a new world war would entail?

Anonymous 128142

Saw some people say it's not staged because how real the reactions look like… Well, they're professional actors lol.

Anonymous 128146

Kek, I kind of hope it wasn't staged so that we can enter will smith's evil saga

Anonymous 128149

Who's "we"? I'm not American (thanks God) and America has only "intervened" to the same extent countries like Germany and Sweden have. There's no appetite within NATO to send troops to Ukraine, just war materials and even that's being limited to fairly low level stuff, with Ukraine being denied tanks and jets in the last few days. I certainly didn't, nor have I ever, advocated for NATO invading Russia so why I'm being accused of such a thing is beyond me. Even on the very rare occasions that the American state behaves in a pretty sensible way its citizens are seemingly too dumb and full of Coke Cola to notice.

Slava Ukraini, marg bar Amerika.

Anonymous 128152

God people like you are tedious though. Probably the kind of person that loves a good drama or witch hunt, but you trash tourist traps on vacation, and are a general shill in your daily life without ever getting called out for your own tired garbage. Yeah this staged thing was dumb, but the trailer dwelling retards who eat it up are worse

Anonymous 128154

What the fuck are you saying? Genuine question, are you autistic?

Anonymous 128159

Hit too close to home I see lol

Anonymous 128164


No I'm more concerned with how you wrote an entire fanfiction based on a joke, that's some schizo level shit.

Anonymous 128168

They're pretty accurate observations that apply to most people, whether they love a hyprocritical witch hunt or not.

I don't need to write fanfictions I work with the public everyday without days off. The way they trash everything they come in contact with. It's always a red flag when they walk around with this bloodlust for a circus though. They're the trashiest kind we get. Like clockwork, everytime.

Anonymous 128171

Chris did nothing wrong, Jada is and has always been a massive cunt, even moreso with cucking will and will himself was a retard for chimping out like that regardless over a shitty joke. He was lucky Chris restrained himself and didn't actually joke about the infidelity otherwise will would have actually killed himself

Anonymous 128172

>established open marriage
>women are held to higher moral/ethical standards so it's only "infidelity" if a woman participates too
thank you for this lesson.

Anonymous 128173

Cucked? Are the incels even trying to blend in anymore or is this part of a raid?

Anonymous 128174

Gtfo with you're scrote logic toward infidelity, we all know how that works when a guy wants to sleep around until he has gangrene dick

Anonymous 128177

>Literally comparing him to 2pac
>His own daughter literally writing letters to 2pac, thinking he's still alive, telling him to get back with his mom and wishing he was her
>Literally fucked your son's best friend who also is/was a druggie
>Not cucked

Anonymous 128179

One of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. Imagine having that much power. Someone insults your wife, and you just walk up and slap his ass on live national television. And then later, you get up an accept an award while he has to stand there like the little beta he is.
Besides, I think people have gotten too used to running their mouth and making fun of people without there being consequences.

Anonymous 128180

He is a cuckold in the literal sense of the word, but bringing it up and this entire threas in general is very incelly. I mean gig chad meme really? Lol

Anonymous 128182

He's a comedian, it's his job to talk shit. Not his fault smith is a literal whipped cuckold. This reflects on him significantly worse than rock

Anonymous 128183

how is he a cuck when he has kids and a loving family. ur a cuck

Anonymous 128184

Why do you care if men are cuckolds? That is literally of no concern of women's.
It may be his job, but the talk shit get hit rule still prevails. Plus, it was one open handed hit. If Chris had punched him back once as retaliation, that would have been very equal in my book. Fair's fair and it would still be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
Chris Rock took that slap like a champ btw. Imagine getting hit in the last place you would ever expect violence and still being able to joke about it. The man can roll with the punches.

Anonymous 128185

>this whole slapping debacle has made him not only hate blacks
For some reason I suspect your dad was racist before seeing a black man slap a black man on TV.

Anonymous 128187

Perhaps for making fun of a women's appearance when women are judged mostly for our appearance? I find that to be a little of a stretch though. Men are also mocked for going bald. I bet misogyny was a factor, but don't think it was the main one.

Anonymous 128189

>massive cunt
>chimping out
This is a scrote, and a stupid one from 4chan nonetheless.

Anonymous 128190

And yet it happened. So out of the two of us, which one is right?

Anonymous 128193

i want jannies to delete this thread, there’s too many men posting

Anonymous 128201

Screenshot 2022-03…

Because he literally fits the definition of the very word.

Anonymous 128203

Contrary to stereotypes, it seems scrotes love celebrity gossip

Anonymous 128206

But you're a scrote with scrote desperation and logic, on a women's board posting about celebrity garbage. I bet you're just dying for one of us to do the bare minimum and cheat on you xD you wish to god you had that much going on

Anonymous 128207

>Are you pro slapper, anti slapper, both, neither, or just plain bewildered?

honestly i am kinda tired of hearing about it. there is never a need for violence unless you are being attacked first.
it didn't need to happen, and while his wife is not the best kind of person a scowl is not some call to action and i think incels need to stop blaming her for making him do the slap.
that being said his mental state is clearly not well and he is always made to be a fool in media likely due to his wife so he probably felt he had to for a pinch of dignity

Anonymous 128210

>The last invasion of this type was the iraq conquest of kuwait
more like the time when you invaded both iraq and afghanistan and made sure they were destroyed for eternity. don't recall any sanctions then and certainly no one's gonna be getting tried for war crimes over that any time soon

Anonymous 128213

publicity stunt

Anonymous 128224

celebrity culture is cringe.

