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image (5).png

crystal.cafe risk thread OP 128859

how to play:

>put your country name in the name field

(e.g. Kingdom of Castile)
>state your first move
(e.g. "Upgrade a city if possible, otherwise attack Kingdom of Leon)

the game will start when theres enough people. i might join if there arent.

have fun :)

OP 128863


i might play aquitane if no one else wants to

OP 128866


>TFW i have a tasty lamb stir fry to enjoy rn

OP 128868

not my blog but the lamb was 5 days old. it was still nice tho

OP 128875


the mods keep banning the only other people in the thread :(

Anonymous 128878

isn't it too soon considerding this site is mostly burgers?

OP 128881

well, youre here anon, arent you?

Anonymous 128882

ye but im not a borger, i may play when im done with this art project im doing

OP 128883

have fun with your art anon

OP 128890

there should be enough people interested now? 0:

Anonymous 128897

I don't know how to play risk, never have.

Anonymous 128904


This risk looks really complicated compared to the risks I'm used to, not to mention I've played Risk two times, maybe I can be Kingdom of Leon

Anonymous 128938

If they’re being banned, it’s probably because they’re men.

Anonymous 128972

Are you a man?

Anonymous 129027

I'd like to play this but I'm autistic and a bit dumb, so are there more detailed rules available?

OP 129037

yep, on the image

OP 129039

images (1).jpeg

if we can do a headcount of how many players we have atm we can start soon


four/more people would work well if we can get everyone here at once lol

Anonymous 129042

Anonymous 133033

We should schedule a new day to play!

Anonymous 138495

Women usually don’t have degenerate territorial issues
It was and is always men who are dumb enough to exchange human lives and resources to muh territory, lmao - just imagine
I am speaking irl of course, but yeah gamewise also, so it seems

Anonymous 138549

I wrote that I was still interested but my post got deleted, along with several other posts I made before.
I guess some people can't envision women being interested in games. Oh well, sucks to suck.

Anonymous 138720

>ban everyone who wants to play risk
success rate is very high but it's kinda unfair for the girl that also wants to play

Anonymous 138733

I, too, like boring dead places where we only speak of moids.

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