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Anonymous 130109

I'm only 20 and yet have nasolabial folds I have suicide thoughts about, how to at least prevent its development I do can give it any time to improve my case, I don't even know where to search for any tips other than take hyaluronic shit. Please help, I'm crying

Anonymous 130125

im not a skincare expert but from what i know, wear sunscreen everyday and don't be in the sun too much. I also heard retinoid/retinol and collagen help with fine lines, wrinkles, and prevent aging. Make sure to moisturize and stay healthy in general. Could be just genetics though

Anonymous 130126

I over do everything you listed since 19 yr old, point "just genetics" is what I don't want to take, even my mother don't have such as pic rel in her 50s

Anonymous 130127

Your mother is not the only contributor to your genetics.

Anonymous 130128

Try fillers?

Anonymous 130129

fillers doesn't cure the cause

Anonymous 130138

Doesn't everyone have these, like the skin has to fold somewhere when you push your face into different expressions right..

Anonymous 130145

Yes, everyone has or will have some at one point it’s totally normal. I’m sick of hearing the anguish over “nasolabial fold”, first of all these are smile lines. Smiling and laughing are some of the most beautiful expression you could have and those lines evoke that. As your face moves and express feelings it will sit more in certain areas, and there’s nothing wrong or ugly about that. If op is feeling suicidal about lines on her face maybe she should lay off social medias and see what real people look like. Irl nobody cares or notices that kind of thing.

Anonymous 130146

I don’t have this problem but I’m only 20 and I already have pretty prominent ‘crows feet’ around my eyes from smiling.
This helped me feel better about it by being phrased like this, it’s from expressing joy. Thanks Nona :)

Anonymous 130147


I have it too, and I hate when I smile because its more noticeable then.

Anonymous 130153

Anonymous 130154

This is is normal anon

Anonymous 130155

nta but that’s not a cope, it’s a sane way of thinking. this isn’t fucking lolcow with their nasolabial folds obsession. no one cares

Anonymous 130156

i don't understand the upset caused by age lines, etc
aren't there more pressing issues than appearing older? or is it an existential fear of death thing that bleeds through into people's lives?

Anonymous 130157

OH nooo, maybe you also have bones and muscles

Anonymous 130159

I do care

Anonymous 130160

you care that the op has nasolabial folds? kek

Anonymous 130161

Yes I do I care so much about nasolabial folds :(

Anonymous 130169


I'm glad it helped, having lines around your eyes even in your twenties is very common.
For anyone self conscious about smile lines : this is a normal feature of everyone's face. Smile lines are unavoidable and there's nothing wrong with them. No one knows what a 'nasolabial fold' is nor will they notice it, except for very small nitpicky online communities full of self-loathing people. If you already lack confidence and are self-conscious about your appearance, please protect yourself and don't hang around too much on these corners of the internet, or even on social medias. I can't blame anyone for caring about such a ridiculous non-issue considering women have so much pressure surrounding their looks, and it's hard these days to have a grasp on what real women look like with all the shooped and plastic pictures you see everyday. Don't compare yourself. Obsessing over one small detail will only make you feel worse, and wanting to 'fix' it with procedures or whatever will not cure anything. Fix your heart and your self-image, that's where the issue comes from.

Anonymous 130195

Stop browsing lolcow. Literally everyone has "nasolabial folds", even children do. Your mouth is made for moving. The only way to eliminate them is getting fillers or doing what everyone else does, filter your pictures.

