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Anonymous 12842

name my oc

Anonymous 12845


Anonymous 12847

why this

Anonymous 12848

ikr sounds like nanna as in grandma or a nanny

Anonymous 12853


Anonymous 12854


Anonymous 12855

Looks like a Maev. The origins of the word are ethereal too.

Anonymous 12859


cool name for a cool oc
maev it is

Anonymous 12862

if anything, what's this character going to be for?

Anonymous 12867

i've got no clue tbh

what say the people of cc

Anonymous 12869

sraw her dancing while holding a mic and singing

Anonymous 12878

an rpg on gamejolt
or maybe a little webcomic
or maybe just an avatar for avatarfagging

Anonymous 12893

she's cute. does she have a friend?

Anonymous 12894


she's a natural.
we'll be seeing 'maev' up in lights someday

only the second option is plausible

does she need one?

Anonymous 12897

ily, ty

Anonymous 12911


She's not a real until she has Doritos for hair.

Super cute, though.

Anonymous 12919

where did this weird ass salty yummy trend start?

Anonymous 12935

glad u like it. i use it for all my rpg character names

Anonymous 12943

aww this is so qt, anon! <3

Anonymous 12953

Bon Jovi II

Anonymous 12955

steve, obv

Anonymous 12959


Anonymous 12960

such is life of steve the wageslave

Anonymous 12966

good thread

Anonymous 12975

excellent thread

what is a geebu

Anonymous 13104

delete this!!!

Anonymous 13126

I've been loving this thread so much

Anonymous 13130

I’m rooting for Steve lol

Anonymous 13196


420chan I think. Check KYM or ED, I don't really keep up with internet history anymore so I'm not sure. I know it's not a Krautchan thing because I've never seen a queer try to catch dick with one.

I wish I had a real computer; I'd churn this shit out like cryptocurrency.

Anonymous 13228

Dude I really want to know what’s going to happen next. Obviously Maev and qt guy will become a couple. Or maybe qt guy wil catch his eye on Steve at the gig and feel the butterflies lol

Anonymous 13229

I second that.
Please OP

Anonymous 13258


Bernd is no more

Anonymous 13264

Context pls lel

Anonymous 13268

Krautchan is dead it seems.

Anonymous 13287

This is better than Scott Pilgrim.

Anonymous 13292

I hope Maev gets hit by a truck

Anonymous 13299


It was just a joke

But keep fighting the robots inside of your head

Anonymous 13376

This thread reminds me of the old choose your own adventures on /tg/.

Anonymous 13406

i'm betting that Steve will die after doing some great shit and maev and Jackson's son is gonna be named after him

Anonymous 13409

This thread is beautiful

Anonymous 13425

Oh no. This is making me way too nervous. What will happen to our good boy Steve?

Anonymous 13426

Please, anon, no more theorizing around "what could be". This sort of posts is just killing all the hype imo.

Anonymous 13445


>something to tell him

Anonymous 13456

shave your sideburns

Anonymous 13459

get your retarded ass in the bathroom and shave your SIDEBURNS

Anonymous 13477

but depending on the structure of a guy's face, sideburns can be pretty hot. don't do it, steve!!

Anonymous 13480

OPPPPP can you please stop being a lazy ass and deliver? Thank you :)

Anonymous 13514

I wasn't ready for these feels.

Anonymous 13516

every1 in the crowd is cheering 4 u steve. win her hatto

Anonymous 13520

aha, scumbag steve

Anonymous 13629

inb4 jackson falls for steve

Anonymous 13999

I don't, fill me in

Anonymous 14367

Is he going to die?

Anonymous 14377

Ray is now my favorite.

Anonymous 14430

saw that coming.
goddammit maev

Anonymous 14432


Anonymous 14739

Ray lol more like ROY

Anonymous 15021

Maybe they were deleted by accident during the last raid

Anonymous 15045

aw fuck i was checking this so often to see where it went :<

Anonymous 15147

Does someone have it saved?

Anonymous 16054

author of Steve, Ray, Jackson and others (maev is not my creation)

Came to say that i was indeed banned from this site (yes, i am a male) so i guess Steve's saga will enter a long, long hiatus unfortunately

If you want the pics or drawings, write down a trash mail and i may send them


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