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grown author turned fake boi Anonymous 12947

I was feeling nostalgic and looked up Heather Brewer's blog. She wrote a shitty vampire series that I loved as a teen. Come to find out that she goes by Zac Brewer now and looks like she's a fake boi. Can someone enlighten me as to how and when this happened? She even has a husband and kids so I was surprised to see what she's turned in to, thanks to the internet I guess. This kinda ruined my childhood a bit, has anyone else read anything by her?

Anonymous 12965

autoandrophilia? kinda like poppy z brite thats now a man, too.

Anonymous 12995

Yeah, seems to be another case of that. I didn't know about poppy til now too. I feel like in Brewer's case it was too much Tumblr. Lol

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