Anonymous 130197

Anonymous 130205

Anonymous 130208


This is just so sad. And I don't mean, oh you're pathetic, I mean, it's sad that girls and young women are brought to this. You were not born hating your body, you were brainwashed into it through years of social influence. Before this thread, I'd never even heard of nasolabial folds, let alone thought to be insecure about them. That's just a piece of people's faces.
Honestly OP, I would recommend taking at least a month long break from social media or at the very least, putting an app lock on your phone so that you can't access them for more than an hour a day. This obsession with minor details of your anatomy is so bad for your brain. I remember I was 22 when I heard a man criticize my violin hips and I laughed right in his face because one, male attention is the most abundant resource on the planet and is therefore worthless, and two, I had already spent so much time loving myself that the idea that I should hate my hips just because they weren't the current fashion is absolutely ludicrous.
What is considered desirable in women constantly changes in order to keep us exhausted and on our toes. Think of the huge make up of the 1980s, the organ shifting corsets of the 1880s, and forehead plucking of the Renaissance. Hell, remember how being anorexic was all the rage in the 1990s, and now being thicc is all the rage? It doesn't mean anything, it's just another way men control us and keep the patriarchy intact.

Anonymous 130216

Men have nothing to do with fashion lol

Anonymous 130220

Oh dear

Anonymous 130222

Why is your labia near your nose?

Anonymous 130243

no one cares about those. grow up, OP

Anonymous 130245

Accept your wrinkles already, obsessing over things that will eventually happen (things that happen to everyone) no matter how hard you try to prevent them isn't good for your self-esteem and makes you miserable.

Anonymous 130259

>>130145 is right, you have smile lines, so what? Own it. It's what your face looks like. You could do the Kim Kardashian thing and avoid smiling as much as possible, get botox, fuss over them, but that's a lot of work and money considering these insecurities are likely planted into you by the very industry that exploits them for money. And yeah, stop browsing Lolcow so much.

Anonymous 130268

These are normal and I don't even think they are a negative thing. It's simply a result of smiling. Your fixation on this perceived flaw isn't healthy and I promise you if you could get rid of them you will find the next 'flaw' to obsess over. This is exactly how some people get loads of plastic surgery done and end up with complications and looking like a completely different person.

Anonymous 130286

I think I've aged a few years over the past 6 months due to the extreme stress I am putting on my mind and body for my engineering degree. I'm constantly dehydrated and sleep deprived, and feel like shit all the time. My face is starting to show it too.

In your case, it could also be stress and dehydration. But idk your lifestyle, and maybe it is genetic. It sucks and it makes you feel shitty, but I think its something you have to get over.

Anonymous 130300

most based reply.

I'm in my 30s now and the thing I regret perhaps the most is the time I wasted in my youth, worrying about every little imperfection to the point of tears and anxiety. I know it's hard because of how much we've been socialised to care about how we look, and how it affects our self esteem. But honestly, once you work towards letting that stuff go, it feels so liberating.

In the mean time, go look at some pictures of beautiful women who have this very normal and extremely common facial feature, and realise that may you look great with them too? Instead of stressing out and wasting money on useless products designed to make you feel miserable about yourself.

Anonymous 130314

Lol. And why do you think that?

Anonymous 130699


but it's painful and u'll need something for that

Anonymous 130720

I bet you think organ-squeezing corsets are a feminist statement and that victorian men were the villains who ended them

Anonymous 130787

I a-log every time I see retro fashion enthusiasts saying something like "uh stupid normies don't understand corsets, thinking they are evil, what a stupid actress saying she hated being in corset, she's obviously lying"

Anonymous 130792

1. 'organ-squeezing corsets' is a myth. I think arising from historiography after the fact looking at photographs of the time which were commonly heavily edited.
2. On the latter end of this fashion men also wore a rigid corset of sorts, as a barrel-chest with a tight waist was the ideal for men. You can see this reflected in art and edited photos.
3. Fashion is fashion, not feminist statements, I never claimed otherwise (only you did). I only maintain that fashion develops somewhat randomly and is propelled by the gender that wears it. You know, the people who actually develop it, buy it, make it, learn about it and enjoy it. It is simply wrong to claim anything you don't like is some conspiracy instead of people just doing what was popular at the time or what they happened to like.

Anonymous 130797

Like clockwork.

Anonymous 130798


>they just liked doing it ok?
choice-feminism is the most retarded thing on the face of the earth

Anonymous 130818


I could understand women who admit they know what they're doing to their bodies is harmful but so desperately need the attention that they do it anyways, but I can't forgive women who claim that what they're doing is fine and that it has no side effects. Literally Judas goats. Picture is the ribcage of a women who wore corsets. Binders do the exact same thing except their tightness warps the breastbone and creates more of a divot instead of crushing the floating ribs.

