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i fucking love this Anonymous 128744

i just came from r9k to browse this crystal cafe thing and i must say i regret spending any of my time on r9k

Anonymous 128745

Were you born with a penis

Anonymous 128928

hey that's what happened to me too. welcome

Anonymous 128929

salam habibi

Anonymous 128930


Anonymous 128967

If you are a bio woman, welcome! If not, leave now. Also why /r9k/ of all places?

Anonymous 129028

Same, although I was permabanned when I stated this 5 years ago. I didn't know how to use VPNs then, and felt rejected by the website, which made me feel like shit, so I went back to 4chan.

Anonymous 129034


I browsed /v/ and /cgl/ pretty frequently but I like the community here more. Nobodys been super mean to me yet I’m sure it will happen but I don’t think anything like that could run me off anymore

Anonymous 129038

this site might be perfect if it was more active; when i first began posting i didn't realise that basically all of the threads i was replying to were months or even years old.

Anonymous 129044

Yes, more active, less moids and more mods/jannies that aren't unhinged

Anonymous 132188

same same!!!! im so glad this place exists, i used to be addicted to browsing 2ch threads even though it always felt like someone was shitting into my heart. kinda like self-harm lol? never again. i live here now.

Anonymous 132198

It's adorable that you think we tolerate moids, fuck off

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