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Are emojis cringe? Anonymous 128804

How about text emoticons?

Anonymous 128805

Many people abuse the hell out of emojis. Text emoticons are more acceptable but they should be used only in moderation.

Anonymous 128806

I think Japanese kaomojis are acceptable
(´ ∀ ` *)

Anonymous 130660

I love these.

Anonymous 130689


A woman I work with uses complex and simple kaomoji on our company bbs/mailing system and I kind of respect her for just letting her weeb out. No one has ever said anything about it afaik.

Anonymous 130717

I think they're cringe because they're often used to soften what you're saying, you can be really rude or mean and the emojis are supposed to make it less serious. It's just even more insulting in my opinion. When you actually mean to say something nice or joking it's ok to use :D or the like but anything else just makes me lose all respect for a person. Kaomojis are cute though (but I'd never use them either in a serious context)

Anonymous 130718

Emoticons are ok if used sparingly but any with more than 2 characters are cringe. Hate emojis as they’re not needed half the time. The crying laughter one especially irritates me. Kaomojis are fine because it’s more of an art form and rarely gets overused.

Anonymous 133404

i think they are quite childish, i used them a lot when i was teen but now mostly only xD when something is really funny

Anonymous 133420

Emojis are based. Words are cringe.

Anonymous 133431

both based, literally who cares



both are based though

Anonymous 133478

funny, it used by smart people, looking good
gringe, suggest that author is edgy teen, looking like shit

Anonymous 133528


Not based, just chad
my moid uses this and it’s kyoot

Anonymous 133565

:3 is the best of them all!! so cute

Anonymous 133568

Always preferred :з

Anonymous 133574

I always liked :y - like you are saying something with a smirk, but it is not very popular and I don’t use it much, because I think people wouldn’t get the tone, which is not mocking, but more like mischievous
Not a smug smile, but something like “heh”

Anonymous 133575

people who are uptight about emojis and emoticons are some of the most obnoxious people

Anonymous 133590

>t. only uses cringe emojis

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