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Anonymous 12979

Hello everyone,

I sent a message to the admins but didn't get an answer, so I am trying here…

I am a journalist for a french news website and I am currently doing research for an article about women who take part in trolling. I think trolling isn't about gender, but about internet habits - and I think it's pretty delusional and counter-productive to make it seem like it's almost an all-male discipline.

Agree, disagree? If you want to talk about it, I would be happy to give you more details in private. Since it would be stupid to uncover my professional or personal email address in the open, I created a temporary one: [email protected] Join me in here!

All best,


Pic unrelated

Anonymous 12980

Have fun getting trolled.
>t. irl and internet troll in a female body

Anonymous 12981

Not going to email you, but can confirm there are female trolls. I sometimes troll for fun.

Anonymous 12982

Hey, thanks for your answer. May I ask where you troll?

Anonymous 12983

No worries. I troll basically anywhere. It's not something I do regularly these days as I'm depressed. Usually I'll be genuinely browsing online when I think of a funny way to troll.

Anonymous 12984

why is this even here? can we stop engaging this retard?

Anonymous 12985

Would you agree the stereotypical "Internet troll" is generally perceived as male? How do you feel about it?

Anonymous 12986

I agree. I believe you need to look at what constitutes a troll though. I'm sure you can create categories/personas.

I'd guess that females troll differently than males, however.

Anonymous 12987

Forgot to add: Don't feel anything about it. My guess is men troll more often than women.

Anonymous 12988

Thank you for your answers, this is very nice of you. How would you define your way of trolling?

More importantly, why do you think men troll more often than women?

Anonymous 12989

No worries.

My style of trolling is more self-deprecating. I like to tell stories that start off normal, and become gradually crazier (but still somewhat believable). I really love the mixed reactions (The same story can receive all sorts of responses such as "Oh man that was funny. You made my day!", "I really hope this is a troll…", "WTF is wrong with you?!", or taking what I said seriously and giving advice).

I'm not sure why men troll more frequently. Maybe they don't, but my feeling is that people who are mean/bully troll (like starting racist disputes or saying things to hurt people and garner an angry reaction) are generally incels. Incels are generally men, and men are more prone to violence and anger.

People who troll in my style seem to be both male and female though.

The troll who inspired me to troll appeared to be female.

Anonymous 13000

I'm a female and a troll. My style is very aggressive and reactionary (almost always in perceived aggression to me) or just plain mischief.

Anonymous 13002

In my day trolling was more about mischief and making lolcows sperg out. This is 2006-2009 era.

People now use the word "troll" to mean cyber bully. It physically pains me to see middle aged people on twitter call people trolls when someone disagrees with them. I could rant now about how chan and meme culture has been ruined by everyone but disregard that I suck cocks.

Anonymous 13004

Back in the early 2000's me an my friends (who were all girls) would do some minor internet trolling.
For example… picking fights for fun in the Youtube comment sections, tricking people into believe we were celebrities while playing on Club Penguin so we could get free stuff, or even making Instagram accounts just to stir drama. Nothing was super harmful and it was all mischief, really. Maybe a few times we did come off as mean but it was all in good fun.

Anonymous 13009

>people who are mean/bully troll (like starting racist disputes or saying things to hurt people and garner an angry reaction)…

that is called baiting
and there are girls that do that thing too

Anonymous 13011

dif. anon but this is true, I was really into that sort of thing when I was around 17

Anonymous 13013


I am kind of a well known troll. People in the top circles know me as the Hax0r 4chan. I just want to say that I didnt choose this life…. it chose me.

Anonymous 13014

Ugh yeah, what the fuck even is this thread? I bet he(?) writes for worthless clickbait websites like Topito or Buzzfeed France anyway.

Anonymous 13032

seriously. its very very obvious this isn't someone who writes for anything. who the fuck are they going to cite? "anonymous1" "anonymous2" etc. that doesn't even fly for buzzfeed.

people engaging the guy/troll should just email him and this thread should be locked.

Anonymous 13090

I don't believe in trolling. I believe in people posting retarded opinions and, when they're confronted, saying >lol i troll u

It's more common among males who'll post sexist crap and play it off as "I'm just trolling" when it's their actual opinion

What other anons said about pretending and posting falsehoods is what I'd call baiting, which is definitely a thing.

Anonymous 13147

you can't not believe in something just because people use the term incorrectly.

