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Anonymous 129720

Today I'm going to stop caring what other people think and sketch on my trainride home from work. Of course I'll be polite and not take up too much space if someone sits next to me. I'll just sketch from photos, nothing nude or possibly offensive.

I just want to hold myself accountable so I'm posting here.

How do other anons make the most of their commute time? How do you make time for your hobbies when you work full-time or have other responsibilities?

Anonymous 129721

Why do you have to “hold yourself accountable” for sketching on the train? Nothing wrong with that. But to answer your question, I will never work full-time. Even if it meant living in my car, I would never sacrifice my life to an employer.

Anonymous 129723

No one cares if you sketch on a train if its nothing offensive or nude. Why do you think anyone gives a damn? They don't.
You wanna be bold? I dare you to draw guro in a public place.
Also, how the FUCK do you manage to sketch on a train? I've never been on a train but I can"t even manage write on a bus or in a car from all the bumps. I'm interested in your secret.

Anonymous 129724

To answer your question
>How do other anons make the most of their commute time?
I close my eyes and catch up on some much needed sleep for the 50 minutes I am commuting every day. Or I zone out and have intense horny daydreams. Sometimes I read a book or the news
>How do you make time for your hobbies when you work full-time or have other responsibilities?
I tend to hyperfixate on one hobby for a period of weeks and then drop it, like in some sort of rotation. Recently got back into art after a 2 year quit to constantly work on knitting in every spare moment of my time. So I guess its easier to focus on it when you only have one thing you like to do at a time. Its the reason I don't watch TV anymore; I'll fixate on a piece of media and waste all my time on it until its done. Not even because I like it, I hate TV, it just feels wrong to do something casually. I can't do something without giving my whole self into it.

Anonymous 129728

I'm on the train for 2 hours (4 hours total) I just sleep because I get too little of that doing shit for uni all night.

Anonymous 129736

I meant I'm going to hold myself accountable and not let me talk myself out of it.

The train is pretty smooth, and I'll just be pencil sketching.

I sleep pretty often, too.

My commute is also about 4 hours round trip. I walk, take a train, and ride the subway. It must be draining doing school on top of such a long commute.

Anonymous 129741

I did it and it made me happy. No one gave me a second look. It was a bit awkward to handle my phone and sketchbook and bags, and it did geg a bit bumpy. But I got a little sketch out of it that I like. I'll definitely do it again.

Anonymous 129747

Well done nona! I'm happy for you.

Anonymous 129748

>How do other anons make the most of their commute time? How do you make time for your hobbies when you work full-time or have other responsibilities?
Do a little bit of everything you like every day. A bit of drawing, a bit of exercise/working out (I know that's impossible for some people who have very exhausting jobs but exercise is still good for you), anime, gaming, etc. Maybe spend more time on hobbies that you want to improve in. If you find yourself having no energy for these things, consider changing your diet and improve your sleep quality, like having fresh air in the room and complete darkness. If you still feel tired you have a pretty damn hard/time consuming job, I'd consider changing jobs, but if you have no choice, wait until you do have a choice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For me the problem always lied more in money than it did in time.

Anonymous 129758

>I'll just sketch from photos
I am very sorry, but this is just criminal: sketching on a train an not sketching irl passengers around you

Anonymous 129806

The train seating doesn't really allow a good view of other passengers.

Anonymous 129808

Norms hate sketchbooks, they are planning your death. They just need any excuse to do something to you now. Switch trains

Anonymous 129823


I did it again tonight and the guy next to me only seemed vaguely interested.

Anonymous 129885

Today I remembered that amazon prime lets you download episodes so I can watch some animu on my commute, too. Yay!

Anonymous 129993

I used to read books on my commute. Reread so many series.

Anonymous 130210

Paper at the very first, but I soon switched over to electronic because of how convenient it was. I've never really gone back except for books that are just too rare to find in electronic form. And that's exactly where I got all my books. :) For anyone here, I would recommended Her Majesty's Dragon series. Male point of view, but woman author, it's about an alternate universe where sapient dragons exist and are used as war machines during the Napoleonic wars.

Anonymous 130574

He went home and told his gf and they laughed before having sex in their $3000 a month apartment

Anonymous 130600

When I commuted the only thing I could do was listen to music and look out the window. I tried to read or listen to podcasts but I couldn't really focus on them properly. I was using the bus which was loud and bumpy.

Anonymous 130690

Are you in the us? Buses are awful there. I once had someone tell me, completely seriously, that I smelled like a homeless person after riding one. :(

Anonymous 131028

different anon, but that series sounds really cool.

Maybe. Even though I live far out from the city, there are a lot of rich people around here.

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