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Anonymous 129749

Is it possible/reliable to learn to play guitar via internet? I can't afford guitar lessons right now and I've been aching to learn for a while now, but i'm afraid how self-teaching can go wrong. If anyone has experience, where can I start and is it worth it, or should I wait until I have time and money for lessons?

Anonymous 129750

A lot of the best guitarists are self taught. I don't really see how you could screw it up. Get some Elements guitar books and go for it. Most guitar players learned at home, you're overthinking it unless you are aiming to become a classical guitarist for a symphony. In which case you should still start at home lol

Anonymous 129751

But the only guitar I have is a classical one…
Anyway, I'm worried because I faced the same issue I mentioned with drawing, since you tend to progress less without any guidance.

Anonymous 129755

Yeah there are plenty of people who teach themselves to play the guitar, just watch videos and listen to a lot of guitar I guess. You won't need lessons because the first few lessons what- teach you chords? You can just learn that yourself and save yourself the trouble and maybe get lessons later once you know a bit.

Anonymous 129756

playing guitar is fun! i have video lessons of my favorite song and besides that i am self taught from an app that shows chords and scales. nona you can never go wrong with music you can only sound out of tune.

Anonymous 129780

Yes you can learn to play anything with simple tutorials on the internet. Guitar, bass, keyboard have the most tutorials. Violin is too difficult.

But I don't know hope you don't get bored. Also there is this game but you need a USB into electric guitar cable for it, called Rocksmith 2014 I think.

Anonymous 129958

why did you have to use that completely unrelated picture.
I Hate Hunters

Anonymous 131344

Check out JustinGuitar, he's a good teacher and his website is structured nicely

Anonymous 131370

I'm self-learning right now with a book. I prefer following the course organized in the book compared to teaching everything myself. The book I use is a pretty popular one so some guitar teachers post their own lessons based on the book on youtube.

Anonymous 131373

Guitarfags itt, any of you like Steve Howe's playing? And if any of you can play like him I will marry you.

Anonymous 131380

go back to /gg/

Anonymous 131405

I don't understand the reference

Anonymous 131425

Learn guitar tabs on ultimateguitar.com

Anonymous 131430

>how self-teaching can go wrong
I'm honestly confused what you mean by this. What, are you going to train yourself to hold a guitar upside down and it will just be permanent?

Even learning incorrectly would be better than not learning at all. The clock is ticking.

Anonymous 131433

I've been playing guitar by myself for years and while I'm in no hurry to improve, there's definitely improvement from just practicing. It's so fun and stress releasing to just sing your heart out and strum chords, like as the other anon said on ultimateguitar (you can filter to absolute beginner). Just watch some video tutorials to troubleshoot as you go (ex: I had to look up better strumming techniques for really fast segments, or maybe how to shred or hammer), but you don't need to know everything at once. Unless you want to be a professional, you can wait to take lessons for when you feel your skills plateauing, and even then it's not necessary if you are fine with only playing around 95% of songs. The best way to get good is to practice, and the best way to find a lot of time for practice is if you use it to relax and have fun!

Anonymous 131550

screw you titan main

Maria 131560

You're joking but I'm probably retarded enough that I'd do that.

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