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Anonymous 128851

Have you ever had a waifu? Do you believe it is inheritently misogynistic? Or is it just a silly fad of anime fans without ill intent?

Anonymous 128861

is that girl supposed to look like a squid?

Anonymous 128864

>Have you ever had a waifu?
Yes. It's what got me interested in figuring out the nuances of the phenomenon.

>Do you believe it is inheritently misogynistic?

Nope. It's not a male-exclusive thing; one female poster I know was really into Seto Kaiba from YGO. I'm still not completely sure about the sex of another, but an anon was into a girl who did programming for a living and so started doing so themselves, even eventually got a little job out of it. Even the men I've seen with them lean more toward romance. Their threads and communities frown upon making it just about sex and lewd things.

You'll always have your perverts in any population, but the vast majority seem to genuinely love their animated person, taking pics of food they learned to make for her and keeping the house/themselves clean to make her happy. They'll commission art of them on walks at the park or enjoying a nice meal together more often than not. I see it more frequently than porn. The focus is nearly always on how wonderful they think their waifu/husbando is, how happy they make them, and so on.

>Or is it just a silly fad of anime fans without ill intent?

It seems to be a psychological thing that fills in missing social and interpersonal gaps so you can be with a (fictional) person you like and would get along well with. They will tell you that she/he chose them and not the other way around, and many didn't realize how much they felt about them until the realization kicked in and surprised them. The most miserable people I've seen who have genuinely attached themselves to a character this way all talk about how they're motivated to better their lives and are more friendly with others overall. Sometimes you just need a Wilson to talk to and root for you when no one else steps up.

Some grow out of it and manage real families after the self-improvement burst, some don't. It only becomes truly unhealthy if it turns into an obsession and overtakes their ability to function properly addiction-style. Some users deep into it even examined it from an inside-out perspective and linked it to shadow psychology/ideas about ego, and how the characters that they ended up paired with were often precisely what was lacking in themselves to be balanced people. Makes sense, as humans will usually seek a balance of some sort. Either way, I can't really hate on a brain quirk that causes some people to become less hateful and more hygienic.

Anonymous 128873

>Have you ever had a waifu
yea, a shota i have been obsessing over for 5 years now
>Do you believe it is inheritently misogynistic
i don't really think about other people when i autism over a character

Anonymous 128885

yea they even had a collab with her in the original splatoon game where you could get her outfit as a gear

Anonymous 128886

Fine taste.

Anonymous 128900


Pic related, I’ve started keeping my hands in better condition because of him, moisturizing, no nail biting etc. I know he’s a psychopath but theres something really compelling about him and how I feel about him.

Anonymous 128901

He deserved to win imo, I'm annoyed they had Pucci be the villian who succeeds

Anonymous 128902

I've been part of imageboard, tumblr & twitter 'waifu' communities (though they all use different names). I think it's telling that on 4chan men would obsess over the flavor of the month waifu, and even when they had multiple year obsessions, the girl in question was always young and pretty. The personality didn't matter. But whenever there was a 'weird' waifu, it belonged to a woman. I think women are more authentic waifuists tbh. That's not to say that we don't have people in our ranks looking for the newest sexyman / musclebound hunk, but you know.

Anonymous 128903


Kira anon here, most of my circles are women just husbandofying villains I’m genuinely curious what the psychological implications are of this especially considering the rest of my husbandos are in some way a bit deranged, by rest I do mean the three I swap around on occasion.
Pic also related

Anonymous 128907


I think others might say I have a waifu
But hmm, I don’t think it is fair, because “waifu” implies the one and only character you dedicate your attention to
I have several waifus and hasbandos - but I call them so just for the keks - they are more like my oshis
But yeah, I even have a small “altar” for the main one

Anonymous 128935

I don’t think they’re popular because they’re villains, but because they’re attractive. Moids complain about women being hybristofiles even though the only serial killers who are popular are the attractive ones. No woman cares about ugly serial killers.

Anonymous 128940

>No woman cares about ugly serial killers.
This isn't true at all. But I think it's a separate matter. Female killers also have adoring male fans.

Anonymous 128973

I guess, but the serial killers who have true crime communities about them are attractive. Except the Columbine shooters. Not sure how they have a fanbase. Maybe you’re right.
You mean Richard Ramirez? Yeah, I always thought he was gross-looking.

Anonymous 129035

I guess theres a fine line between someone who actively committed atrocities and a fictional character thats drawn like david bowie. I understand the women attracted to the latter more than the first half though

Anonymous 129128


eh, I think it's the villain thing. look, me and my best friend grew up wild over anti heroes/semi-villains. never the creep kind. the flamyboyant, fun kind that acts in ways the protaganist would ever. they're sooooo fun to watch on screen! we also, yeah, liked David Bowie in Labyrinth.

in real life? we have never once found an edgy male that fits the bill. we have solely liked kind, non-pushover guys who we can have fun with, and generally are repulsed by bad behavior in men. I think it's somewhat bc in real life 99% of being nasty is just being a misogynist, a fuckboy, addict, sociopathic, etc.
moreover, one thing I found interesting is that some of the nastiest guys were called "nice guys" by people around them which…is puzzling.

Anonymous 129129

never, not ever*

Anonymous 129131


oh Ludwig… my one and only.
It has been since middle school that I love him. I even have a daki of him. I just love him dearly, deeply and passionately and no other character can truly compare to him. It's been years. I truly love him.

Anonymous 129151

Short for oshimen - idol group member you support most

Anonymous 129299


>Have you ever had a waifu?
Yes, but now I just lower them to crushes nowadays that make me feel fuzzy feelings (picrel).
I sometimes get too many crushes, for sure; you could've called me a haremfag heretic if I were serious about waifus like I was some years ago, haha!
>Do you believe it is inheritently misogynistic?
Initially? Yeah.
After all, modern waifuism has its roots on what now we call incels–though of the non-violent kind unless their waifus are severely disrespected. Don't you remember how annoying it was for some of these men to compare 2D women with 3D ones and say the stupidest misogynistic bullshit?
However, somewhere in the 2010s there was a true paradigm shift where some waifuists became dead-serious and improved all aspects of their lives, like >>128864 said, which is pretty weird, though explainable, when you think about it. Yet, on the other hand, some of them either dropped their waifuist phase and returned to the normal world on the good end, and others, sadly, literally killed themselves on the bad end.
>Or is it just a silly fad of anime fans without ill intent?
The memers and seasonal waifufags, absolutely. They're universally hated by the serious waifuists, lol.
>I think women are more authentic waifuists tbh.
I have noticed this, but dared not to say it.
Though I have read posts from very dedicated male waifuists, and I have to say their commitment is impressive. However, the only weird thing about them is their territoriality, it is very monke-like.

Anonymous 129314


This person gets it.

Anonymous 129315

>>I think women are more authentic waifuists tbh.
it's true and its always more autistic (which is a good thing) and more genuine than all the self-proclaimed " waifufags " who drop their " waifu " once she loses relevance, anyone got a pic of that medic from tf2 husbandofag? now that's a true waifufag


medic is one of my husbandos as well, im an edgy medfag too so basically were perfect for each other

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