Anonymous 13155

Where is the difference between a troll and a shitposter? If it's the same, then almost everyone on imageboards are trolls nowadays.

Anonymous 13179

Trolling is ironic seriousposting. And it is still ironic. A shitpost is simply a low quality post.
I myself know that I have gone to great lengths to troll people, so, ur wrong, and I believe that many other people do the same and for this reason they come across as strong adherents to the bullshit they preach. On short: I was just pretending to be retarded.
But the people who admit to troll are most of the time not trolls indeed, or maybe just bad trolls or so insecure about whatever insult they receive they will drop the mask immediately and counterattack.

Anonymous 13214

As anyone in here ever participated in a harassment campaign? Amanda Todd or Jessi Slaughter style?

Anonymous 13219

I only troll people irl. It's way more rewarding psychologically.

Anonymous 13220

I bullied a former friend via 4chan and participate in a lot of lolcow threads. I've also bullied some lolcows during their livestreams

Anonymous 13221


Is bullying a bully like onionboy really considered bullying? or does it crosses itself out?

Anonymous 13223

>is bullying really considered bullying?
Woah, I really don't know there, anon, you tell me!

Anonymous 13224


>>13214 100% of the people targeted online in 2005-2010 fucking deserved it for being a dickhead lmao. People word it so funny now. Acting like it's literal unwarranted bullying. It's not school ground bullying it's more just winding up people with obvious egos/complexes.

Pic related.

Anonymous 13230

Jessi Slaughter was just an obnoxious kid, i really don't think she deserved it. Especially when most of the people harassing her were grown men. How is that not creepy?

Anonymous 13231

Who is to say people deserve to be bullied or not? Except for obvious criminals like le onion, I doubt any of those infamous ecelebs deserves that shit.

Anonymous 13302

>Especially when most of the people harassing her were grown men.

I would bet most of people who messed with Jessie Slaughter were just…your typical teenager "/b/tard"

Anonymous 17929

did anyone contact op?

Anonymous 17934

I didn't contact OP but I saw the article that came from this post and it was 0/10, glad the admin didn't answer.

It was the website that rhymes with ice btw, so that should tell you enough about the quality.

Anonymous 17935

whaat i have to read that. and i thought it was a troll trying to troll the trolls.

Anonymous 17936

ffs, I hate those guys

Anonymous 18015

the article is in french, here's an auto-translation because i refuse to share the link and give this absolute joke of a wannabe online journalist views:


On Wednesday, 21 March, Marlene Schiappa, State Secretary for Gender Equality, presented a bill to combat " sexual and gender-based" violence in the Council of Ministers. The text provides for the broadening of the definition of online harassment to promote the fight against mass harassment campaigns on the Internet. Among the trolls, this initiative was greeted with suspicion: " I will continue to insult [sic] that I want", boasts a user in a thread devoted to the bill on jeuxvideo.com. Another spear: " The Ministry of Women" next to a smiley covered with vomit.

The trolls never liked being prevented from pursuing their current target. Thomas administers one of the largest forums of the French web, he agreed to testify provided that we do not reveal the name of his employer. He explains: " Today, the guys give their all on Balance your pig, Me too … Because these are the hot topics. There have been times when it was very racist, especially during the debate on immigration under Sarkozy, times when it was transphobia that caused concern, right now it is rather misogyny. "

All of the most recent cyber-harassment cases in recent years have been fueled by women's contempt: Amanda Todd, Gamergate, Leslie Jones, the anti-reousing number … Abusers often came from forums renowned for their culture and history. sexist. 4chan, the site that invented "Tits or GTFO" , is attended by about 70% of men . By force, it seems normal to believe that cyber-stalkers are systematically men sitting in briefs in front of their computer, "sad, alone and misogynist" or "sexually aggressive" . This is obviously not the case.

During a phone interview with M/////B///// , former pornographic actress Nikita Bellucci told us that trolling, finally, has no gender: " When I was attacked on social networks, even if 90% of Stalkers were guys, I saw some very virulent tweets that had been written by women. It was as violent as with a man. " The violence is also reflected in the harassment campaigns carried by" female forum "on topics perceived stereotypically feminine.

