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Anonymous 13105

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I wish I had the power to make my entire body into smoke anytime I wanted or once I received a hard hit to my chest/any part of my body ofc. I wish that I could make the cloud of smoke so thin no one would notice me so I could disappear once I saw someone I don't enjoy talking to and run away from my problems with ease. Not only I'd be immortal but I'd be able to cheat on tests easily, get to know what people are talking about me when I'm not near.
Just think of the possibilities.

Anonymous 13107



1000000% teleportation, no doubt.

>Wouldn't be late to work/school anymore

>Could travel anywhere instantly (bonus points cause I am afraid of planes, so no need to take a plane)
>If in dire situation, just teleport
>If falling off a building or something, just teleport to safety
>Rescue/Help people more easily
>Could go to my bf's house back and forth, or to my grandma's, that live on another state

Like dude. Hands down best superpower

Anonymous 13110

saged because unrelated to thread but froppy best girl ;-;

Anonymous 13119

Same! That's the best superpower.

Anonymous 13125

The ability to touch a book and gain all of the knowledge from it instantly.

Anonymous 13127

Ability to manipulate time. Who the fuck needs anything else if you're the time master? Goddamn.

Anonymous 13129


Time travelling abilities with invincibility while not on my current time, even if it's only for the past.
I love history and learning about it but seeing it in first person and experiencing everything first hand without any speculation? Seeing all the dirty and mundane stuff no one wrote about? Tasting old recipes lost to time? experiencing everything my dead relatives lived through? seeing shit before it was destroyed? Yes please.
Especially would want to be able to move out of situations as i please so if any nasty stuff happens because gross old customs and shit i can just poof out.

Also reading minds and teleportation would be pretty chill as well.

Anonymous 13195


Sorry for off-topic posting but I recently came across this light novel:

It's about time travelling and seeing and experiencing historical stuff in ancient China. I've read only 10 chapters by so far but somehow I got this urge to share it, since it has been such splendid fuel for my own time travelling fantasies.

Polite sage because off-topic

Anonymous 41452

Mindreading for me. I really want to hear what people are thinking about every day.

Anonymous 41455

Control of biological processes in human beings, even if it's restricted to touch, as long as it also applies to myself.

First, I would solve my health issues and stop myself from aging. Once that's taken care of, it's time to get powerful. I need to make myself known as a healer, the best way of doing that is to join an existing religious group and start performing miracles (and asking for donations, of course). Within no more than a year I'll have likely gained enough of a following to displace the existing leadership and take control of the group, at which point I can start changing whatever teachings the group follows in order to get a more convenient ideology. I'll start spreading my influence outside the group, and once I'm famous enough I can arrange for a fanatic from another religion to attack me with a knife or something of the sort. I then use my powers to save myself from death in a very public way (preferably on camera), magnanimously tell everyone to save the man's life, and use this to spur greater militancy and fanaticism among my followers. Attempts on my life can be used whenever I want to gather sympathy or distract people from mistakes I might make. I'll forge alliances with other major religious figures, Neo-pentecostal televangelists being the preferable target. I can give them slow-progressing cancer with a handshake, so by the time they die I will be in position to take control of their flocks. Naturally I will continue to heal people, including those that aren't my followers, as a demonstration of my power and impartial mercy and whatnot. After maybe a decade of this I'll have gained enough political power and money that I can directly influence national politics. The fact that I don't visibly age will also help. I'll install puppets in power, and if any of them get out of line I can just have them fall ill with chronic illnesses. The smart ones will catch on and dance to my tune. Obviously I'll rely more on the carrot than on the stick: longevity and health for those that obey me and their families. Once I have enough power I can use back channels to sell my powers to heal dying magnates and oligarchs. Imagine how grateful the Saudi princes and Putin will be that they get to rule for another decade?
Give it enough time and there will be a generation of people in my country which will have been born in a society that was already in my control, to the point where they'll have a hard time imagining anything else. My political power grows with time, but I don't age or weaken. Criticizing me is political suicide, since I'll spend my days publicly healing cancer-stricken children for free. It might also be actual suicide, but that probably won't be necessary for most cases. National control becomes regional control becomes global power. At this time I've gathered political capital for its own sake, with no ideology except for the pursuit of power. Hopefully by then I'll have figured out what I want to do with it. And all of it with the power of healing (sorta).

Anonymous 41485


Interesting, although personally, I would never want that much power.

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