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Anonymous 12842

name my oc

Anonymous 12845


Anonymous 12847

why this

Anonymous 12848

ikr sounds like nanna as in grandma or a nanny

Anonymous 12853


Anonymous 12854


Anonymous 12855

Looks like a Maev. The origins of the word are ethereal too.

Anonymous 12859


cool name for a cool oc
maev it is

Anonymous 12862

if anything, what's this character going to be for?

Anonymous 12867

i've got no clue tbh

what say the people of cc

Anonymous 12869

sraw her dancing while holding a mic and singing

Anonymous 12878

an rpg on gamejolt
or maybe a little webcomic
or maybe just an avatar for avatarfagging

Anonymous 12893

she's cute. does she have a friend?

Anonymous 12894


she's a natural.
we'll be seeing 'maev' up in lights someday

only the second option is plausible

does she need one?

Anonymous 12897

ily, ty

Anonymous 12901

ooo can we have one of Maev looking smug?

Anonymous 12911


She's not a real until she has Doritos for hair.

Super cute, though.

Anonymous 12919

where did this weird ass salty yummy trend start?

Anonymous 12935

glad u like it. i use it for all my rpg character names

Anonymous 12943

aww this is so qt, anon! <3

Anonymous 12952


name my oc

Anonymous 12953

Bon Jovi II

Anonymous 12955

steve, obv

Anonymous 12956

maev and steve.jpg

Steve atempts to woo maev

Anonymous 12957

maev runs away fro…

Maev runs away from Steve after that demonstration of "love"

Anonymous 12958

steve sad.jpg

Maev running away from Steve left him very sad… but now's not the time to weep. Steve has to go to work at the factory

Anonymous 12959

Anonymous 12960

such is life of steve the wageslave

Anonymous 12964

steve and grandma.…

After a hard day of toil in the factory Steve arrives home exhausted and drained. However, he doesn't want to worry his sick grandmother so he pretends everything's allright. After dinner he grabs his banjo and plays "criple creek", one of his grandma's favourite tunes… Steve's grandma imediatelly starts to dance the good ol' apalachian style despite knowing that tommorrow she won't be able to move.
For a while, the small house is filled with joy, the sound of the banjo echoes troughout all the 4 walls and the worries of the everyday life are set aside.
In this moment, Steve is happy as well as his grandmother. Two of a kind

Anonymous 12966

good thread

Anonymous 12975

excellent thread

what is a geebu

Anonymous 13097


Today is steve's day off. He downs a pepsi and smokes a cigarette, the breakfast of the champions.

It's a nice day so he decides to go out and see what maev is up to (spy on maev)

However, his eyes catch up to Jackson!

Anonymous 13099

steve overhears.jp…

Jackson it the handsome qt boi that plays in the local lo-fi garage rock band with melancholic motifs. He also likes anime and plays cool videogames but he's also a great student at college. He's well read, cultured and sensible.

By this time, Steve knew his chances were dim for he couldn't compete with Jackson. Steve's just a poor boy that works in the factory, lives with his grandma and likes playing banjo, watching 70's animes, getting drunk and watching nascar… He's also ugly

Right now, Steve over-hears Jackson inviting maev to see his band playing a band's contest wich maev agrees whole-heartedly because she genuinely likes jackson's bands. Also, maev finds jackson cute.

Anonymous 13100

steve dreams.jpg

Steve decides to enter the contest as well. He's absolutely certain that maev will find him irrestible after his musical performance.

Anonymous 13104

delete this!!!

Anonymous 13126

I've been loving this thread so much

Anonymous 13130

I’m rooting for Steve lol

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