Anonymous 130821

download (3).jpeg

You're right, those 19th century photos are 100% legitimate. You sound believe every old-timey photograph you see.

Anonymous 130826

Are you retarded the corset thing has been debunked over and over and over again. That isn't to say harmful beauty practices against women isn't and wasn't a thing, there is foot binding, breast burning, putting nightshade in eyes to dilate pupils causing blindness, neck rings, and so on. Just don't peddle retarded ass myths
You also have no idea what you are talking about, there were literal books written in the victorian age instructing people on how to manually doctor photos. No they didn't have a photoshop computer program but there were certainly ways.

Anonymous 130828


Anonymous 131219

I'd be more concerned about the mustache

Anonymous 131220

and i wouldn't be concerned about the hair at all

Anonymous 131379

Beauty obsessed women are usually handmaidens. I wouldn't care if most men weren't ugly as fuck, but they are. Anyone who would suffer to attract one of those demons is mentally ill. Already lives her life in a mental cage taking scraps from someone who's probably ugly as fuck and a grown child. just has her brainwashed and drunk on self hatred enough to keep doing it. Sure there are 3% of guys who aren't like this but they still walk around thinking they're gods gift to women just because they meet the bare minimum requirement and aren't ugly.

Who in their right mind would suffer for that shitty existence? You have to have severe brain damage

Anonymous 131389

Anonymous 131411


Anonymous 131428

That random image with no source sure showed us.

Anonymous 131429

>Beauty obsessed women are usually handmaidens. I wouldn't care if most men weren't ugly as fuck, but they are. Anyone who would suffer to attract one of those demons is mentally ill.
I would assume that anyone beautifying themselves is doing so in hopes of getting the not ugly moids. I don't think they're doing it to attract ugly ones.

Anonymous 131434

I see where you're coming from, but what else do you expect them to do? Many women are not content to be female separatists and want male companionship, despite however unworthy you may deem those males to be. And if it is something they want, they're forced to play the game, because it's the only way to stave off loneliness. That's one of the many curses of womanhood.

Anonymous 131438

Fantasy is still infinitely better than the reality. I mean supremely and immeasurably better. I can't even begin to explain the kind of paradise I live in when I just focus on writing. There is no comparison, or if you have to diamonds vs rotten oranges. You get your sanity you get your freedom. No burden, no adult child, no person to incessantly criticize and put your down, you don't feel like a hollow shell, or constantly take scraps from an entitled selfish pig who lives to rub his complete indifference in your face. Honestly it might as well invite mental rape to put up with the real thing, and you never know where it's going to come from. It's not playing Russian roulette with your entire life and happiness to be with one of these shits.

Anonymous 131439

I know but that's like 3% of the population so why fuss over it at all. Why stress even remotely

Anonymous 131556

Because, as has already been pointed out, most women aren't ready to go full seperatist, and therefore get to play the metagame against ugly vs attractive moids, and if they want to attract attractive moids, they must be attractive themselves.

I agree that if all women simultaneously agreed to no longer pursue men you would have a point, but, I don't think it's that simple.

Anonymous 131711

Stop being obsessed with looking like a child. Adults have nasolabial folds.

Anonymous 131951

When people say they have 'nasolabial folds', they do not mean wrinkles, not at that age. They mean prominent cheeks that create permanent deep creases. This makes a person looks either old, because old people's cheek sag, or like an inbred dog.

You cannot do anything about it without resorting to such cringe as plastic surgery. This is the fat distribution you have. Deal with it.

Anonymous 132654

I have such only on one side of my nose/cheek, second is smooth - there must be something that can be done, somehow, by massage I've done this, sadly, it didn't work out on the second cheek

Anonymous 132957


most guys don't even care about that

Anonymous 132981

Wait I've had these lines since I was in the 1st grade or so, doesn't everyone have them? They're fine! Perfectly normal!

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