Sarah administers an anonymous imageboard for fans of rumors about the "weird digital personalities" of the moment, which she calls "discussion topics" . He is estimated to number 35,000 daily visitors, mostly women. Barely hidden object of this forum: hunt down and mock fashionable youtubeurs-cosplayers. Here, men are not welcome, those who dare to claim themselves as such are "mocked and possibly banished. Contacted by M/////B//// , she asked that the name of her site not be revealed so as not to attract "careless attention, given the nature of [her] community. "

The nature and popularity of the forum have already led to cyber-harassment cases. " Many topics are aware of the existence of our site and admit that they read the posts that concern them, but some users go to great lengths to troll or find content" rare ", Sarah admits shamelessly. At the beginning of its existence, the forum allowed doxing. (…) Some topics also attract particularly obsessive users who try to circumvent the rules to execute their plan and infringe on the subject's private life. " The site must also fight against what the director calls" vendetta posters ", Internet users who try to trigger harassment campaigns on one of their knowledge.

The Pretty Ugly Little Liar forum banner. Picture: PULL
Pretty Ugly Little Liar, another women's forum dedicated to social networks and other influencers, boasts of being "uncensored" and openly allows its 15,000 subscribers to publish the personal information of its targets. In his rules, between two entrances that forbid blood feuds and direct contact with the " snowflakes" , that is to say the starlets that fuel his discussions, it reads: "Everything is allowed. " The director of PULL did not respond to our request for comment in time for publication.

The reputation of Pretty Ugly Little Liar is well established. In 2015, one of the favorite personalities in her community, the controversial Kanadajin , accused her of being a " hate forum" and harassing her and "others" . Three years later, the categories dedicated to Kanadajin and the three starlets she cites in her tweet enthroned at the top of the home page of the site. In a Reddit thread launched at the end of last February, a user says: "PULL is a site full of evil gossips who take their foot laughing at the misfortunes and failures of others. " Someone replies:"These people (…) should not have life outside of high school and television . " The good news is that the Internet imaginary portrays the cyber-stalker as a cruel and lazy loser of all kinds. From there to think that online harassment would be a non-gendered phenomenon, there is only one step.

The gender of the aggressors, like that of the victims, remains decisive and particularly significant. "This is a sexual phenomenon ," says Ernestine Ronai, the rapporteur of the report Ending the impunity of violence against women online: an emergency for victims , attached by telephone. Girls are more attacked on the sexual side and relate to appearance than boys. " Sarah adds elsewhere: " The male trolling is often superficial and focuses on sex, girls rely on weaknesses you thought not to have. As most girls share the same complexes, a well-insulted insult that comes from a woman stings more than a man who says he would not fuck you. "

And yet. In 2014, a British man was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for attacking feminist activist Caroline Criado-Perez on Twitter. She had threatened to kill him, but also to make him suffer worse than rape - the kind of threat that is expected to be found under the keyboard of a man. Thomas, he is just recovering from attacks of a particularly violent stalker. He explains: "It's quite exceptional, we have a person like that every three years or so. She managed to find our information and harassed us on the phone. (…) There have been death threats, calls to families, which is always weird. It lasted six to nine months. "

Unfortunately, if the attackers and their weapons change, their targets much less. A report from the European Women's Lobby published in October 2017 states that women worldwide are 27 times more likely to be harassed online than men; it also indicates that 39% of perpetrators of violence are women. " Most of the topics on our site are women, like our users," says Sarah. Most of the Snowflakes of Pretty Ugly Little Liar are also women; the only man who is entitled to his own subcategory on the forum is the developer of the game Yandere Simulator . "When it comes from a woman, it hurts more, obviously," says Nikita Bellucci. We are still expecting a bit of feminine solidarity. Women have been fighting for so many years for their rights … "

Many observers have already tried to explain why women are so often targeted on the Internet, regardless of the type of attacker : jealousy, envy, fear, and especially sexism more or less internalized . What happens on the Internet is first and foremost a reflection of what people are learning about IRL, not the other way around. The anti-cyber-harassment bill will not rid us of the deep inequities of our time, those that turn women into targets wherever they are; at best, it will remove the digital symptoms under the carpet.

* The first names have been changed.

Anonymous 18023

so they went to lolcow and pull?
did anyone from CC actually respond or were our quotes just too tame for this piece on how the internet is full of evil bullies

Anonymous 18065

i don't think so. we did well cause the article is shit

Anonymous Admin 18088

I eventually responded, but it was clear that c.c was not what he was looking for and so I directed him to the other sites, which he apparently hadn't heard of by then and contacted shortly before his deadline, or so I've heard. All-around lovely experience.

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