Anonymous 128236

>they were not wars of conquest

It would be literally inpossible for the USA to annex those countires to begin with. At the end of the day the USA occupied those countries installed puppet regimes and exploited them for profit.

>China and Russia voting in favor

Your position is literally that the Russians are the bad guys. Is their permission to invade supposed to make it ok now?

Anonymous 128240

>not wars of conquest
In name only.

Anonymous 128242


so you're the one that managed to turn a will-smith-chris-rock thread into a thread where people are discussing war!

Anonymous 128244

My comment was 100% on-topic. >>128036 Started the war shitflinging, though I will take responsibility for indulging talking to her.

Anonymous 128254

Embrace the magic of the Internet!

Anonymous 128261


Why do so many people care? It's just a famous person hitting some other famous person. Im not american so maybe that's why I don't understand. There are more pressing matters at hand happening in the world right now.

Anonymous 128262

I agree, Russia invading Ukraine is NATO's business. EU simply cannot accept having a full-on war so close to our borders. Some of you are so naive, or manipulated.

Anonymous 128275

Showbiz personally I don't care. I'm neutral. I didn't even watch the oscars just this moment because it went viral which might have even been a publicity stunt who knows. Don't care enough anyway.

Anonymous 128278


it is fun to talk about useless things on the internet

Anonymous 128302

Every time I turn on the AM radio in the past 3 days they've been talking about it. Keep seeing tons of articles about celebrity's reactions to it and also thinkpieces. It's like this slap was staged so multiple industries could have a week's worth of content.

Anonymous 128319

caring about this is gay and so are you

Anonymous 128423

>Slava Ukraini
Might as well do a nazi salute.

Anonymous 128437

how is it bad to say "glory to the/my country", lahta-chan

Anonymous 128462

Russia doesn't have nazi battalions officially recognized and supported by the govt though. Not like I'm pro-putin or anything, it's jsut funny to see people who didn't know that coutnry even existed or at least that the conflict did for almost a decade now, screeching slava ukraini!1!
Anyone who knew about the conflict for more than the past 3 months knows.

Anonymous 128505

I'll take the Ukrainian "nazi" battallion any day over the literal horde of criminal rapist marauders that is the Russian army. I mean, have you seen what they do, heard their radio chatter and phonecalls home? Anyone who resists them is a hero, nazi or not.

Anonymous 128510

>how dare a country refuse to be a part of our corrupt and run-down bandit state
>better declare them a non-entity and rape, pillage and murder them to our heart's content
>that will make them love us

Anonymous 128511

If your "country" relies on other countries to exist, you're not a country, you're a US client state. If Ukraine is a country, it fights this on it's own, if the Ukraine wants to admit it's just a client state and beg the US to take over it's soil, keep begging for that NATO intervention.

Anonymous 128512

>how dare they resist our efforts to divide and conquer them
Almost every country is dependent on others to some extent nowadays. How is Russia doing all cut off from the world? Not too well, it seems. It's funny to watch them squirm. Maybe then they'll learn that tolerating fascist bandits at their forefront will lead to disastrous consequences. Maybe.

Anonymous 128595

A smaller army of rapist nazi moids funded by the west vs a bigger army of post soviet rape moids.
Picking a side and calling anyone a hero in this situation is a retarded move, especially as a woman. Also, russians were'nt the ones shelling Donetsk and Lugansk.
>Invading = nazi

Anonymous 128596

I mean, they could've just carpet bombed them US-style, but they didn't.

Anonymous 128636


>During the First Chechen War, Grozny was the site of an intense battle lasting from December 1994 to February 1995 and ultimately ending with the capture of the city by the Russian military. Intense fighting and carpet bombing carried out by the Russian Air Force destroyed much of the city. Thousands of combatants on both sides died in the fighting, alongside civilians, many of whom were reportedly ethnic Russians; unclaimed bodies were later collected and buried in mass graves on the city outskirts.

To know what atrocities the Russian has committed, pay attention to what it accuses its enemies of doing.

Anonymous 128637


Anonymous 128672

Will smith isn't usually a scorched earth ignorant trashy bastard so i could easily forgive him. Especially if he was sticking up for his lady.

I don't think he should have resigned from the academy.

Anonymous 128701

american warcrimes…


Anonymous 128723

No but Russia has an army of useful idiots as is evident by this thread.

Anonymous 128748

It is not completely impossible
Russian bot farms has english speaking department
And they might have a list of chans among other sites they infiltrate
So huh, maybe some of them peeked here

Anonymous 128750


My brain reading OP
>Will the Smiths slap Chris Rock?

Anonymous 128786

i don’t give a shit.

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